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CraniYums™ Diet Support ingredients have been scientifically proven to suppress the desire to eat. They target weight gain at the source. By promoting a feeling of fullness, App-Suppress can reduce how much you eat.

Combining proven appetite-suppressing ingredients with 5-HTP, Tyrosine, Glutamine and B6 – in an all-natural, sugar-free candy lozenge – CraniYums™ Diet Support gives you the power to eat less and stay on your diet.

CraniYums Diet Support Advantages:

Reduce Your Appetite
Increase Your Willpower
Improve Your Motivation
Feel Full Sooner

Multiple flavors available!
Product: CraniYums DIET SUPPORT
Brand: Crania Co. LLC (More Products)
Size: 30 Lozenges
Dosage: Dissolve 1-2 lozenges in mouth every 6-8 hours. Avoid chewing or swallowing whole.
Retail: $17.95
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2 Customer Reviews

by carolyn

The taste was strange but ok. I thought it gave me a boost of energy after I ate it.

by Jess

These are OK, the taste is not horrible, but it's not great either. It starts out by tasting like caramel. It does eventually taste a little bit gritty later on.

3 Customer Opinions

By Claudia
by Claudia

As per all the reviews and information posted in the internet the product works!!! I got to try it!!!

Do they work...?
by D.M.

I have done some reading on this..and they seem to have some sort of a positive effect. I'm ordering them as a free sample, so I hope that they do work!

by jalanea briggs

I have never tried this product but I did order a sample of this product and I cannot wait to try it! It seems like a simple way and easy to follow weight loss system. I hope that this product delivers on its promises! I will write a real review after I try the product myself.