f Alacer Corporation Emergen-C High Calcium Mixed Berry Reviews and Information

Emergen-C High Calcium Mixed Berry

Help keep bones strong with Emer'gen-C Mixed Berry Hi Calcium - 500 mg Vitamin C as seven mineral ascorbates. 250 mg of extremely soluble forms of Calcium with Vitamin D and Magnesium.
Product: Emergen-C High Calcium Mixed Berry
Brand: Alacer Corporation (More Products)
Size: 36 Packets
Dosage: 1 Packet
Retail: $18.69
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14 Customer Reviews

by dimwizard

I really don't like to make others sick and my work tends to spread germs. After taking this product, I felt better without making anybody else take time off from work because I made them sick.

take it with me to work
by eneida

I like this product because I can take it with me to work, school, or when I'm going to spend time with friends. I can put two down in my purse, just ask for a glass of water, and I'm good to go. I like the mixed berry flavor because it is better than the other flavors this product has.

Not the best pre-cold remedy
by Will

Emergen-C is really not the go to medicine when you believe you are getting a cold. I would recommend something with more zinc than calcium. I normally don't catch the cold in time to prevent it by using this product, so I'm forced to use elderberry with zinc tablets. You have to take this consistently throughout the cold season for it to even work.

It works like magic
by michelle

I remember one day while I was working I started to sneeze and cough really bad. I knew I was about to get a really bad cold, but my coworker gave me a pack of Emergen-C and before I left work all the symptoms were gone, I thought this stuff was amazing!!! I always keep a box of them in my office now, and it's pretty cheap!

Good Product
by Rudy

I have taken Emergen-C for about 6 months now. Because of the name, I thought that this was some sort of medication taken to help you get better from a cold and/or flu. I have since learned that it is very useful in helping prevent illness and helps me get through my long work days(8a-7p).

I started using this product after my father recommended it. It did live up to its advertised claims. Gave me energy, felt better and I haven't been getting sick lately. As a bonus, I actually enjoy the taste of this product. I would buy this product again for the reasons previously stated. Only complaint is that it doesn't fully dissolve in water. I have to stir it with a spoon, but I don't always have a spoon readily available.

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I like the idea that it is portable and super usable, and the taste is very tolerable. I give it a 100% have to buy.

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