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Finally, an advanced appetite control product designed for today's lifestyles. With Cravex®, you can comfortably conquer those times when cravings and hunger take over. Cravex is scientifically formulated to help reduce appetite and food cravings. Only Cravex has the first known combination of these fat-fighting ingredients!

The unique Cravex formula helps your body inhibit the conversion of calories to fat, regulate fat metabolism and reduce the storage of fat. And it's so convenient, as easy as taking 2 capsules before eating. Try Cravex and say goodbye to cravings.*
Product: Cravex
Brand: Natrol (More Products)
Size: 90 Capsules
Dosage: 2 capsules, 3x per day
Retail: $24.99
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4 Customer Reviews

Really works!
by Lana

As with any diet aid, this is just a tool to help out. You still have to work hard at it. I have tried everything, and short of prescription amphetamines, I like this the best so far. It's takes the edge off of my appetite, without making me anxious, edgy, or nauseas.

Works OK
by Jen W.

While I did notice a decreased appetite when taking this product, the decrease only lasted for about an hour after taking the pills. Once my box ran out, I did not buy more because I have had better and longer lasting results with other products. Still, this one worked OK.

Not too bad
by Rosa

It is a lot of capsules to take, and to maintain throughout the day. however I did notice a substantial decrease in appetite, so I could eat smaller meals and bypass the donuts at work! Also taken mid-afternoon it was enough to get me through the end of the day to dinner time.

I would not advise taking it after dinner if you want to fall asleep quickly at night! I did have some energy boost and slight jitters.

Not worth taking
by Not Happy

Cravex is not working, and was not worth taking 2 tablets 3 times a day to fight cravings. I felt like all I was doing was taking pills. Don't be fooled as I was into this scam. As I didn't loose any weight nor did I feel any less hungry with this product. Thanks for nothing Cravex.