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Beneficial to heart, arteries, and your skin!!
by Ivy S.

A wonderful product from a quality and dependable brand, the Puritan's Pride Vitamin E soft gels are a much appreciated asset to our "internal" plan to fight heart and artery disease with natural supplements. The bonus of the product being just as dependable as a very handy "external" skin lubricant and healing aide to have on hand is more reason than ever to continue using it.

The absolute Next Best Thing
by Jeremy P

Puritan's Pride is one of my most favored brands. I have been a returning customer for several years. Regardless of the fact that these are only half of the dosage of what I'm normally used to, they're an excellent back-up. I especially like to take them with my multi-vitamin and vitamin C because I read that the combination increases overall absorption. The only thing these lack is more of an amount but besides that they're wonderful.

On your skin?
by Paul

Well, I have an interesting use for these vitamins. I take one softgel per day orally but my girlfriend and I also cut these softgels open and put the vitamin E on our skin. I first heard about this because I have scars on my veins from donating blood and plasma. I heard that vitamin E can help your skin heal and noticed that a lot of skin creams contain vitamin E. So these are good for eating and rubbing! Recommended.

Absolutely wonderful!
by Nichole K

I began using this product several months ago and found that it has made quite the difference in my health. I feel better, my skin feels much better and my overall health has improved. I believe that this product is a great way to boost your immune system and help with other vital functions.
The best part is that this is all natural and is from Puritan's Pride!
I would recommend this product to anyone looking for a natural E supplement.

Vitamin E in the right dose
by Robert

Puritan's Pride Vitamin E softgels are just what the doctor ordered! A few years ago, doses of up to and over 1000 IU were recommended. Then 400 IU became the norm. Now, respected institutions such as the Mayo Clinic are recommending no more than 200 IU per day. So if you're using more than that, you're spending more than you have to.
Finally, the product carries the well-known Puritan Pride name.

ALL Natural Vitamin E for your heart and immune system
by Jenny Wright

Having suffered a second MI in 1999, I was leaving the hospital when my cardiologist added a Vitamin E supplement to my medications to take home. He told me that research was showing that Vitamin E, long used as a superb antioxidant, was also felt to be valuable as a lubricant and smoothing agent for the arteries and would help slow the build up of plaque from cholesterol that sticks to the artery's lining. As a fan of the fine Puritan's Pride family of products, I was already taking their multi-vitamins, which does contain some needed Vitamin E. My doctor however, approved the addition of this Natural E-200, a lower dose to be taken in the afternoon. The product is a softgel which is very easy to swallow and does not cause any stomach problems, such as foul aftertaste or "repeating" in the throat, often found in other vitamin products. I feel this product is a very nice addition to my natural vitamin regimen, adding the excellent cardiovascular benefits as well as antioxidant properties. A quality product from a quality company!

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