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Renewed energy and mental alertness
by Marsha Thomas

I had a little trouble keeping up with my grandchildren, and this product gave me the extra boost I needed to get going. I noticed that it helped my vision seem clearer, and I felt more clear-headed. I used to be just a morning person, but now I can think clearly after 9pm.

Wonderful stuff!
by Cara

I was always tired and sluggish, drinking a lot of caffeinated beverages just to get me through the day. Which, caused me a lot of anxiety and hard crashes when the caffeine would wear off. I saw this at my local drug store and decided to give it a try. I absolutely love this stuff! No crashing whatsoever, nor does it cause any anxiety whatsoever. I will forever be a big fan of this product. :)

by tammy crackel

omg i love this product my bff just turned me on to this product , it gave me some much energy..Its a must have

by tammy crackel

my bff just turned me on to this wow how much engery i have.. i love it

Love This Product !
by Rhonda

I use to be low on energy and i always felt like i was posining myself while eating poor and taking no vitamins. Now thanks to this product i have energy and i eat a little better.'This product has caused me to lose 3lbs over night, like i said i do have more energy now -due to the b-complex liquid. It is better than pill form. I recommend this product to all who suffer from lack of energy .

Great Product!
by Rachel D. Georgia

I was having energy problems and a friend recommended this product and it works great for me. I don't really like the taste of the liquid, but it works quickly and I have a lot more energy to get through the day now. Also it doesn't keep me from being able to sleep at night like an energy drink, coffee, etc...does. Will definitely keep using and recommend it to my friends and family.

neuropathy patient
by Janice Kinnard

I have been taking this product for poly-neuropathy/ ridiculopathy. All drugs currently for treatment of this condition have caused me to be Conjective Heart Failure, including zonegran and cymbalta. My father is a physician and told me to try b-complex sublinguil. Since taking it, the swelling has gone down and the neuropathy pain has decreased. My companion also takes this product for mild bi-polar disorder and he has found he does not need further drugs. He takes the medication and exercises.

by Anonymous

I just wanted to share the active ingredients
Riboflavin (vitamin B-2) 1.7mg Niacin 20mg, Vitamin B6 2mg, Vitamin B-12 1,200mcg (1.2mg) Pantothenic Acid 30mg

by bifblast

At first like a few others have said it may cause nasea however if you will stick with it 2-3 times that goes away for what ever reasons i do feel better more focused and steady i use it in the morning and a half shot in the afternoon around 2 to avoid that afternoon slump since i work a desk job fatigue can get you but this drives it out the door.

good stuff
by chata

A friend recommended this to me cause of my menopause symptoms I have been taking this for about 8 mos. it has helped with my mood swings and tiredness I love this stuff, I also recommended it to all my friends to.

No Information
by Bob N

I'm interested in the product but cannot find on the site details of what and how much B vitamins are in it. How can a purchaser make an intelligent decision without such facts. May be a great product but I will look elsewhere to find a detailed description.

Not good for me!
by Leona

My doctor told me that my B12 level was too low and recommended that I take 2000 mcg per day. I took the pills for over a month and I do feel better. Haven't been back to see the doctor or have bloodwork done yet.

I was so pleased to see this B12 liquid in the store because I dislike taking pills. (Sometimes if a pill doesn't go down right, it gags me.)

Even better - it was on sale - buy one/get one free! SO I bought it.

This morning I read the instructions; shook the bottle well, tried to get a full dose in the supplied dropper but gave up on taking a full dose after several tries; and put the liquid under tongue.

I waited the 30 seconds and swallowed. Awful taste! Just nasty. About 10 minutes later I started feeling very lightheaded and occasionally nauseous.

Family Approval
by Kevin

For almost a decade now my family and I have found this product extremely useful with our daily routines. From showing houses all day to working security this has helped us all stay perky and not crash so hard when we get home. Thanks!

Best B-Complex Vitamin
by Anna Hazard

Since I was having trouble finding B-complex capsules and was having trouble swallowing B-complex tablets, this is the B-vitamin I ended up taking. It tastes like medicine to me and so the hardest part is keeping it under the tongue for the prescribed 30 seconds, however, it certainly beats having a tablet lodged in your throat for 5 minutes.

The price for a B-complex vitamin is pretty good and the empty bottle and eye dropper/squirter comes in handy afterwards as well.

B-Complex Sublingual
by Kellie Kolb

I just started taking supplements a month ago, and have found this product to be a necessity. Having watched infomercials about Sublingual B-12, I was excited to find an over the counter product for much less money than on TV. I have noticed an increase in energy and an overall feeling of better health. It is advertised as great tasting, but I find the flavor a slight bit rancid but not terrible. I have already purchased another bottle.

Sublingual Energy
by Valerie M.

This is a great, fast-acting B Complex that I have used in the past when I needed both an energy and morale boost! You can use it alone every day as your B-complex, or you can add it to your normal B's if you have a low day. Plus, I am extremely picky with tastes and this is actually good!

2 Thumbs Up Review
by Yvonne Werda-Woodstock, C.Ht.

An E-pal friend of mine, who cares for her elderly mother, told me about this. She knows how much I love my B 100 Complex in pill form when I need it. In both her and her mother's opinion, this liquid form is much better.

It is easy for her mom to take, since it isn't a large, hard to swallow pill, like most B complex vitamins are.
She said that when you put it under your tongue, they get into your blood stream quickly and you really feel a difference fast.

They never allow their supply to run out, as it helps their energy levels stay higher and helps them both with any stresses in their lives. They give it two thumbs up and swear everyone should try it, including fans of the B complex pills.

I think I will just do that, when I get a chance, out of curiosity.

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