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Cell-Tech Carb Control

Cell-Tech Carb Control is a scientifically formulated advanced creatine musclebuilder. With only 9 grams of carbohydrates per 16-gram serving, Cell-Tech Carb Control can help those on a carb-controlled diet build muscle, and increase strength.

The patent-protected Cell-Tech Carb Control formula contains contains two ingredient blends you won't find anywhere else: Crea-Cell and Lipoic-Tech. Crea-Cell is an advanced creatine blend that helps transport the creatine to your hardworking muscle fibers, and Lipoic-Tech contains alpha lipoic acid which acts as a metabolic antioxidant. Combined, the primary ingredients allow superior creatine retention.
Product: Cell-Tech Carb Control
Brand: Muscletech (More Products)
Size: 11.3 oz.
Dosage: 30 grams
Retail: $56.24
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1 Customer Reviews

Don't waste your time or your money!!
by Jordan S

Just to get things clear from the get go, i think this stuff is a joke.. I saw no benefits from it whatsoever! In fact, the only effects I saw and felt were bloating and stomach cramps! Plus the orange flavor I purchased tasted about as good as what I would guess rat poison tastes like! The stuff should at least taste decent considering it has only a little less sugar ("dextrose" as read on the label, don't be fooled) than a bottle of soda! (even though this is supposed to be the "carb watchers" version.. The normal kind has even more sugar!)
If I were to guess I would have to say that the Sugar (Dextrose) is the reason for my bloating and stomach cramps, as I generally avoid sugar in my bodybuilding diet.. Cell Techs theory behind all of this sugar is that it creates an insulin spike in your body (which it does) which is supposed to help transport and help "soak" the creatine into to muscles better.. This theory is neither proven, nor even plausible in my humble opinion!
This stuff is basically a ridiculously over priced, nasty tasting, sugar filled juice box with some creatine and other unproved ingredients.

If you want to use creatine, and you believe the "insulin spike assisted creatine delivery" theory then just mix some creatine monohydrate with some white grape juice.. That has plenty of dextrose in it, it tastes a lot better, and by all means will save you a TON of money!