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by brittany rivera

this product is for your cold. it helps me when i get a cold i get really sick when i get a cold . thank you nature mad

by Kristy

I always start taking this when it gets to be cold and flu season! Works well.

Excellent for the immune system
by Mary Schlegel

This is an essential vitamin for a healthy immune system. I never fail to take it in the winter to ward off colds. I wouldn't be without my vitamin C for good health.

pretty good
by C K

Was taking this vitamin c product at 500mg and it kept me in good form but I was taking 4 a day to help combat sinusitis. I decided then that was best to buy Natures Made 1000mg instead which I swear by.

Vitamin C
by Colleen Nygaard

I love that these vitamins don't taste chalky and are easy to take. I tend to get an upset stomach when taking vitamins but I don't have any issues with these ones. Great for boosting the immune system.

Nature Made Vitamin C is good for you
by Kay

I take a Nature Made vitamin C tablet 4 times a month along with other vitamins to help me from catching colds and to give my immune system a boost.

by HZhu

Just like any vitamin, this one is essential. The small tablets make it easy to take with any food. Taking this doesn't upset my stomach or give me any side effects. After taking vitamin C almost daily for 3 months, I have yet to get a cold or catch the flu. I believe this is a big boost to the immune system and is great for keeping your body healthy.

A must have
by Jeremy P

This is my favorite vitamin of all. My mother has bought these for over ten years and as a result they have me and my wife to add to their list of loyal customers. I especially like how these c vitamins are easy on the stomach and easy to digest. Nature Made happens to be one of my favorite brands for many reasons, one reason being price. The price combined with quality is absolutely unbeatable when compared to other brands. My wife may actually love them more than me now. They're extremely beneficial in several ways besides immune system boosting and should be labeled as a multi-vitamin. One of the best things off all about them is that they taste as delicious as candy.

Boost your immune system!
by Hamza

I am required to take Vitamin C to help boost my immune system on a daily basis. Since I had a splenectomy (had the spleen removed) I have to take this along with penicillin. This has indeed worked for me. If you have a slight cold, take an extra tablet or two, and you should feel much better. I pick Nature Made because I trust the name and quality. Have a lot of other vitamins of the same brand.

New to this brand
by nate

I just began taking this brand of vitamin c in the last three months, and so far I am really pleased with the results. They are easy to take, not the chalky type that is very hard to swallow, but shaped and coated so they go down with ease and no gagging. Most importantly they seem to work.

Vitamin C
by Julia Adams

I take vitamin C every morning and it is supposed to help my iron and my immune system. I have been taking it daily for the past year, and it has helped me not get colds as often, and has helped me feel better every day.

Keeps those colds away!
by Cindy

I have been using Nature Made products for a few years now, mostly because they are reasonably priced, and also because you can register at their website to earn coupons for future purchases. Anyway, I'd tried other vitamin C products, and they were all either too large to swallow, or if they were chewable, tasted horrible! The Nature Made 500's are in a smaller size, so they are much easier for me to handle. I've found that by taking these on a daily basis, it has helped reduce the amount of colds I get each year. It's a great product, and I would highly recommend it!

Great Product
by Melissa Martinez

Never had an issue with these, ever. They are always fresh and make you feel better at the onset of a cold or sniffle. The price is very reasonable for such a megadosage of Vitamin C, so this is a great brand to have on hand at all times.

Great for more than just colds
by Kelly McDonald

I know Vitamin C is great for shortening the length of colds, and it works wonderfully for that; but, it's great for other things too! Several years ago, I was fighting a horrible yeast infection and my doctor, after trying many other remedy's recommended a regimen of Vitamin C, Vitamin E, and a few other things to get rid of the infection. After almost a year of fighting this thing, the only thing that worked was the mix of Vitamin C, E, etc.! Now, when I start to experience symptoms of a yeast infection, I load up on my vitamin C & E and it goes away! Nature Made is the only vitamin product I use, and it works wonderfully!

Good Stuff
by Linda Collins

Nature Made is an excellent product and I have been using the Vitamin C for quite some time now. It is wonderful to help boost your immune system and to fight off those nasty colds. I haven't had a cold in a very long time. I would definitely recommend this product!

fight the cold
by S. Lee

I have been taking Nature Made Vitamin C tablets for years to fight the dreaded cold. The tablets are easy to take with my other vitamins.

Perfect for Everyday use
by Karen O.

I'm a fan of Nature Made and I love the brand. It has helped me battle the worst of nasty colds and flus. This 500 mg dose is perfect for every day use to boost the immune system on a continual basis. Nature Made is a company I trust and they have demonsrtated excellent quality over the years.

Highly Recommend
by Troy

I originally purchased these vitamins because they had a promotional offer. Ever since then, I have not used any other brand than Nature Made. This dosage provides me what I need to supplement my intake of Vitamin C. They are easy to swallow and do not leave an aftertaste in your mouth after consumption.

High quality product
by Joyce

I highly recommend Nature Made products, especially the Vitamin C timed release. It allows me to take the recommended dosage and not suffer from upset stomach, which I had as a result of taking too much 100mg Vitamin C.

Vitamin C 500
by Loveit9050

Vitamin C is necessary for everyone, but even more so for those who smoke. Vitamin C is not only shed by the body but smoking makes you use more of it. I use the 500 mg variety because, being a smoker, I need to take it several times a day to make sure that I get enough of it.

Need Your Vitamin C
by Glenda

I bought these Vitamins because I don't always get my Vitamin C in foods or juices daily. They are reasonably priced and good to take to keep your immune system up to fight off colds.

Great Value
by Sarah D.

I generally supplement with vitamin C during the winter, 500 mg daily. I use this product because it comes in the right dose for the right price. Also, it's made by a company I trust and whose products demonstrate quality.

Great Product
by CG

Nature made Vitamin C is a famous brand. I've taken it for years and it keeps it's high quality. Personally, I prefer this size pack rather than the 1000mg one since I suffered a little stomach acid. I was told that I cannot take too much Vitamin C. The 1000mg pack might be a good choice for you if you don't have the same problem.

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