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by Laura Sadeghabadi

I really like the chocolate chip brownie low carb bar. I eat it on the way home from work and it is really satisfying and curbs my cravings. It is also a great source of protein.

Its Alight
by Kay

The AdvantEdge Carb Control Bar is good for lowering your carb intake and has protein, but it doesn't taste that good to me.

by C

I really like these. I am addicted to sugar and this product does a great job of satisfying my sugar tooth. I cannot say that I have lost any weight, but I enjoy these for a guilt free snack.

Better Than Most
by Tanya

I never expect these types of "diet" bars to be very good, but I have to say these are better than most of the ones I've tried. Of course, they still taste like a diet bar, but they have a better flavor. They also really controlled my appetite. I felt full after just one.

AdvantEdge Carb Control
by kann100

I thought they were great. It was just what I needed to satisfy my sugar fix. Love the cookies and creme. Kind of pricey, so I can't buy them very much. I would like to have a whole box of them on hand. i rate them a "5" !

Bad tasting
by Paul

These left a bad taste in my mouth. They are dry/chalky and also leave a nauseating aftertaste that I can't quite describe. Just make sure you first try ONE bar to start before buying 36! There are better tasting bars out there. I wouldn't buy it again.

Not that great
by Mikey

I tried this product a while ago, and while my first reaction wasn't to gag, but there was something left to be desired. Have you ever gnawed on cardboard? These bars brought back vivid memories of that. They got the job done, but very very bland.

Good-tasting and filling
by Chris

I lost a lot of weight with a low-carb diet that I formed for myself. I tried a lot of different low-carb, high-protein bars to help with my sweet-tooth. These bars, especially "chocolate peanut butter," were good tasting and filling as a snack. I would definitely recommend them to anyone with a low-carb lifestyle.

Wonderful, Delicious, and Nutritious!
by Kerry Hays

The AdvantEdge Carb Control Bar is perfect for those who indeed wish to help lower their carb intake. While being both delicious and nutritious, these work fantastically as a meal replacement options, or as a light snack in order to keep that metabolism running. These are easily my new favorite snack.

Excellent Product
by Andrew

This product worked miracles. It worked just as described and lowered my carb intake by about 10%. To me that is an excellent number and I am very happy now. You must try this product for its potential on losing your extra carbs!

I have taken this product for about 3 weeks now and like I said it had a huge impact on my life. I will buy this product again for sure.

Did Not Like the Taste
by L.A.M

I bought a carb control bar last week to use as a snack and I did not like the taste of this product, it felt like I was eating a dry chalky bar. I would have rather eaten a salad.

Excellent Snack
by toddm

High in protein, low in sugar and tastes great. These bars are a great snack or meal on the go. I highly suggest you give these bars a try. You will be glad you did.

by Julia Adams

I'm not a big fan on carb bars or fat burning bar or anything 'diet'. But I started my diet, started trying to eat better, and this bar tastes better than any other bar I have had. I also like the fact that it has protein, and helps lower my carb intake. And it helps me with my food cravings. I definitely am going to start buying this more often.

a convenient snack
by C

Since it was on sale, I decided to give the AdvantaEdge Carb Control Bar a try. I usually find myself running late in the mornings, so I figured the carb bar would be my on-the-go breakfast. To my surprise, the Carb Control Bar tasted a lot better than expected. I must admit, the taste can be a little too rich. A little goes a long way and I find myself slowly munching on the bar throughout the day.

Carb control that tastes good
by vmvdmd

I have used these bars to accompany my low carb diet after a rather over indulgent pregnancy and about 60 pounds of excess. I find the taste to be good and the amount of protein to be high for energy. I find that the price is a bit steep but all good quality food is. I like that i can grab and go to replace my breakfast or lunch when I don't have the time to make something. I think that this product is great with a sensible diet and exercise and i am well on my way to diet success!

Best overall bar award
by Chris

I JUST got done eating one of these and am very pleasantly surprised with the low amounts of sugar (diabetic) and high protein content. More impressed with the taste. If you need a bar that is pretty good tasting, healthy with low carbs and decently filling, this is the one.

Candy Lovers Take Note
by Erik

These taste great and are actually pretty filling. They worked well for my wife, following her pregnancy, as a meal supplement. I use them to snack on and, occasionally, as a substitute for a breakfast or lunch on a busy day.

Tastes delicious and it work
by Patty

I love the taste and texture of these supplement nutrition bars that help control carbs and weight. I'll buy these instead of snacks, and am always more satisfied with them. The individual bars come in several delicious flavors, and I really like the Lemon. I keep a few in the my glove compartment of my car and use them for a meal between job sites. This way, I don't become too hungry and eat junk later. With good taste, 17 minerals and calcium, you can't loose anything but excess weight.

Pretty good.
by Sam

I like these AdvantEdge bars, they do their work but eventually everyone gets a craving for something else. I have tried these for about two days and it did help me eat less for a while, but it was too expensive for me to continue it. I replaced these bars for lunch. The only downfall to these bars are the price, a little too expensive for me. It's quite expensive for food. I'll stick with the exercise for now, until a sales goes on.

Not for me
by Cydney

I'm always looking for tasty and healthy food to help me control my weight. The AdvantEdge Bars are OK once in awhile but for me there was an unpleasant aftertaste. On the up side they are filling and are a better substitute than candy or some other fatty food. I plan on trying their other variety of products.

#1 low carb bar
by Jill S.

I use AdvantEdge bars as a snack, not as a meal replacement. They really satisfy my sweet tooth and are so easy to take with you when you have a busy life style. I keep one in my purse at all times. They have a real rich, sweet flavor unlike some other low carb bars that I have tried. It really is a good product!

Quick Nutrition on the Run
by mamma_nee

I am enjoying a chocolate caramel bar as I am typing this. I love that they are loaded with 17 grams of quality protein and full of 24 vitamins and minerals. They are very satisfying. Each is about 2.12 oz. unlike some of those bars out on the market which are tiny. I use them often for a quick meal, knowing I will get all the nutrition I need, even calcium for my bone . They are working great with my low carb diet. Keeps me from cheating with junk.

Take the Edge off
by mike

This crunchy bar really satisfies the sweet tooth and takes the edge off when doing a low carb diet. I keep some in the car and in the office and having them keeps me from blowing it on the low carb diets.

no satisfaction
by cheryl

I could take these or leave these. There really do not taste great. When you want no carbs and something sweet try Carb Well. They really taste great. I would only eat these if no other choice.

Great flavor
by ric

I love granola type bars, not just to control diabetes, but for the flavor. Unfortunately, as my daughter says, most taste like a mouthful of twigs and leaves. Not these. they have a great flavor, with just a hint of sweetness.

Great taste, more filling
by rich

I have tried several of these type bars, and have to say these are the best. i try to use these as a snack instead of a candy bar or other high calorie snack. They have great flavors, and don't knock my blood sugar through the roof like a snickers.

AdvantEdge Carb Control Crisp bar
by carol1560

These are pretty decent bars. I usually buy them at Walmart. I use them as snacks which are usually nutritious. They do fill you up and you do not have that empty feeling. The taste is pretty good as well and I like the texture of these bars

Tastes OK to me
by Patricia

These work great for a quick meal replacement as long as one still eats a well balanced diet. I take one to work, as I get too busy to sit down and eat at lunch time. They help with cravings as well. You will pay top dollar, but well worth it. The taste is average in my opinion.

AdvantEdge Carb Control Crisp Bar
by Dorene

I love these bars. They have a great taste and texture and I love the crunch! I like to eat them as a meal replacement for breakfast. They are the perfect treat for the low carb dieter!

AdvantEdge Carb Control Bar
by Dorene

If it wasn't for these bars I would not be able to stay on the carb diet. They are really good to be so low carb, and I like the fact that they come in different flavors. They come in handy when I'm dieting low carb and need something sweet!

Good Taste and For You
by Tejas Patel

These bars fill you up and they are good for you. I like to eat them right after a work out or sometimes I eat them as a meal replacement. At about two dollars a meal, you will same yourself some money.

Love em!
by Kelly

These bars, for me, are the best tasting low carb bars out there. If your on a low carb diet, that means basically no sweet stuff, EVER!! Being a sugar addict, these bars were my saving grace. You can eat them and not feel guilty about carb intake. They taste the best, and after awhile you start to actually like the taste!! They are larger than some of the others, and will satisfy those agonizing cravings for something sweet. If your feeling real hungry, sometimes you may need to eat 2, but still you don't have to feel guilty. I lost 50 pounds eating these bars, and a lot of them, while doing a low carb diet. They do work in getting you away from the junk food and still make you feel like you ate something chocolate! I highly recommend these to the serious low carb'ers, they will help you succeed on a very difficult diet to follow. To sum it up, they taste the best, they are a decent size and are competitive in price!

Great for Cravings
by dee

When you are on the low carb diet these work great for when you are craving something crunchy!! They really satisfied my sweet tooth without me having to go off my diet.

Not impressed
by Amy McDowell

I bought these bars to keep in my purse to help with my low blood sugar issues. I did not like them at all. They have that horrible protein aftertaste and was not impressed with the crisp that was in them. It tasted like cardboard.

AdvantEdge Carb Control Bar
by Christy R.

This did nothing to cut my carb cravings. It claimed that it can be used as a meal replacement but I was still hungry almost immediately after eating this. In addition, it did not taste very good and I was displeased in general with it.

by v

I've only tried the chocolate flavors of these bars, and while they were decent, I wasn't too impressed. The calories were really high for such a small bar, and it didn't really fill me up. The bar had many nutrients and minerals... but not enough for me to be a continuous fan. There are better bars to buy than this one, but it's not the absolute worst.

Pretty good
by cheryl

I try to stay on a low carb diet, but sweets are my weakness. These bars satisfy my sweet tooth and taste pretty good too.

Worth it if you are serious
by John H

If you are dedicated to fitness, this bar may be for you. If you are not, then you will not like this bar. I was able to consume these with the knowledge that these bars were really good for me and helping me recover post workout. The taste leaves a lot to be desired and the texture is a little chalky for me to buy another bar.

taste good & helped my diet
by Robyn

I am on a low carb/low fat/low cal diet, and I love these. They taste great, don't cost too much and satisfy my cravings. They have a lot of protein and are low in calories, fat, and carbs. These are a keeper!

Pretty Tasty
by Debrina

have tried a lot of meal replacement bars and these are pretty good considering that they are low carbohydrate. Anyone on the low carbo plan will sometimes crave sweets and for me these did the trick. I did not care for the high level of sugar alcohols though. All in all they work but not for diabetics.

by Ellisha

I like to eat these for breakfast as a meal replacement when I'm doing a low carb diet. They actually have a great taste and texture and are pretty filling. I grab them whenever I need a low carb treat!

Guilt Free!
by Ellisha

I try to eat low carb as much as possible and I found that these are really convenient when I want something sweet. The taste is pretty good and they are low carb and guilt free!

Good snack, but watch how much you eat!
by cjthedog64

I found these bars to make a decent "on the go" snack. The crunch helps to make it feel like I'm eating more so I'm less likely to reach for a second bar. That's very important because of the malitol that is used to sweeten them. More than one bar will give you gastric problems for a few hours, and that's definately something that I wouldn't recommend to anyone.

Taste good, but not worth the aftereffects
by cjthedog64

I've been eating low carb for a few years and have sampled many of the bars available. These are near the top in taste, although they are fairly small. They make a decent small snack, but wouldn't satisfy as a meal replacement for me. On the few occasions that I've tried to use them for more sustanance, I end up eating about 3 to feel full enough. Then come the after effects of the malitol that is used to sweeten these bars. Each time, I pledge that I won't have more than one at a time. Then a few months down the road, I forget and have the same problems.

These bars are good in a pinch, but definately watch your portion size!

by Wendy C

I did not like the AdvantEdge Crisp bars at all. The rice crisp tasted a lot like styrofoam. The chocolate coating the bar tastes waxy without any flavor. There are tons of calories in this bar as well, and it's not very filling (styrofoam is not satisfying at all). You're better off just eating a regular granola bar for the same nutritional value pretty much- only with perhaps less calories than the overpriced AdvantEdge version.

by Wendy C

The Advantedge carb control meal replacement bars are not very good, but they are filling. They have tons of nutrients, proteins and fibers that keep hunger at bay for hours. They also have tons of calories (though not from carbs) which isn't ideal for those that don't burn them off. The AdvantEdge bars taste horrible- a lot like wax-covered cardboard. I would not recommend, even for a meal-on-the-go.

raised my blood sugar
by Tim Tufenkjian

As a diabetic I found that products containing significant amounts of certain sugar alcohols raise my blood sugar levels. This is the case with these edge bars. They contain a total of 21 grams of carbohydrate, some of which come from maltitol. Some suggest that for some individuals maltitol can sharply raise blood sugar levels in sensitive individuals just as high glycemic foods do. In taste it is similar to other low carb bars. personally my system reacts badly to these. However other people may not have these problems.

Not as bad as I thought
by Tiffany

I do low carb eating and I needed something to have on me for when I got hungry, but could not stop to get a regular meal. So I bought one of these and was pleasantly surprised. If you're looking for a candy bar, this is not the thing for you. But if you are already used to the low carb lifestyle and the way that low carb items taste, try these bars. I think you'll like them. Don't expect them to be a huge bar, though. They're kind of on the small side.

Surprisingly Tasty
by Amanda

After months of denying myself any and all carbohydrates, I started to have horrible cravings. I decided to seek out some sort of low-carb bar rather than introduce the normal levels of carbs back into my diet. Contrary to the usual bland, generic taste of these sort of meal bars, I found these bars to be exceptionally tasty! They were perfect for those moments on the run when cravings were intense. I found out the hard way that one at a time is the way to go; two left me feeling nauseous and had me in the bathroom for a quite a while. All in all, it is a good fix for those carb cravings, and a great alternative to other high-carb foods.

Yummy, But Bloaty
by R. Todd Woodstock

I have digestive problems, which sways me from sugar alcohols. This really is tasty, but definitely in moderation. Satisfaction may be going down and especially for someone watching carbs. This is a great treat, but beware the bloaty gas monster.

Delicious BUT Dangerous!
by Yvonne Werda-Woodstock, C.Ht.

I tried one, thinking it would be fine, since the Advant Edge Carb Control Bars are. I was in a hurry and foolishly bought it without checking the label.

It does taste very good, and if you are in the mood for something with some crunch for a change, it is satisfying in that aspect, as well. I would give it 4 or 5 stars if I didn't end up reading the label.

Unfortunately, this CRISP variety contains DANGEROUS Hydrogenated oils (trans fatty acids), the MOST deadly kind! Our specialist doctor explained if a person did only one thing, which is not to eat foods with hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated oils (vegetable shortening) in them, it would prolong their life and quality of health. We heed this advice faithfully.

It upsets me when products people tend to think of as health bars or nutritional meal replacements have that in them. BE WARNED!

ONE Yum for on the "Run"
by Yvonne Werda-Woodstock, C.Ht.

I am a dedicated low carber. I am not big on these type of bars for meal replacements except as a last resort. However, I have enjoyed them occasionally, for a special treat, to calm a craving, as a dessert after a healthy restaurant meal, for a movie treat instead of candy or such, or a special occasion when everyone else is eating sugary, high fat, high carb junk.

I think they do taste good, although not the BEST of all the brands in taste.

Just be sure not to have too much of a good thing and eat more than one at a time... they do have sugar alcohols in them, including maltitol, which in many, if not most people, causes extreme cases of gas. It will taste yummy at first, but then have you on the run to the bathroom with a sick tummy and sore bottom for at least 6 to 12 hours! Incidentally, maltitol is in the majority of low carb sweets, so read labels and be careful of how much you consume of it.

One should not overindulge in anything anyway, even if it is lowfat, low carb, low cal, etc. It defeats the purpose, so this bad side effect is just a nasty incentive to behave.

I do recommend these bars, although only ONE at a time.

Crisp and sweet
by Lori Strehle

AdvantEdge saves my sanity when I am low carbing. These crisp bars hit the spot when my sweet tooth is acting up. I carry a few in my purse at all times. I can testify that they have helped me stay on track with my low carb diet when a candy bar was calling my name in the checkout line at the supermarket.

Great for those sugar cravings
by Lori Strehle

When I am low carbing, the one thing I miss is dessert and these bars help to control that craving. They are also perfect to tuck in your purse or brief case for a quick meal or snack on the go.

by Chris

Help is what these bars need. If you have been off sugar awhile and absolutely don't want to cheat, then this may be an answer, but otherwise, these flavors range from pasty to just plain gross. I did notice a decrease in appetite after eating them, and I stayed in ketosis even after a whole "Cookies N Cream" bar.

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