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great tasting

we are currently taking these supplements and they taste really great so it is easy to get my son to take them. it take them too and i find that i enjoy the flavor as well. this brand is also very reasonably priced in comparison with others i looked at.

Helps with early colds
by Jamie

I take a multivitamin everyday so I don't take extra Vit C daily because I am concerned with toxicity, but when I feel a cold coming on, 80% of the time if I take this Vit C chewable it tends to reduce symptoms or stop it from progressing. The taste is not bad either.

Delicious and healthy!
by Elizabeth

This is my favorite brand/form of Vitamin C, and I've tried many different varieties. The chewable tablet is a nice change, because I personally don't like swallowing several of the HUGE vitamin C pills that you usually see. They're also delicious. I even look forward to eating them! They also never upset my stomach. I take these every day.

by ambreen

Vitamin C is so important for both kids and adults. But it can often be so hard to get the right amounts of Vitamin C into your daily diet. These vitamins are great for my entire family. These chewable wafers taste good and are liked by eveybody in my family - even my youngest son who is insanely picky about what he eats. They are easy to take and just one wafer a day gives everybody enough vitamin C for the entire day!

Chewable - good for kids!
by Kang Seok Joo

Solary's vitamins and dietary supplements are on the expensive side but have good quality. I have 2 young girls, 7 year-old and 9 year-old and I find this Solary vitamin C awesome since it comes in "chewable" wafers that are perfect for kids. Kids don't like swallowing capsules nor is it safe and it's a good idea to get kids take these especially if they don't like eating fruits with vitamin C! It goes w/o saying that ALL of our family members benefit from this product.

Got to Love the Vitamin C
by Jody H

This chewable vitamin c tablet is great. It has a great taste and doesn't leave the after taste in your mouth and is chewable. Our family takes these tablets everyday and we have noticed since we started taking them we have less colds then we ever had before. They are chewable, too.

by Kathleen Marler

My husband loves to brag that he never gets sick. And it's true...he doesn't! Every time he feels something coming on, he takes Vitamin C for a couple of days! We use the chewable because we also give these to our children, during those first 2 weeks of school (being exposed to new germs from classmates), when the weather turns to chilly...we take extra vitamin C! I also have trouble swallowing pills, so the chewables are great for me too!

Thumbs up
by Jennifer Bell

My husband swears by them. I'll take his word for it, since they don't seem too "appetizing" to me, but he rarely gets a cold. His mother takes them as well, and she is also rarely sick. Both take them at the first sign of a cold and feel better within a day or two.

Vitamin C chewable 500
by Joan Jones

We keep these chewables on hand in case we feel a cold coming on-then we chew one or two about 3 times a day for a few days. They taste great but should be taken with food as they might upset the stomach. Even my young daughter likes the flavor!

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