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by Barry

I wish I could give this product lower than a 1! It was horrible. This product had too many side affects that it nearly made me want to call the FDA myself and tell them to take this product out of this planet. The product made me shaky all day long and it suppressed my appetite. If you miss even a day of the dosage, you will feel like you're starving to death. Not only that, it makes you nervous to the point of being paranoid. Don't waste your money and time, do not buy this product.

Danger! Danger!
by Henry L.

I took this product to curb my appetite (duh), and while it was successful in doing that for the most part, I felt on edge. I was close to a nervous breakdown, and when I stopped taking it, I nearly collapsed from the hunger. It was a horrible experience, and I recommend you steer clear of this.

This made my girlfriend sick!
by ihscav99

My girlfriend tried a bottle of these and not only did it not suppress her appetite, but it gave her nausea and vomiting after most doses. After a couple of times, she also developed some profuse sweating. All of that cannot be good news.

Don't bother.
by Bryan M

I took it for 3 weeks during my cutting cycle, and it didn't work. It doesn't do the main thing it's supposed to do, which is curb appetite. It doesn't really make a difference in how fast you burn either. It is not worth getting.

Stay Away!
by Cortney

I tried this product while trying to lose a few pounds for vacation. While it did suppress my appetite, any missed dosage and I was starving! Also, I felt so jittery and nervous that I could not get anything done through out the day. I would not recommend this product.

by Carole

What a waste of money! I threw them away because they didn't work and they made me extremely nervous I felt like I had done something horribly wrong it makes you that nervous. I think this pill should be pulled by the FDA and reevaluated for the extreme side effects it causes. If the wrong person takes this they could be seriously injured (sickness wise) or worse. If you listen to no other advise in your life or on this site listen to this DO NOT USE EVER!

Suppresses hunger for only a while
by Shreyas Patel

Do not use this if you are going to stop. I missed one serving after a week and realized I was really hungry. My stomach was hurting so badly I felt sick to my stomach.

Did Not Work
by Jaime

I tried this product and had to throw them away. It gave me the jitters. It was too expensive. It did not help me not eat as much the short time I took it. I wish I had never bought it.

Made me nervous
by Celeste

I've since changed products but this one really made me nervous. I expected a little uneasy feeling but this was too much.

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