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I found the product hard to digest with reflux occurring. I tried the product again, with the same result. I might just be allergic to something in the product. My friend uses the product and claims. she gets less colds after using the product.

by C. Parker

I love pretty much all of Natrol products, and this one is no exception. I love the Ester-C. It works great, and kept me from catching all the colds and flu that has been going around. I highly recommend it!

Didn't work!
by Joseph Thomas

So I bought these because I have a terrible immune system. My doctor told me that Vitamin C would help me stay healthy. Well this didn't. Four days after I started taking this I came down with strep throat. The tablets would get stuck in my throat very often. The only thing I liked about the product was throwing it away. Stay away from these pills!

I didn't like it.
by C Collins

I personally tested this product to see if it was good and natural like they state. I put it in vinegar and water to see how well it would break down in my stomach. Normally, if a pill is natural it should dissolve and be almost completely clear within a few minutes. However, this product did not dissolve, and I found evidence of sawdust and other chemicals in the pills that should not be there. I would not take it. I would rather take something that doesn't have a whole lot of unnatural ingredients added into it.

Important vitamin
by Jill

Although Ester-C with Bioflavonoids is more expensive than regular Vitamin C, the expense is well worth it. I take a minimum of 2 grams a day, and the esterfied version is not only more gentle and enables you to take more, it also appears to be more effective. The Bioflavonoids are important, and I highly recommend the Natrol brand overall.

by Zheng

I had taken these frequently when I used to work out a lot. These can help you burn more fat when taken properly. It is also very healthy for your body. I am very happy with my purchase.

Benefits of Ester C
by Natalie Kaliman

I am a frequent sufferer of colds. At the first onset of a cold, I take Ester C immediately. I find that it alleviates a lot of my cold symptoms. I have never been able to take vitamin C in any form other than Ester C. It is a low acidic form of vitamin C and much easier on my stomach. If you have a sensitive stomach, and need more vitamin C, I would definitely recommend this Ester C.

A Great Product!
by Ben

I don't always get to eat healthy meals so I try to make up for a sometimes poor diet with vitamins, Ester C is one of the regular vitamins I take.

So why Ester C and not just vitamin C? Well, you certainly tend to hear the more common “you better take some vitamin C”. Ester C is a more unique, more processed form of vitamin C. I’ve read that Ester C has naturally occurring metabolites, which is supposed to be an asset to the product. Regular vitamin C is broken down through digestion, changing into metabolites, whereas Ester C is already broken down.

Ester C also has a neutralized pH, making it easier to digest, and more gentle on the body. I never had problems when I took regular vitamin C, but it is often associated with stomach discomforts. The ascorbic acid in regular C can be irritating, whereas Ester C is much gentler.

Works great
by Jennifer Bell

My mother is a teacher and she takes these. While expensive, they work so well, she has not had to miss a day for a cold! Many of the children this year have been sick and my mother has yet to catch anything.

by charity

This is great! I took these everyday all winter last year and I didn't get a single cold. I thought the sales lady was joking but she wasn't -- when I felt some sniffles creeping on I took three or four in a day and the next morning I was feeling fine! Wonderful, wonderful stuff.

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