f Schiff Sustained Release Vitamin B Complex 50 Reviews and Information

Sustained Release Vitamin B Complex 50

"Assists In the Release of Energy From Foods.

Vigor and Vitality. Schiff® Vitamin B Complex 50 provides a full spectrum of B vitamins which assist in the release of energy from foods. Maintenance of health of all body tissues requires adequate B Complex vitamin status. The release of the vitamins occurs throughout the day. "
Product: Sustained Release Vitamin B Complex 50
Brand: Schiff (More Products)
Size: 100 Tablets
Dosage: 1 tablet daily
Retail: $14.49
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4 Customer Reviews

Great supplement!
by Jen

I have taken this product for the past year because I live a low-carb lifestyle. Since this lifestyle involves almost no B complex vitamins, I noticed a drop in my energy levels. Since taking this product, I do not feel as sluggish as I did before. The effects lasted all day!

by Linda

I have been using this product for about a couple of years and have noticed amazing results. I chose this product and this particular brand because I take other vitamins from this brand and they also gave me great results. The effectiveness of this product is exactly how it is advertised.
I loved how this product gave me great skin and better health. I would buy this product again because it really works.

Feels good
by Srij

Well, first of all, it's vitamin B so there is just so much you can say. However, I noticed a perceptible difference in my levels of alertness after taking this product for a couple of days. My skin felt healthier and wasn't as irritated from the winter cold as it usually is.
I haven't noticed any changes in my metabolism as the previous reviewer noted.
But all in all I feel the affects all through the day. Guess that's what they meant by sustained release.

Great product!
by Christine M.

This product is wonderful! It has greatly helped with my energy levels, plus helps with me being moody so often. I've also noticed this product has helped with how much and how often I eat. And it's a great price!! Thanks!