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good tasting chewables

i am always looking for good tasting chewable vitamin c tabs for my son as he cannot swallow a pill. these are good tasting, almost reminds me of a sweet tart in a way. it is easy for me to get my son to take these so i can be sure he is getting the vitamin c he needs.

Flavorful berry chews to stave off colds/flu
by Ivy S.

I have taken a vitamin C supplement for the past 20 years at the first sign of a cold or flu, however mostly as a capsule or tablet. In the mid 90's I switched to chewable tablets, until last year when I found these in a chewable wafer form. The taste of these Natural Factors is much more of a true berry flavor and the wafer texture surpasses most other chewables I've tried.

by Joseph Thomas

These things are so good. I eat them every day and I haven't gotten sick for 4 months. My friend gave them to me and I bring them to school and give them to kids who are coming down with colds and they get better within a few days. I like the taste of them as well as the effectiveness. The cost is great too! Sounds good to me.

by cecilia

You can find this product at some places for around $6-$8 which I can say is a great deal. This product tastes great, unlike traditional vitamin pills which have a nasty after taste to it. This one is delicious! I've been taking this all fall-winter long, to protect my immune system from the harsh flu seasons. I did not get sick once! Maybe it is thanks to this product. I recommend people to take vitamin C's. If you really take Vitamin C's... Take this one! Its affordable, and delicious.

Taste Great and good for you
by Dave

These Vitamin C Berry Chews are a great way to get your vitamin C if you don't like to swallow capsules. These wafers are easy to chew and have a great berry flavor. If you check a few sources, you should be able to find a bottle of 90 wafers for $6-$7.

by tasha

You will have no problems getting your vitamin c with these! They taste so good- like candy- that you'll forget you're doing yourself a favor! Great for cold and flu season, and all year really, to keep yourself healthy.

by Melissa

While sick and tired of overly sweetened or very sour and even chalky Vitamin C tablets I decided to give these a try. I was truly pleased with the taste and the variety. I am not stuck to the same one day in and day out! You can not go wrong with this product for your daily Vitamin C intake.

Tangy wafers for body's immune defense
by Jenny

My daughter-in-law bought me some of these as I was taking standard chewable Vitamin C tablets made from acerola cherries. I still take these at home, but love to carry the Natural Factors Vitamin C Berry Chews in my purse or car as when I feel I am coming down the a cold or flu, I feel a burst of Vitamin C is just what is needed. Since these are 500 mg they are not a hugely high dosage but are a nice addition to what is already contained in my morning multi-vitamin. These wafers are incredibly tangy and sort of sweet/lightly sour and taste just like real fruit juice. Vitamin C is an antioxidant and helps with immune function which makes them even more important for overall health and longevity. These also seem to ease the burning feel of sore throat or dry mouth for me. This brand was a little hard to get at first but now that I can purchase it easier, it's my favorite of the chewable wafer type C's on the market.

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