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R&D technician Medical Device Inc.
by Mindy Dang

I've been taking E 400 IU (Nature Made) in 2 years, my skin face looks so good, no more acne, brown spots lighter...and more on healthy hair.....I recommend all of you should take it as daily supplement, yeah!!! No any side effect I've never seen yet, of course, I take it with dose E 400 IU 1v per a day

by Dotty

I won't use any other brand of vitamin. I started taking vitamin E about 8 years ago. It was recommended by a doctor to help nerve endings from going numb after a serious illness. It works!

ove it
by carmanmm

I love nature made products, I was taking this for my hair and nails and worked great, it all grew back with my hair being thicker and nails being stronger.

by Katie R.

I have been taking this brand of vitamin E for some time now and am still on the fence as to the inconclusive research out there about it's usefulness for heart health etc. But what I do know is that research has shown that vitamin E has a synergistic effect when taken with vitamin C and makes it more efficacious.

retired executive
by sl sachdeva

excellent presentation.

by Jeremy P

My wife tells me that sometimes I can be a bit of a health nut. Her note may have some merit to it because I have been known to take vitamin E with other vitamins on several occasions since 2002. These are great for so many reasons but a few are skin, hair and your blood flow. My mother even suggested that since they're softgel capsules that I can crack them open over burns and cuts for fast healing and I do. I'm 100 percent satisfied with them and the dosage amount is ideal.

E is for eyes
by ed

I take vitamin E mainly for the benefits it provides my vision, but it does much more than that. Anything I can do to help my eyes is worth doing, and nature made is a brand I trust. These are worth the money.

Vit. E
by Robin

I have been taking vitamin E for a little over a year now. I started taking it for my skin. So far, between this and my addition of MSM, my skin is doing the best it has since I hit puberty. I haven't had any ill effects from this vitamin, so I shall continue to take vitamin E for as long as I can.

To E or not to E?
by Paul

My middle-of-the-road review comes not because the product is mediocre, but because vitamin E is one of those inconclusive products. I do like the shape and taste of the Nature Made capsule. The recommended dosage of one per day is too often, where several studies recommend 100 to 200 IU with little benefit beyond such a dosage, ceteris paribus. There may be a benefit to supplementing with vitamin E, but maybe once every two to four days, and only more often to aid absorption and circulation of other products.

Many benefits
by steph

I have taken this particular type of Vitamin E on and off for the past 5 years. The many benefits include great skin tone, improved chances of fertility, and just feeling good taking it. I have done a lot of research concerning Vitamin E and finally decided to take it for the most recent time for fertility. Within a month of a regular routine of consuming 2 tablets daily, my periods returned after being gone for months.

Smooth Capsules :)
by Hamz

I have been taking these vitamins for about 3 years. They were to improve my immune system and help my vision.
Nature Made's vitamins are smooth and VERY easy to swallow. They also have a nice, sweet taste. Nature Made is a brand that I have a lot of my vitamins of, so that's why I have been buying Nature Made.

by CN

I started taking this years ago for it's skin benefits, but there are so many other benefits I wasn't even aware of at the time. The soft gels are very easy to take, and this is a brand I trust. My diet isn't the best, and Vitamin E is part of my daily routine.

by Jenn

E softgels are great to fight off colds. I usually only start taking them around flu season. Also, I like to brake open the capsule and use the liquid around my eyes to decreases puffiness and darkness. It is much better than the E creams.

Vitamin E supplement meets expectations
by Josh

There are different types of Vitamin E that are included in supplements, and Nature Made chooses the sort that is easily absorbed by your body. I used to use a generic department store version until I read about this and now I stick with Nature Made for my Vitamin E needs. Vitamin E has a lot of healthy benefits, and I wanted to take proactive measures about my health. The Vitamin E soft capsules are convenient and meet your E requirements. They ahve a slight sweet taste to them which makes it a little more palatable than other brands that I have tried. I full recommend this product.

Feel Good Vitamins
by J.Y.

I have followed a regimen of taking nature made vitamin E for quite some years now. These are the only brand of vitamin E I take daily. I have been taking them for years now, and have quite a stockpile, because everytime these go on sale, I get a few bottles. As previous posters have mentioned, these are great for skin too!!

by Shannon

Vitamin E soft gels are great. You can take them in addition to your regular multi-vitamin, that's what I do. You can also smooth the liquid onto your skin. Both ways will help your skin to glow and clear up.

by lr

When my doctor told me vitamin E would help my breasts, sore from breastfeeding, I was not sure it would help. It did help. I used it as a lotion, by opening the softgel. ( I also take them daily too).

Highly recommended
by Kathy

I was diagnosed, after the birth of my 3rd child, with having fibrocystic breast and was told by my doctor to take 2 vitamin e tablets daily. After years of suffering, due to the fact that I did not know that I had the disorder, I began the regimen that she suggested. I noticed a difference within days. It finally felt good to feel "human" again. I highly recommend this to all women who have this disorder... it changed my life.

Fibrocystic Breast-No relief yet!
by Lori

I was recommended by my gynecologist to take Vitamin E for my fibrocystic breast. These can be somewhat painful especially around my period. I was also told to cut back on the caffeine but I only have one cup of coffee a day. I haven't noticed any changes since taking Vitamin E for my condition.

great antioxidant
by S. Lee

Along with my multivitamins, I take these Vitamin E soft gels every day. I believe this antioxidant helps me maintain a healthier heart. The soft gels are easy to swallow. I also use this product to prevent and minimize scars.

by DAV92683

I bought tons of these for my parents whose skin is cracking. After a month of daily intake, they really did notice that their skin was getting better. They are now officially hooked on Vitamin E natural 400 IU.

Vitamin E
by Loveit9050

Vitamin E is something I have used for many years. Not only does it help with scarring issues, it helps to prevent premature aging. It also helps support the immune system, especially important to anyone over the age of 50.

Great Product
by sherry

I saw something on TV health news show that extra vitamin E and extra calcium in your daily diet reduces the risk of Alzheimer's disease. So naturally I went to the store and bought a bottle of these easy to swallow gels. Nature Made products have been trusted and used by my family for many years are very easy to find in any store.

Great antioxidant
by S.Lee

My doctor recommended that I take an antioxidant and I use this product to maintain a healthy heart. The soft gel is easy to swallow. The product also works great in preventing and minimizing scars.

Used for years
by KH

I have used this for years with great results. I take it orally every day & have even broken open a capsule to use on scars & warts. Works great!

Good for skin
by Diane Keys

We got these softgel capsules for my son when he got stitches. We were told that if we broke open a capsule and rubbed it on the area as it was healing, that it would minimize the scarring. It seems to have helped.

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