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by Todd Dordan

I have been taking this product since flu season started November of 06. I originally took B-12 for energy and it was a big help during the day. The thing I really liked was that not only did I not get the flu this year but was not ill at all during the flu season. I still take this product.

Good for you
by Zheng

I was told by my doctor that I need B-12 to make me feel better. This product has done its job. I have been using this for about a week now, and I have been feeling much better. I am buying some more for my mom.

by Julie

I was advised by a doctor to take B-12 to help with my immune system while sick with a sinus infection. I did not have much hope in this at first, but after taking it ,I did seem to get over the infection much faster than normal.

Good for the dosage!
by Theresa

This product does exactly what it should for the dosage. I took this product because I had a gastric bypass and will always need to take B12. It raised my levels that were low by a little but not quit enough. For the average person this would be enough. For a person in my situation a higher dosage was warranted. This is great if you are tired and run down. More people are low on B12 than realize it and doctors rarely check for it. In other countries the levels considered low are also much higher than what is considered low in the United States. Read up on symptoms of low B12 and you might want to consider adding B12 to your vitamins daily.

Great product
by Kate

I always feel sluggish in the middle of the day, and after discussing it with friends I've been told that a Vitamin B-12 supplement might be the answer. I decided to try this product and I have noticed increased energy and metabolism. This product is also at a great price, and I would highly recommend it.

by HS

If you are tired when you wake up and are feeling sluggish, with a poor appetite, you should try taking Vitamin B-12 for a little boost. Vitamin B-12 helps you feel energized, and give you a good appetite so you will feel like eating good healthy foods again.

morning sickness
by allismom

The product is fine, however did not help what I was taking it for. I was told morning sickness can be caused by vitamin B deficiency. I tried this under a doctor's advice. But, it did not put a dent in it. Could work for others though!

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Puritans Pride Vitamin B-12
by Chadrick Vick

I gave this product a number five star valid rating simply due to the fact verse opinion and or opinion vice versa a fact is that i get the full benefits out of this specific vitamin brand.