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Vitamin C 1000 mg
by Colleen

Gives me energy

by Dotty

I have taken this vitamin for the last 3 years and it has strengthen my immune system so well that I have not a cold in that time. This is the only brand I'll take.

Can't go wrong with C
by Joy

Nobody should go without vitamin C, I've been taking vitamins for a long time and whenever I've run out of C, I just don't seen to have much get-up and go. Plus Nature made is a very reliable brand and definately one of my favorites.

Excellent 5 stars
by C K

Not much to say other than if taken twice a day along with a no sugar, no yeast diet helps keep my sinusitis and allergies gone...

love this product!

Old Faithful
by Dave

I have been using Nature Made vitamins for years, and their vitamin C supplement is no exception. This is a quality product that you can count on to deliver for you on a regular basis. One great aspect of this brand is that it is widely available in most stores, and you can count on it's quality.

by carmanmm

I take one of these when I feel a cold coming on and I think it shortens the cold and definitely takes the wind out of the cold.

Easiest Cold Season Ever
by Renee

I started taking these this past winter and, for the first time, I made it through the season with no colds!

Small Business Owner
by Lynne Newman

My husband just suffered from a bout of extreme bronchitas. I loaded him up with this product and I feel confident that it kept him from going into pheumonia.

Easy to take
by Tina K

I like this product because the pills are very easy to take. I cut mine in half because Dr. Oz (from Oprah) said the body can only absorb 250mg or 500 mg at a time (I cant remember which one). The bottle lasts a longer time.

Extra kick for colds
by Jeremy P

There's nothing I can say wrong about this stuff! Almost my entire family loves the way it tastes. My mother, wife and I love they way it doesn't irritate your stomach. The price range for both this size and the smaller dosage bottles are wonderful and a true value. I've been a loyal fan for years and have since passed the word on to friends and family about how good this stuff works at fighting off colds as soon as you feel the symtoms. Another plus about them is the fact that after you've started taking them daily, your metabolism will also get an extra kick.

Nature Made C
by Stephen Dordan

I have been taking Nature Made C vitamin since November 2006. I am closing in on spring time and I have yet to have a flu like or cold symptom. To me THAT is the best judge of a product. Thank you, Stephen Dordan

Great source of C
by Mark

These are wonderful pills which my whole family takes during the winter. Germs run wild in school and at the office and it is good to know they are getting some extra C without having to drink the dreaded "juice with floating things" (aka orange juice.) The only letdown is the size of the pill, it can be a bit of a trouble to swallow.

Nature Made is good
by Paul

I get these vitamins at Walgreen's because they often have them on sale. I've been taking vitamin C for a few years. I don't eat them daily because I get well over 100% through my diet and multivitamin. But I take a few of these 1000 mg pills when I start to feel a cold coming on. I can't say for sure whether it's the vitamin C or not, but I usually don't slip into a full cold. Recommended.

cold fighter
by ed

I have been taking vitamin C for a long time, especially during the cold and flu season. This supplement will help keep you from getting sick, and if you do get sick, the duration will be much shorter. These are well worth the money.

Vit. C
by Robin

I always heard about the benefits of vitamin C. This fall, when people in my household were getting sick, I decided to try some vitamin C to see if it would help keep the colds at bay. So far, I have not been sick yet, which is amazing considering I normally catch everything. I will continue to use this product.

A miracle in every bite...
by Daniel Rabinov

I have taken this brand of Vitamin C this past winter, on a daily basis. Other than their large size, they seem to have prevented me from catching my yearly winter cold very well. Let's just say germs love my body, and I am the kind of guy that is always seen with a tissue, BUT NOT THIS SEASON mister germ. I recommend this product for people who do not mind the large size and are committed to taking vitamins, but don't expect to take one pill and be well the next day.

by Becky

I have been taking these vitamins for about 2 years now. I used to get sick all the time until a friend recommended these to me. I have taken one a day, and it seems to have built my immune system back up. Good product to help keep you healthy.

Horrible Product
by Afrit

These pills seem to have done very little for me health wise. In fact, they have done nothing at all for me. In addition, the pills were huge and hard to swallow. DO NOT BUY.

Fight Colds this Season
by Lynne Parker

I am a big believer in taking vitamin C to guard against winter germs. I take this supplement daily and I have for years. I even find when I am beginning to feel under the weather, I'll take an extra one during the day and my rare colds last for only a couple of days. Nature Made's 1000 mg version is just the right amount to keep your immune system intact.

Great source of Vitamin C
by Josh

I've been using Nature Made products for about 3 years and I have always been very satisfied. Ever since I had a really bad cold a few years ago, I've been taking their Vitamin C proactively to keep my immune system up. Research shows that it helps in numerous ways. I wanted to take a vitamin C product that was potent and did not have a lot of fillers. Most of those cheap, "generic" department store brands meet USP (a vitamin certification program) requirements meaning it is potent. However, keep in mind that many of those vitamins have a lot of fillers!

Nature Made assured me that its vitamins have zero fillers, and a quick review of the ingredient list supports that claim. Also, the 1000 mg is a good dosage that allows you to take one or two tablets regularly and more if you get sick.

I would definitely buy this again. If you like Nature Made's vitamin C products, I would also recommend their daily multivitamin supplement.

pretty good
by mandilion

I always keep Vitamin C supplements around the house. I don't like to take them every single day, because that's just overkill. But I always take one when I feel a cold coming on to ward it off.

This brand's flavor is pretty good. I was looking for Vita-C, but it can't be found anywhere in my town, so I picked these up. They have more of a tart fake orange cream taste, which really isn't bad at all. The only problem is that the tablets are fragile, and large, and the lid of the container is only halfway openable, forcing me to shake the bottle a lot to get a tablet out, and by the time I do get one, it's slightly chipped/crumbled. BUT not enough to make me stop taking them.

Good Product
by Matt Bentley

There certainly is nothing wrong with the Nature Made vitamin C. It is a fine product. There are some pros and cons I would like to elaborate on for this product

Con 1: The pills are very big. I realize that they want to get as much vitamin C in you as possible, but there has got to be a limit. If you do take these, I recommend taking them in Applesauce or something like that. For obvious reasons (both dosage size and Daily Value), they are not recommended for children.

Con 2: They have some additional stuff besides vitamin C in them. I realize there has got to be something to hold the Vitamin C together, but somehow I doubt that Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose is really necessary.

Pro 1: Nature Made is a trusted brand. I like the fact that you get a lot of vitamin C in this pill. I also believe it is a higher quality form than other sources of vitamin C. A sugar fruit snack may have 100% of your vitamin C, but it is not going to be as high a quality - merely the fact that it is surrounded by so much sugar.

Summary: Remember, ascorbic acid is what vitamin C is. Look at the ascorbic acid content for oranges, apples, etc. Nature Made is good, but it can't be mother nature. Invest your money in a supplement that is more difficult to obtain from the diet

by Angel

Growing up, I always would be the first one to catch colds which would lead into the flu, etc.
I started taking Vitamin C by Nature Made, and I don't suffer from all those colds anymore.
When flu season is really bad around here, I will take my vitamin C along with orange juice. Double it up!
But this is a great product.

One of a kind
by dee

I always take Nature Made Vitamin C everyday, since it helps me a lot to boost my weak immune system. I don't have a hard time chewing it, plus it tastes even better compared to any vitamin c chewable tablets. Highly recommended!

a good addition
by Patty

I use this vitamin C tablet in addition to a multi-vitamin and calcium. Between them all I feel that I have covered all my bases (especially since my multi doesn't have a ton of C in it). I also refuse to eat or drink anything citrus-y so this is a good alternative.

Great Boost
by Terasa

I worked with someone who was a health addict and she would try to get me to take everything she was taking. I finally took the Vitamin C and it helped me a lot. I was sick quite a bit and this helped me to feel better and I was sick a lot less. I would recommend this for everyone.

nice size tabs
by tinkerboooo

These are easy to swallow. They get the C into me that I need to help me reject colds. I feel more confident taking this product. They are not too big of tabs. I am overall happy with this product.

Not Bad!!
by John Spindler

Since I am a health freak, the Nature Made Vitamin C is as close as you can get. I use this everyday, and I can definitely feel a difference.

Keep it around for Emergencies!
by Karen O.

I have been using this for years and I always keep it around. When I feel like I am catching a cold on that first day, or even while I have a cold, I take it and it really fights it. I believe that my colds would have been much more extended if I didn't have this around. It seems to be the best cure when used with a steaming hot bowl of chicken soup.

Great for immune system
by Joe

I have been taking this vitamin daily for about 6 months now and I have noticed that I havent gotten sick since then. It is a great product to boost your immune system and to help fight the daily germs you come in contact with. I used to get a cold at least once a month, and now I haven't gotten sick once since I have been taking this.

Great product

by sherry

Nature Made products have always been safe, effective and cost efficient products. Vitamin C is needed in every diet. I like the size of these tablets, the amount of Vitamin C in each tablet and also the amount of tablets in the container. If you look at all you get for the price, this is definitely a winner.

Everyday vitamin c
by Angel C.

My mom has been buying this since I was small and I still continue to use it to this day. It gives me my recommended value of Vitamin C everyday and taking a little more than the recommended dosage helps me when I have a cold. Highly recommended!

My Favorite Vitamin C
by Carrie Russell

I grew up on this name brand of Vitamin C. It is available from almost every Drugstore & Grocery store anywhere. I have taken up to 10,000 mg a day (in divided doses) when I am sick & have never had any side effects, or even an upset stomach.

Great price, Great product
by Cathy Weaver

Easy to swallow Vitamin C tablet by a company I trust to deliver the dose stated on the container.
Vitamin C helps with iron absorption, a good antioxidant, helps keep the skin clear and elastic.
The high dose is a bonus to me, taking 1 versus 3-4 tablets is something I can live with.

Good way to Get Extra vitamin C
by Michele Fair

I have been taking Nature Made Vitamin C for years. The tablets are easy to swallow and they're a great boost for your immune system and a good way to get the extra Vitamin C your body's needs.

Good value
by Jamie Wilson

I'm a vitamin C believer (read some Linus Pauling for info) and this is about the highest dosage I can find. I take two of these a day w/ a multivitamin and other stuff, and since I started I certainly feel better and more energetic. Don't know what all it's doing, but I don't plan to stop taking anytime soon. Powdery tablets, but I just drink a lot of water with them.

good source of vitamin C
by Kelly Morris

I take extra vitamin C whenever I think I'm coming down with a cold, and I like the 1000 mg pills because I get a lot of vitamin C in one pill. Good product!

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