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Pantethine 300MG

Pantethine is a particular form of pantothenic acid, which is more commonly known as Vitamin B5. Like the more familiar Vitamin B5 form, Pantethine is also useful for healing wounds, supporting the immune system, improving the metabolism of fats and reducing stress levels. Both Pantethine and pantothenic acid help maintain normal growth and functioning of the nervous system. Both compounds convert choline into acetylcholine, which is crucial to optimal brain functioning. They are also noted for their role in supporting adrenal gland sufficiency.

Pantethine, which is the biologically active form of pantothenic acid, has the added benefit of reducing serum cholesterol levels and increasing HDL (the so-called “good” cholesterol). As a precursor to co-enzyme A (CoA), Pantethine is responsible for facilitating the release of energy from fats and carbohydrates, and has become a popular supplement over the last decade due to its ability to boost energy levels and increase immune response.
Product: Pantethine 300MG
Brand: Vitabase (More Products)
Size: 60 Tablets
Dosage: 1 tablet twice daily
Retail: $31.05
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