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by MC

This product is way too expensive. I've experimented with many products like this, including some from a doctor. I was hungry within an hour after taking it. I doubt I will even finish this product, much less consider buying it again. Please save your money.

the name Anorex sounds bad
by Silvio Chiba

The product naming on this item is messed up. It sounds like anorexia. My mom tried this to try to control her appetite during the holidays. The bottom line is that it didn’t work. Not happy that she wasted her money on it.

by Mandy

Don't waste your money. This product promotes anorexia. It is way too expensive and the funny thing is it doesn't even work! After about 3 days I returned the product. I can't believe that this product is actually still being sold.

Not Too Good
by Louis

This product is way too expensive for the minimal effects it had on my weight loss. I did not feel any changes in my appetite or in my metabolism or bodily changes. I felt the same, and it didn't work for me at all. Exercising regularly and eating the right kind of foods are better than using this terrible product.

Still Hungry
by Angie

This is about the fourth product I have tried to control my appetitte. I felt no difference at all. I am beginning to think that this and others are nothing but high priced placebos.

Not worht the price
by Mary

First I must say, the name is what it is because diet aids are called "anoretics", that is where 'anorexia' stems from, so the name itself is just clinical. The product, though, is a sham. It didn't curb my appetite at all, or give me any feelings of a boosted metabolism. I bought this and was ashamed of myself for spending so much money on part of an image. I took it until the whole bottle was gone hoping that maybe just maybe one of the days I wouldn't feel hungry. No such luck. Don't get suckered into it like I did. We are all beautiful!

Terrible name for a terrible product
by beckngar

I tried it once, and it did reduce my appetite, but starving yourself is NOT the way to lose weight, and this product seems to promote that it is an ok way to lose weight. I'm very appalled that someone could even name a product this, like they are promoting self-starvation in the name of beauty. Then they claim that obesity or some extra baggage is a "genetic failure." That is not good for the self esteem of women around the world. This should be pulled from the shelves.

by Emily K.

I did not have any weight loss benefits from this product. I had negative side effects including nausea and shakiness. I was exercising and consuming a low calorie diet and I still did not lose any weight.

by Candice

I recently found this horrible product in my own mother's medicine cabinet! Not only is the name horridly disgusting but so is the price....after I wormed how much my mother had actually paid for this bottle of junk. My mother is 5'2' and weighs around 140. She is in her late 40s. Sure she's carrying a few extra pounds but she looks fine to me! She said she had been taking this junk for a month and I see her about once a week and I could not tell the difference in her weight. She, herself, admitted to not having lost any but actually put on 2 lbs.

False Label Doesn't work
by Dee

I would first like to begins with the label as it infers to anorexia and that is something that no one wants to glorify. Secondly, is the price as it is way to expensive for not actually working. When I took this product nothing happened ie. no metabolism changes or appetite suppression thus no weight loss. I do not recommend this product as diet and exercise are the only proven means that works.

Horibile Name, Horrible Product
by Melissa

Not only is the product a dud, but the name is disturbing and too similar to Anorexia. Bottom line is that we all should strive for a healthy body but I'm not sure that promoting "Anorex" is a "healthy" idea.

Great product
by Sandra

I have used this product for over 5 months and have lost 15 pounds so far. It curves your appetite and gives you energy. I have not felt this good in years. I must say I am impressed and very happy

by Krisztian

Well, this product is slightly overpriced and not as good as the developer states. When tried, it really did its job reducing my huge food servings. However, after a while I constantly felt the need of increasing my meals. Basically, I felt hungry after I consumed the food portion which was sufficient before but not anymore.

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