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GlycoSlim Meal Replacement Drink Mix

180 Day Full Satisfaction Guarantee!

GlycoSlim Meal Replacement Drink Mix is tasty, low-glycemic and contains the nutrients your body needs to feel full and satisfied. Available in both rich chocolate and French vanilla flavors, GlycoSlim Meal Replacement Drink Mix is a delicious nutritional breakthrough.

This appetizing meal replacement drink mix contains various nutrients, including non-GMO soy protein and low-glycemic carbohydrates formulated to help you feel satisfied. In addition, it includes essential fatty acids (beneficial fats) you need for optimal health.

Unlike other meal replacement drinks, our drink mix is low-glycemic with a glycemic index of 36 in skim milk and 33 in water. Plus it contains no artificial flavors, colors, sweeteners or preservatives often found in many commercial products.
Product: GlycoSlim Meal Replacement Drink Mix
Brand: Mannatech (More Products)
Size: 17.2 oz
Dosage: Take 1 scoop daily
Retail: $35.50
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8 Customer Reviews

Not really that happy
by Rena

I have tried all sorts of shakes and compared to the rest i find it claims too much and does very little. The best way to get the weight off is to eat healthy and exercise. Its also one of the most expensive shakes i have tried and i found i always felt hungry quickly.

Tasty and Filling
by Sue

As a low GI meal replacement this is the best tasting, smooth drink. It's so convienient to make up and take for lunch at work so I don't have to spend money for my work lunch. And it's low cal.

Tired Of Being Fat
by Shrinkin

I am hopeful. I have tried all sorts of shakes and pills. GlycoSlim Chocolate is GREAT considering what it is...almost has a hot chocolate taste to it when mixed with 1% milk. I am taking the OsoLean with the GlycoSlim and it tastes like non-fat milk. Not that great but it's do-able. I am in week 3 and have lost 13 pounds so far. I am dreading the plateau effect but am sure that I will hit my goal of 40 lbs soon enough. Fingers crossed.

Slimming Down...
by Dante_Coo

I have been drinking the chocolate shakes for about 4 weeks now along with Osolean and I've lost 12 pounds! I did not like the vanilla or mocha flavors and the company was more than happy to exchange for chocolate. It's true that you get hungry in about 2 hours after taking the shake...but that's only the pain of the first week. Weeks 2-4 were great. DEFINITELY recommend the chocolate to anyone!

by Simeon Cryer

I've used the product in conjunction with a low GI diet and lots of water. The first 4 days I lost 4 kilos and after three months I lost 23 kilos. The company now has a 6 month guarantee o I would highlt recommend any one who is serious to try it out.

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