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Vitamin B-12 2000 mcg

Vitamin B-12 by Nature's Way is 2000 mcg Vitamin B-12 lozenge with a mild pleasant black cherry flavor. B-12 is necessary for the manufacture of red blood cells and nerve sheaths, and the maintenance of epithelial cells which line the intestinal tract. Vegetarians often require supplementation of B-12 since there are no dietary plant sources.
Product: Vitamin B-12 2000 mcg
Brand: Nature's Way (More Products)
Size: 100 Lozenges
Dosage: 1 lozenge daily
Retail: $17.99
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8 Customer Reviews

by Julie

After a doctor's suggestion, I started using b-12. I noticed quite a difference in how my body felt within 2 weeks. This is a good product to take on a daily basis

Useful product
by Haoran Zhu

The product has helped me with my workout supplementation and over all health. Taking B12 every day can help improve your energy for daily activities as I have seen from taking it for months and able to metabolize much more food.

Wonderful product
by Lori

My husband and I have been taking Vitamin B-12 2000 mcg for several years now. It seems as we age we need more B-12 as it's not as easily broken down by the body in the food we eat. By taking the B-12 supplement you can make sure your body is getting enough B-12 to keep the red blood cells healthy and continuously being replaced. It's also needed to keep the nerve linings of nerve cells healthy to prevent pain. This lozenge tastes great and so it's one easy way to take B-12. Saves on getting shots at the doctors office so this is very economical.

Vitamin B-12
by Laura Bailey

I have heard for years that B-12 increases energy, therefore I have tried this brand of B-12. I do notice a difference in myself and am able to do more because of the B-12 energy boost. I do try and use name brands such as Nature's Way when it comes to vitamins as I believe it does make a difference. This brand also offers coupons quite often which helps financially, especially when they are on sale or buy 1, get 1 free.

by Jason

Great product, brand name, and vitamin. Take it every day to increase your appetite by burning calories from food intake quicker each day. Great for building mass or adding energy to your day by converting your food to energy quickly!

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