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Not bad
by Mary

This doesn't taste that bad. I tried the vanilla flavor. I just wish it had more protein for the amount of calories it has in it.

shake mix
by Kirsten

I just started on this a week ago, and I love it. I love that I can use this products, along with several other herbalife products safely while nursing! I love both chocolate and vanilla. They do mix well in a shaker, but they really taste awesome in the blender. I also love the taste of vanilla in oatmeal. I would recommend this product to any one trying to lose weight or simply to become a little healthier.

Shake Mix
by tk

I like the shake mix. I add fruit and yogurt to it and it keeps me full for about 4hrs. I never get tiered of it. I use it everyday for lunch it's quick and convent. I have used heralife for over two years now.

The taste is not bad
by Kate

I recently purchased this shake in the berry flavor from a vitamin shop and to my surprise, the shake actually tastes good. Well...I mix it with Vanilla Silk Soymilk. The consistency was great and I have to say it dissolves better than any other shake mix I've tried. Any shake mix should be blended in a blender/mixer or in a mixer cup. I use a mixer cup that I bought at Whole Foods and I love my shake. I actually look forward to it...I don't know if it's because I blended my shake with vanilla soymilk but it tastes just a like a good smoothie that you buy in a health store. I am not a distributor for Herbalife and never thought about patronizing any network marketing company but the ingredients and nutritional values listed on the label of this shake made me buy it. It's a great price considering the quality.

Formula 1 nutritional Shake Mix
by Dianne

The shake is great after using you don't feel hungry. It might be a little pricey but doesn't taste bad. I give it a 4.5 out of 5 stars. If anyone is trying to lose weight it works. Chocolate is great as is the berry flavor but I have not tried vanilla.

Quickstart Program
by Jan

I have to agree with Paul....If you did not have the benefit of a shaker cup or blender, as your distributor should have suggested, you did not give the shake a fair chance. Follow Paul's recipe. Since I am a chocolate lover, I add 8oz of lite chocolate (SILK) to my shake instead of skim. True I was not a big fan of the chocolate shake powder, but there are many other flavors to choose from. Better than any other brand I have tried.

Being a distributor, I have many clients on this program. They absolutely love their shakes, are losing weight and feeling better about themselves. They also keep coming back to me each month for more product.

Needless to say, if you have a good distributor, and are not liking the products, he/she should be able to accomodate you with either a refund or a different flavor.

Reading the comments, I noticed that someone mentioned they purchased their product from a vitamin store. Interesting, since Herbalife is normally distributed only through the independent distributor.....

Great tasting Shakes
by Paul

The Formula 1 shakes are great tasting when prepared properly. from the reviews here, it is obvious that all who did not like the shake never used a blender or a shaker cup. I would suggest a simple recipe as is on the Label of the Product.

Blend 2 heaping tablespoons of Formula 1 mix with 8 ounces of Soy milk or 8 ounces of low fat Milk in a blender. Add Fresh fruit and Ice for a delicious smoothie. Excellent Taste Guaranteed. I challenge anyone to try that and still maintain that the taste is Yucky. Add 1/2 a ripe banana to your dutch chocolate F1



by Donna

Mouthwatering flavors?? They have got to be kidding me. Now, I wasn't expecting a gourmet meal, but the Dutch chocolate flavor was vile. It had a hint of chocolate flavor with an overwhelming taste of chemicals. It didn't disolve well at all, no matter how much I stirrred it. It was just globs of powder floating in liquid. Does it work for weight loss? I guess--it makes you so sick to your stomach that you don't want to eat anything else :) This is a big waste of money!

Chalky taste
by jennifer s

I didn't enjoy this product at all. It didn't dissovle well, and stayed chalky tasting. It didn't help curve hunger at all. The price was very unreasonable, and the product was pretty much worthless to me. I was still hungry as soon as I drank it.

Not a magic powder
by R. Todd Woodstock

I tried this when it was on a sale rack at one of my many vitamin stores I visit. All I can say is, don't waste your money--the taste is horrible and actually I felt hungrier when incorporating this in my diet.

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