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A great tasting bar
by Kyle

A great tasting bar. This is a great product for when you just need something to get you by until that next meal. It satisfies the hunger. I am not a fan of the raspberry flavor, but the chocolate flavor is pretty good. This really does the trick.

Satisfies a "sweet craving"
by Wendy B.

I don’t think there are any fantastic tasting nutrition bars out there, but the Nature's Whey Nutrition Bar, is one of the better tasting ones I have tried. It’s good to satisfy a “sweet craving” and at least it’s not fattening like a candy bar. The chocolate flavor tastes pretty good. I would not use it as a meal replacement, I don’t believe that anything like this is truly a good meal replacement, but for a snack it’s okay.

Pretty good
by Pattie

Instead of going to the 'junk food' vending machines at work, I used to eat granola bars to curb hunger until lunch. Then I found these and was surprised by how much they did for me! Not only are they good tasting, they gave me energy to get through the 'middle of the day blahs'. Although they don't taste fantastic, they are better than many others I've tried and once you eat them for awhile, you LOVE them.

takes some getting used to
by Ashley

These bars aren't the greatest in the world. My roommates despise the taste of raspberry, yet love the chocolate ones. They eat them all up. I don't mind either one. I would stick to the chocolate route if you refuse to adjust to the bitterness of their bars. Don't expect them to taste like 100% chocolate though. It has 140 calories for a reason. They have a very unique taste that like I said, many people find unpleasant. They are very filling though. I was at first skeptical that such a tiny bar would fill me up, but they definitely do. They even fill my 220lb fiance!

Great appetite controller.
by John

I think this is a great tasting bar, first off, and it a really good source of proper nutrition as a meal replacement/snack. When hunger hits at work, instead of going to the vending machine, I carry a couple of these in my desk and have myself a healthy snack.

Tasty substitute
by Ricardo Gutierrez

With only a fraction of the calories (140g) as compared to other chocolate bars Nature's Whey Nutrition Bars not only pack lots of energy, but are healthy at the same time. I personally use them as lunch or snack replacements since they provide lots of proteins to keep you full. One of the major advantages is that it includes selenium, which has shown to possibly reduce risks to cancer. Being low in fats and cholesterol also helps those concerned with heart disease. They are a bit pricey at about 40 dollars for a box of 15.

Need to lose some weight?

I’m not fat or overweight, I started to eat Nature's Whey Nutrition Bar after I brought a box full for my husband who's trying to lose weight. However, he refused to eat them. One day when I was unable to go anywhere for lunch, I happened to have one in my purse. I tried it and it taster OK. It is not the best thing in the world, but it works. I went through the box and lost about 4 pounds.

Great for hunger
by Blueberry

The Chocolate bars are great! They aren't the most yummy things in the world but they do the job. When I feel like eating a snack or a chocolate bar, I just grab this and it helps a lot!

So tasty!
by zheng

Love the Nature's bars! I usually always seem to have these stocked up. So tasty! Wonderful breakfast bars. Much better than Pop Tarts or more traditional breakfast bars.

Nature's Whey Nutrition Bar
by Dorene

I really like the chocolate flavored nutrition bars. I like to keep them in my desk at work and eat them when
I start getting hungry. They are kind of small but still helped me feel full.

Nutrition Bars
by Jeff

This is a great product for when you just need something to get you by until that next meal. It satisfies the hunger. I am not a fan of the raspberry flavor, but the chocolate flavor is pretty good. This really does the trick.

Could be a little larger
by Valorie Joy

I tried the chocolate and it helped when I had that urge for something chocolate. Knowing it is full of nutrition I didn't feel guilty. I did want another one because they are rather small in size.

I Tried the Raspberry - Yuck!
by V Rose

I bought these nutrition bars while on a diet, thinking I could eat them as a snack, in between meals or when I really needed something to tie me over. After one bite, yuck, yuck, yuck! Totally unnatural taste along with leaving an aftertaste in my mouth. It definitely curbed my hunger though - I didn't want to eat another bite!

Maybe the chocolate ones taste better, but I'm sad to say that I wasted 30 some bucks on these and won't spend another dollar to try the chocolate ones.

Nature's Whey Nutrition Bar
by Sue Sanders

The Nature's Whey Nutrition Bar satisfies my hunger and helps me when my blood sugar gets low. When my blood sugar gets low, I need something quick. The Nature's Whey Nutrition Bar is a great meal replacement for me at home or at work.

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