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by Colleen

I give this product a 4 because it works well but I have tried other products that are better.

by Shannon Kimsey

I use this product myself. It increases my energy levels, as well as positively affecting the way I feel every day.

all natural
by Carole

I love this because it is all natural. I can really feel the difference if I forget to take them they give me energy and keeps my nervous system at bay. Its one of the best ways to help fight stress.

Another Great Nature Made Product
by M. Miller

I love Nature Made products so it wasn't surprising to me that I enjoyed their B-50 Complex. I didn't get a stomach ache like I do when taking most vitamins. Thanks for another great product Nature Made.

B complex
by Ami

I have been using this product for over one year now, and I have noticed a great deal of improvement in my health and overall being.

balanced b 50 complex timed release
by myleen c rosado

This product is the best vitamin.

Works fantastic,
by Barb Fleming

Both my parents, in their 60s now, take this daily. It is a must have for them. It keeps them feeling stronger, better, healthier. They love the benefits of the overall well being it gives and the fact it is keeping their systems healthier, balanced. They are quick to have me get more if I happen to be shopping before them so they have this daily. When they have been without it for a couple of weeks, my dad has commented he feels the difference. Definite 5 stars

Vitamin B
by Julia Adams

I take Vitamin B every day, along with all of my other vitamins, because it helps me be stronger and healthier. I like how it helps build energy and helps my nervous system. My doctor told me to take all of my vitamins, and this is the certain vitamin B I trust.

Say bye bye winter blues
by C Brault

I discovered B-complex a few years ago. I suffer from the winter blues. (fatigue and depression).
After taking these for just a few days I noticed a great difference in my energy levels. It works great!! I like Nature Made because it has no artificial colors or preservatives so I can feel good about taking it. Try taking these every morning to keep your energy going.

Nature Made B-50
by C

This supplement works great. While at the drug store, I spoke with a pharmacist who had a few minutes on his hands. We talked about the benefits of a B-complex supplement and he recommended Nature Made B-50. After taking B-50 for a few days, I noticed myself having more energy mid-day (rather than having the post-lunch food coma). I'll definitely continue to use B-50.

Natural Made B-50 is great
by Angel

I recently felt like I didn't have any energy or motivation.
So a friend of mine recommended B-50 by Nature Made, and it has worked a miracle on me.
I feel more energized and I seem to be even more focused.
Nature Made is a name I trust.

Nature Made Balanced B-50
by Laura Bailey

This B vitamin has made a significant difference in my energy level. I ran out for a few weeks and I was definitely more tired and less energetic. I will not do that again as it does make a big difference.

Anxiety No More
by Alma Medina

About ten years ago I started experiencing a lot of anxiety. I had read that the B vitamin complex would help with these symptoms. I figured I didn't have anything to lose so I tried them. They were great, not only did I feel calmer but I also noticed that my hair and skin also benefited from this. I recommended these to all my family.

by sherry

This is a very effective product for increasing energy levels. I have been taking this particular brand for the last several years . I worked 6 days a week, 60 hours per week. If you could only imagine how tired and stressed out I was. After a week of using B-50 I had more energy and was able to manage work better. I just cannot do without it.

For energy and healing
by Jenny

I took these Balanced B Complex Vitamins all during the late 1990's after my father suggested adding a B Complex range to help heal the tiny cracks that form at the corners of my mouth. They do indeed work well for this problem as within a few weeks the cracks, stinging, and soreness healed. My doctor at first scoffed as he felt the B Complex was more for energy and stamina, but then seemed very interested in my experience with their healing ability when he saw how quickly the soreness and cracking disappeared. I would recommend them to others for that problem and also for mouth irritations, such as canker sores. I did, however, also feel more energy while on the regimen, which is their standard usage, and believe that it's because the B complex vitamins help your body better use the vitamins from your food , especially helpful for anyone with malabsorption disorders of the intestines. I then in later years needed to stop taking them as my new multi-vitamins contained a high dosage of B complex vitamins themselves. I like especially that this brand contains no artificial colors or flavors and is free from yeast, gluten and silica, as well as being a timed-release formula. They did not cause me any stomach upset as many supplements do, either.

B Complex
by Loveit9050

I have used this product for over 20 years, ever since my father told me it would help with the morning sickness I was having during my pregnancy with my firstborn. I continued to take it over the years and have found it that it not only helps with energy, it also helps to decrease stress.

Good Backup
by Paula

This product is good for those days when you feel especially tired or grumpy and need a pick-up. I don't take one daily but keep it on hand for emergencies. For instance: Girls, have you ever left the hairdresser feeling like a peeled onion from their over-eager scissors? Well, I have. Don't scream or panic. Remain calm, go home, take one or two of these B vitamins every day, and watch your hair grow more quickly than normal. Maybe not as quickl as you would like, but it truly does speed up the process.

Spurt of Energy!
by Savannah R.

Great product! I'm very satisfied with this B-50 complex and will continue to use it as it is effective. I was feeling so tired and it was getting difficult to get out of bed. It gave me so much more energy!

Feels energetic
by Arvinder

This product makes me feel more energetic. There are no more headaches like I used to have. It increases my stamina to work, as it boosts up one's energy level.

B Energetic
by Valerie M.

I LOVE this B-50 Complex! It has helped me cut caffeine out of my system and allows me to get up and get going every morning! It helps me remember my dreams. When I quit smoking I started taking these and it helped with my withdrawals. I convinced my boyfriend to take them daily and he no longer has such frequent headaches. A must for your vitamin collection!

Take it every day
by Jamie Wilson

I take one of these every day. Seems to have improved my migraines and my skin, as well as helping (with massive doses of B12) stave off my carpal tunnel issues.

a good product
by Kelly Morris

I've heard that B-vitamins are supposed to help increase your energy, and this vitamin did that. I also prefer the Nature Made brand to other brands.

by Owen Oswald

A cheap effective supplement. Not only is this supplement good for energy, but also for the post drinking sessions. I highly recommend this product.

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