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Helped With Carpal Tunnel And More
by Karen

I started taking Nature Made Vitamin B6 when the carpotunnel symptoms in my right hand and wrist started acting up again. It helped relieve the symptoms of my carpal tunnel symptoms and I noticed an increase in energy after taking one a day for about a week. I have also noticed that the condition of my skin seems to be improving also. My adult acne is clearing up. I would recommend the Nature Made brand of Vitamin B6 to anyone.

Pregnancy blues?
by Jill

One of my best friends started taking this after she got pregnant with her 5th child. She would take it every morning and it would give her tons of energy, even though she had not had sufficient sleep. If I have any more babies, I will be out looking for this product.

Helps heal eczema
by momof2

My daughter has a mild case of eczema and her pediatrician recommended adding these B-6 vitamins to her daily regime. I have noticed that her skin is less scaly and irritated. I recommend this for anyone with eczema.

Calms the nerves
by Patty

When I become overtired and overworked, I can be jittery and tense. To prevent this, I take a multivitamin and add Nature Made's Vitamin B-6 to it. This product has helped me to relax and concentrate; and the overtired feeling has vanished. Nature made Vitamin B-6 has provided an extra sense of overall well being to my life and I recommend it to anyone for finding new energy and higher productivity.

Grab these
by suzanne M

I grabbed these at the drugstore when the company I get my vitamins from was late shipping. I had to take these
daily. They are great for helping with energy and the adult acne I suffer from. They are a must-have for me, especially during my monthly!

Natural energy boost
by darla

I take this product along with B-12 for extra energy. At first I did not notice any difference but after taking it for a few months I have noticed that I am not as tired in the mid-afternoons like I used to be.

Vitamin B-6 for morning sickness
by Debb

I used vitamin B6 for when I was pregnant and had morning sickness. It worked well in slowing the morning sickness too. My Dr. gave the OK so it was not in conflict with pre-natals. I know it is beneficial when dieting.

Good for your body...
by Mindy

I first heard of the B-6 Vitamin when I joined a weight loss program. I started taking this on a daily basis, and shortly noticed that I started feeling better. I was not as tired as I had been previously, and I felt more relaxed and not so stressed out in my life. I would recommend this product to anybody.

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