f Natrol B-100 Complex Reviews and Information

B-100 Complex

"For General Health & Stress Support*

Daily Value of B-Vitamins
With UltraGreen Proprietary Blend"
Product: B-100 Complex
Brand: Natrol (More Products)
Size: 100 Tablets
Dosage: 1 tablet daily
Retail: $16.99
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4 Customer Reviews

B-100 complex helped me
by Diane

I am 53 and have lots of health problems. I try to eat right, take vitamins, drink water, exercise, etc. etc. But I never seem to have ENOUGH energy. I started taking B-100 Complex supplement recently. I noticed a great difference almost immediately. It made me feel a LOT less tired and a LOT more energetic!! I even noticed that I was needing less sleep. I seem to have more of a desire to clean house, mow grass, and I'm enjoying the day instead of waiting for nighttime so I can hit the sack... Try B-100 Complex and see for yourself!! :-)

by carmanmm

I love these for years I have been dragging my behind around no energy and taking naps every afternoon, took these and was able to stay up through the day and not take a nap, have way more energy, so I use it to clean more.

b-100 complex
by barbara

I am an avid believer in vitamin supplements. These
are way up on the top of my list. Not only do they give me more energy but the help with the ravages of stress. This is one supplement I strongly feel should be taken by women of all ages. Plain and simply said, they work.

by Yvonne Werda-Woodstock, C.Ht.

Since I take an excellent daily vitamin that has everything all covered, I don't use my B Complex all the time. My B-100 Complex is my all time favorite vitamin to keep on hand though, and sure "B"-comes a hero supplement when I am depending on it!

Every month, when I feel myself beginning to get a bit irritable and fatigued from PMS or when things get stressful and draining from something or other, I take a B Complex 100 daily, during that time until I feel better.

I usually feel better quickly, most often within hours! I think these would be handy to have around in anyone's cabinet for when they need them!