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18 Customer Reviews

great alternative
by britt

great alternative to actual phentermine works almost as good as the real thing but not quite still works at least.

by carol alexandria

I love this product I lost 3 lbs in 10 days

by Lisa

Works great! And will definitely buy again.

Not exactly but close!
by Robin Toon

I took phentermine by prescription a few a years ago and lost eleven pounds. It isn't available anymore and probably for good reason. This is a good substitute, with the added benefit of not having harmful effects later on. I took Herbal Phentermine for about a month and it did surpress my appetite and give me added energy. I lost about 6 pounds and didn't notice any adverse effects other than difficulty getting to sleep. I would recommend this product and will definitely use it again should the need arise!

Works like the prescription - yet Better for you.
by Angel

When I was going to a Barriatric Clinic, they prescribed phentermine for me. I really liked it, and hated when I could not get it anymore - due to them cancelling this drug.
Now that the Herbal brand has come out, it is just like the same I used to take, just better for you and a lot safer.
This product still does all the good things that the prescribed one did. More energy, appetite suppressment.
I will stand behind this product 100%.

Herbal Phentermine
by rachel anderson

I have taken prescription phentermine and I was impressed with the results. Then they discontinued it. When I saw Herbal Phentermine, I had to try it. It works great, just like the prescription only it's not bad for you. I had less appetite and more energy. It's been 3 weeks and it's still working. The price is good also. I was paying much more. This product is great for jump starting your diet.

So far so good
by Ross

I've been using phentermine for a little over a week now and I can definitely feel the effects. Overall, I'm much less hungry. Where I would have an overpowering craving around noon for a burger and fries a few weeks ago, now I don't mind just eating small bag of pretzels, or even foregoing lunch altogether. I've lost about 2 lbs, which I know doesn't sound like much, but I'm told that it is a healthy rate over the course of a week. Losing too much weight too fast is just plain unhealthy.

herbal phentermine
by barbara

All the benefits of an appetite suppressant without the risk. I have been using this product for only 2 weeks and have lost 6 pounds almost effortlessly. It has helped greatly in keeping my appetite and food cravings in check. I feel full and satisfied with a normal portion of food and rarely have the need to have the snacks that add up to pounds and I feel in control. I have more energy too. A great product.

Herbal Phentermine
by mof3

I'd have to say this product did its job. It gave me a lot of energy and it also worked as an appetite suppressent. I also followed a low calorie diet while taking it. The only complaint I have is sleeplessness.

Try It
by Ali

What drew me to this product was that it was Herbal. After I picked up it up in the store, what caught my eyes as I was reading it was these 3 things.. suppress appetite, increase my energy (Hey, I am a Mom, that's VERY appealing), and it burns calories as well. I gave it a try and the results were pretty good!

Worth a try
by CG

I like this. It brings about weight reduction by increasing the metabolic rate, brining down those extra calories and inhibiting the appetite so that a person won’t feel hunger often. It helped my friend a lot, so I also gave it a shot. However, it doesn't have much effect on me. Maybe it just varied with different people.

herbal phentermine
by carol1560

I used this as a replacement when my doctor would not write me a prescription for phentermine. It is very effective as a appetite suppressant. I did not get nervous or jittery while taking this supplement. However, if you have high blood pressure, you should monitor it whenever you use this. Not a bad deal.

Herbal Phentermine
by Jeff

This is a wonderfull product and it really does work. It will give you results in no time and it increase your energy level. It will make you eat less and loose the pounds. It is also an all natural product with no nasty side effects.

Better than Prescription
by Debrina Robinson

I have used Phentermine by prescription for weight loss in the past and it is costly because it requires a doctor's visit and subsequent prescription. The Herbal Phentermine cut out the middle man and allowed me to take it when I want without the OK from a doctor. I highly recommend if you are looking for appetite suppression at an affordable cost.

Good product
by Karina

I use this as a short-term solution whenever I have special events coming up. I haven't noticed any side effects but I wouldn't want to use it every day. However, for quick weight loss it does its job, and as a bonus you do have more energy.

I like it
by zheng

Herbal phentermine. there is no prescription needed! I can use it to lose weight without asking my doctor, and it's natural and safe. Amazing. I like it and highly recommend this product!

Finally lost 20 pounds!
by Sue Sanders

I have been trying to lose weight for over 3 years without success. I finally tried Herbal Phentermine and it helped me lose 20 pounds in a very short amount of time.

Herbal Phentermine
by pamela

This is a great product!
I lost 45 pounds using this appetite suppressant, with no side effects at all!
It greatly reduced how much food I take in to be satisfied and not overeat!
My energy level was amazing, I felt stronger and better than ever before!
I highly recommend this product!

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by Vicki

I use to take phentermine from another source but this works just as well at a better price.