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B'Tweens include a proprietary blend of herbal and nutritional components, along with a potent combination of vitamins, to effectively promote healthy energy levels, a positive mood, and successful weight management. Make B'Tweens a part of your weight management regimen because what you eat between meals can make all the difference.
Product: B’Tweens®
Brand: 4Life (More Products)
Size: 30 Chews
Dosage: 1-2 chews 3 times daily
Retail: $21.95
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4 Customer Reviews

D+, not so great
by Taylor

I find myself snacking on little things throughout the day, so I figured that B’Tweens® would be a good alternative instead of eating chips and other junk food. I took this product for about a week. The flavor wasn't the greatest, and I found them to be somewhat rubbery. It claims that it promotes healthy energy levels, I did not notice anything like that. For the price, you are better off getting something healthy that can be bought at the supermarket like fruit or something. Not recommended.

Not for me
by Pattie

I'm a very 'snacky' kind of eater and I figured these would work great instead of cookies or candy. I understand that this is a health food, but the taste leaves a lot to be desired. I still wanted my sweets and found that the taste of these only made the desire stronger.

Could be better
by A

While I understand that this is a health food product, I wished it tasted a bit more like the snack it is trying to be. I acquired a small sample size of B'Tweens from a health food store promoting them.
I felt that the chocolate mint flavor it was trying to emulate was partially successful; the mint came through loud and clear. The chocolate, however, left something to be desired. What made an otherwise okay product rather disgusting, however, was the texture: I understand B'Tweens are supposed to be chewy, but there's a difference between "chewy" and "rubbery."

I only had a small bag; it contained six chews. I don't think I noticed a particular difference with the use of B'Tweens. I suppose I would recommend this product if you are very concerned about cutting candies out of your diet, but still want something candy-like around to munch on, but honestly, you might be better off with dried fruit.

Has both positive and negative points
by Amy

I tried these chews on a freinds recommendation, and I would say that they are decent. When dieting I get hungry sometimes when I am not supposed to be, so I wanted to try a little 'snack' that would not sabatoge my diet. My friend told me she had taken these before so I decided to give them a try. She really liked them and thought that they were effective, but I didn't feel as passionate about them as she was. First off, I didn't like the taste (but I have a taste problem with a lot of the diet products that you eat). I could get past the taste, but I never really felt like they made a huge difference. On the other hand, I really didn't feel like they worked against my diet either. I don't think I would buy this product again for myself.