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by Kenzi

We liked the old Kirkland brand of chewable Vitamin C better then the new-ish kind. My kids will no longer eat their brand since they changed the formula.

I love Kirkland Chewable Vit C
by Katie

"Kirkland Chewable Vit C".. It's the best ever vit C I will always love.. Taste so good for me.. Sooo juicy... Sooo vitamin C.. Nothing can change my mind regarding this Vit C.. Yummy.. I wanna make this my every hour candy.. If it can be..

Kirkland products rock!
by Wendy

I like to keep these little pills of sunshine handy in case I feel a cold coming on. I don't take them everyday, just when I need a boost, and they seem to help. The taste isn't bad either, I've tried some Vicamin C that was too chalky and had a nasty taste to them but these are definitely a keeper. Great for the whole family.

worth it
by Sally

Costco products are well-priced and worth it. I take one of these daily, as do my kids. Even though they are old enough to swallow pills, they take these much more readily, as do I. Its almost like sneaking in a piece of candy every morning! I think they must really be working, as I am a teacher and haven't had a cold all year - knock on wood. I think these have a lot to do with it. I will definitely keep purchasing these.

Great Taste
by Amie

Whenever I feel a cold coming on I pull out these vitamin C's. I think they shorten the duration and intensity of the normal cold. Besides doing the job, these taste great with a nice citrus taste with no bitter aftertaste. They are a great price!

There isn't anything Kirkland can't do right
by Stacy

I love all Costco brand products and my house is filled with Kirkland items. I used to give my family generic Vitamin C tablets and they didn't complain but they did have something to say when we switched to Kirkland Vitamin-C chewables. They taste great and the children in the house will beg me to hand them over. The adults like them to I must say. They are very citrusy :) and you can't help but buy more once your home runs out. Health has never tasted better!

Health is Tangy
by Sarah O.

For those, like me, who like to stay healthy and love tangy tastes, you will love Kirkland Signature's Vitamin C. My husband introduced me to Kirkland Signature's Vitamin C when we were first married 4 years ago. We like to take them when we feel a cold coming on. It seems to shorten the length of the cold. We love it!

Awesome Vitamin
by SM

My husband and I started taking KS Vitamin C approx. 2 yr ago.
We were first introduced to the product by a demo at a wholesale club where we are members.
We tried them and found that there was no way we could beat the quality or the value.
We, like most people, want to get the most bang for our buck and we found that KS was the way to go.
We work outdoors and have found that we reduce colds and flu by keeping our bodies supplied with Vit C. We do not have time for colds and flu to get us down. We are now loyal customers of KS brand Vitamin C.

I love Kirkland Signature Products!
by J

Kirkland Signature is Costco's private label brand. These Chewable Vitamin C tablets (like all of the Kirkland products I have tried), are a great product and a wonderful value. They taste like vitamin C chewables should... orangey and sweet without a bitter aftertaste.

This is a great product that I would not hesitate to buy again. You can't ever go wrong with Kirkland Signature products!

Tasty and Beneficial
by LKH

Overall I like these. You get a big bottle that will last you for a LONG time and they don't taste too bad, either. They are orangey without being too chalky or grainy, like some chewables can be. However, I have not been taking these quite so much (even though I have a ginormous bottle sitting in my medicine cabinet now). I've been using Airborne a lot more frequently and get more than my necessary Vitamin C requirements from that.

Always buy
by T.X

This is my favorite Vitamin. It is chewable so I do not have to find water to swallow it. It has a pleasing smell and made me feel happy. I think for those who do not like ordinary vitamins, you can try this one.

Love it!
by Jill

This is one of my favorite vitamins to take, because the price is reasonable and it gives great health benefits. They are easy to take and have a pleasant smell. I will not buy another brand!

Kirkland Signature Scores Again
by Sammie F

These are good quality vitamins and my kids love them. They are not as sour as some of the other chewable vitamin C's on the market, but not so sweet that they are confused with candy. I feel good giving these to my kids.

Find it cheaper
by johnny h

I keep these on hand for flu season, so I can load on vitamin C to help my body fight off anything before I catch it. You can find these cheaper if you look around, I have never seen these for anywhere near $26.

Good brand, good health.
by M

The price isn't the best, but it is not horrible. The brand "Kirkland" is a trusted brand. I used to take their Vitamin C when cold season rolled around and they are one of the more trusted companies. In essence most people think "all vitamin's are the same", but I like to go with more trusted brands. The price is right, and the product is good.

Tastes great
by zach

I have always taken vitamin C whether under the weather or not. I just recently purchased these and they taste great. I take them daily,, and for the quality of this product its definitely worth the cost.

Good Product
by Kyle

Because I am so prone to getting sick, I began taking this Vitamin C pill. Vitamin C is great at helping to build an immune system, greatly reducing things including the common cold. Since beginning to regularly take the tablets, I haven't gotten a cold since! Not only that, but they taste good!

Trusted quality at standard generic price
by Ben

At about $.05 each, the price of these compares to the $5+/- for 100 tablets that I tend to see most generic brands selling for. However, Kirkland tends to only brand itself on items with a pretty solid quality, so while vitamin C is vitamin C, I feel confident that there isn't much, if anything, astray in their tablet that isn't wanted.

Vitamin C is a STAPLE GOOD
by Beth

I purchase this product at COSTCO and actually it is much cheaper than what is listed in the Product Cost! I believe they are somewhere around ten dollars for 500 tablets! Chewable vitamin C's are a staple in any household (perfect for someone who has trouble swallowing solid tablets). They are good for the entire family, especially great for kids because they love the taste. Vitamin C is critical in building a strong immune system and fighting off the common cold that attacks the immune system!

Works great
by Troy

I normally don't buy/take these vitamins until the cold season but I really feel like they do help. I have felt a cold coming on before and I will take these vitamins and either never have the cold hit or the cold will last for less time than it typically lasts. Try them out--they taste good and they help out with cold symptoms!

Amazing Product
by Noah Bratvold

Living up north, and working as a teacher when cold season hits I need my immune system to be on the top, I have tried a few other Vitamin C supplements but I have actually noticed catching less colds while taking this daily. Also great because chewable means the kids can have it!

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