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by Kristy

Tastes great! Good way to get your vitamins.

by sarah

I am a health food fanatic, and I also want to be as healthy as can be so I wont get sick. This product is a really great product for that.

magical, i think so.
by sarah williams

This works so well and you can feel it working within the day. only problem with it is that the drink mixture is a little chalky and some flavors are horrible like orange but others are delicious like the ruby grapefruit. Helps keep colds away, and it's great to take when you think you are starting to contract a cold so you can stop the cold in it's tracks.

great product
by Kimberly Carroll

This product I swear by. I work in the banking field where I come in contact with germs all the time.But as a manager I cant afford to take sick days. I used to get sick time and time again. I bought this product and felt a noticeable difference immediately .
Take once a day and feel great!!! I haven't had any sick days since. :)

Good Taste

I was pleased with the flavor of this product. It did seem to help me to keep from becoming very ill. I noticed that I seemed to feel better taking it.

by Magali Herrera

I have been taking Emergen-C 1,000 mg Vitamin C for the last six months. It is the best I have tried so far. I love its taste (tangerine is my favorite), and I haven't had a cold ever since I started using it!!!

Satisfied Consumer
by Pamela

My entire family used this during flu season and we all came through without getting sick. That is saying alot because several times I was sitting right next to people in waiting rooms who were definitely experiencing flu symptons.


This product is great! My husband & I have young children and we don't have the time to get sick...we got through the flu season without any problems thanks to Emergen-C Immune Defense. It tastes good too- not chalky!

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