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B-Right (Complex)

"Low Odor B-Complex

Optimized B-Complex B-RightT is a carefully balanced B complex formula. B-RightT is low-odor because the choline bitartrate is microencapsulated in cellulose beadlets. B-RightT is the pleasant-to-take B-Complex.
Methylcobalamin is better absorbed, retained and utilized than other forms of B12. Methylcobalamin and niacinamide protect brain and nerve tissue. Pantethine is a derivative of Vitamin B5 and is a precursor to coenzyme A (CoA) which is involved in oxidative metabolism.

Pyridoxal 5-phosphate (P-5-P) is the coenzyme form of vitamin B6 and is necessary for the metabolism of proteins and amino acids."
Product: B-Right (Complex)
Brand: Jarrow Formulas (More Products)
Size: 100 CAPS
Dosage: 1-2 capsules daily
Retail: $14.95
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3 Customer Reviews

by LD Jenkins

I have been taking B-Right several months. My depression is no longer an issue. As an added bonus, I have had no mosquito bites or fire ant stings. I have no problem swallowing large capsules.

The guy above is absurd
by Matt O

Just because you cannot swallow the product doesn't mean you should give it a terrible rating. You are here to rate the product. You clearly have problems swallowing pills, perhaps you should open the capsule and mix the contents in water.

I took these vitamins as they include the important co-enzyme forms of certain b's as well as a reasonable amount without going overboard...i found increases in energy and combined with 5-htp (b complex during the day / 5htp at night ) I saw a drastic reduction in my depressive symptoms

Not For Me
by Anna Hazard

B-complex vitamins were referred to me by a friend who was suffering from the same vestibular migraines/vertigo that I had been diagnosed with. After a fruitless search for B-complex capsules (since past experience told me that I'd find capsules far easier to swallow than most tablets), I ended up trying this brand, which is still sitting on my shelf at home, as I choked the second time I tried to take this.

This brand should be completely fine for anyone who has no trouble swallowing large pills, but people like me should steer clear.