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Snack Defense™

A scientific advancement in snacking control, Snack Defense™ works all day to reduce the desire for sweets while it helps prevent the urge to snack between meals.* Formulated with a blend of natural ingredients, including Gymnema sylvestre, a cutting-edge herb that targets the body's response to sweets, plus chromium polynicotinate and Garcinia cambogia extract, Snack Defense™ takes weight loss to a whole new level.*
Product: Snack Defense™
Brand: Herbalife (More Products)
Size: 60 Tablets
Dosage: Varied
Retail: $23.50
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3 Customer Reviews

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by Elizabeth

I have tried many different weight loss products, and this one was definitely worse than average. Snack Defense didn't make me feel any different at all, it was like I just ate a sugar tablet! I took it for a month, and still - nothing. It makes me wonder if it's the placebo effect that gets people to say this is helpful, or maybe it's just my body.

Snack defese is right
by Sean

Snack defense worked great for me, it did exactly what I had read about and had expected it to do. It kept me from going on break after break to grab something to snack on, along with a little bit of time in the morning to do some running or other workout, this paired with some good exercising can produce great results.

Wasn't impressed
by l

I used this along with another Herbalife product to attempt weight loss. After around a month and only maybe 2 pounds of weight loss, I gave up on the whole system. I didn't snack much, but I just didn't notice much of a difference.