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When chewables aren't the answer
by Rachel

My family loves several different brands of chewable vitamin c. However, when you have a sore throat or when you have a handful of supplements to take, sometimes it is much easier to swallow one pill than chew five!
We have been happily buying products from Puritan's Pride for over 10 years, and are glad they are continuing to provide great supplements at a great price.

Great with Vitimin E
by Taylor

This is a wonderful product. Vitamin C is extremely important for the immune system. It is a good idea to take a vitamin supplement once a day to fight off diseases and sickness. I have found that by using this Puritan's Pride everyday that I do not get sick as often. This particular brand is not too expensive either. I live in a colder climate so I am indoors more often. This means that I am in contact with more people and more sickness. I take vitamin C during the winter to fight off the sickness and it has worked wonderfully! It is recommend to use this product with vitamin E which also helps the immune system's function. Puritan's Pride will make you feel better and will help you recover faster.

Great Brand
by Katelin

Puritan's Pride is a brand that my family has trusted for years and there is one major reason for that.. they always deliver quality products at an affordable price!

When I was younger, everyone in my house drank at least one glass of orange juice a day, and with good reason. However, citrus fruits have never settled well in my stomach so I generally stay away from them. This product has been a wonderful alternative for me. These capsules are easy to take and the entire bottle lasts about 3 months. You just can't beat the price and quality of this product!

Don't pay high orange prices
by Candice

It's great to know, with the constant rise and fall of citrus fruits because of fickle weather, I don't have to worry about keeping up with prices. There is a great source of vitiam C always within my price range that doesn't seem like highway robbery! These pills are a great source to keep sore throats at bay!

nice stuff
by tinkerboooo

This is the best cold prevention that I know of. I just take my dosage, and don't worry about getting sick. I like that you don't have to take a handful of this product for good results.

Keeps colds away
by Tom

Living in a college dorm it is near impossible to escape the common cold. However, with Puritan Pride's Vitamin C tablets I managed to go through my freshman year unscathed. One tablet a day kept me from the sneezing and sniffing that nearly everyone else suffered through!

Good product
by Paula

I have taken this product for years along with a few other vitamins. I haven't had a cold or the flu in over five years and have to attribute this in great part to this vitamin. There have been no side effects. The only reason I didn't rate it five stars is because recently I have used the soft gel version and actually prefer it.

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