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Great product
by Lorena Malaret

Gives me energy and I don't feel that heavyness I usually have after eating a carbohidrate rich meal.

No shortcuts to Carb Cutting
by Wendy

I have heard so much lately about cutting carbs. I’ve tried several products that didn’t work, so when I heard about Carb Cutter, I thought I’d give it a try. Wasn’t thrilled with the $40 price, but I figured I would give it a chance. Well, as much as we’d like to believe what we read about products like this, it just doesn’t happen. I took the product as recommended. I was faithful about taking it and I didn’t miss a dose. After I finished the product, I had lost one pound and it did not help me as it claimed to “reduce low feelings of energy, hunger, carbohydrate cravings and in between snacks. I think proper diet and exercise is much better.

Carb Cutter deceiving
by Leanna

After taking the full supply of this product, I can honestly say I will not be purchasing this again.

Although the product states you need to change your diet for maximum proficiency, it does not assist in weight loss any more than just changing your diet.

The trouble with blocking out carbs is fat intake increases, causing weight loss, but still being unhealthy and unfit.

I would recommend a more modified diet with a vitamin supplement as opposed to a carb blocker. This product does not live up to its hype.

too bad
by diane post

Too bad we are drawn into all the hype about carbs and trying to avoid them. well, I was one of the people that took this product for the 90 day supply, I liked the idea of it being a pill that I thought had magical powers. I took took as prescribed and actually gained 4 pounds and thought about how these companies can make you believe you can eat carbs and still not gain from them. The only sensible way to do this is to avoid the bad carbs and mother nature will do the rest.

Not Worth The Cost
by Angela

Last year, when low carb diets were the latest fad, I decided to go on one. To aid in my sucess I wanted to try a dietary supplement to help me lose weight. I went with Carb Cutter. I was hesitant because of the price (approximently $40 a bottle) but thought I would give it a shot. I took the 1-2 tablet 3 times a day as recommended. I did this for about 3 weeks. At the end of 3 weeks I had lost a mere 1 pound. I wish I would have saved myself the $40.00 instead. Not worth the money.

Got results. . . maybe
by JH

I got good results when using this, but maybe that is due to eating better while on it too. I can't be sure if my cutting cycle success was from this or my cleaner eating. . . probably the latter. Nevertheless, if you are really paranoid about the food you eat, then give this a shot, that is if you have some extra cash, 'cause this is relatively pricey. You know what? On second thought, save your money and just watch what you eat!!

Take laxative with it!!
by dee

This product was OK but it really can hurt your tummy of you take it alone. I recommend taking a laxative in conjunction with it for comfort means. I did not stay on it long enough to see results as the discomfort outweighed the possible results.

No help at all
by Melony L.

While on a low carb diet, I wanted a little help so I could have just a few bites of this or that. This product did not help one bit. Yes, it allows you to feel that you can cheat. The only problem is that when you do, you gain the weight. Not worth any amount of money...

by Angel C.

Let me just say that this product caused me such extreme stomach pain that I will never look at this bottle again. I took it for 3 days while eating normally and this is what ended up in me having to go to the hospital from such extreme abdominal pain that it was hard to breathe. I'm not sure what exactly in the pills caused the pain but I know I will never buy them again.

Carb Cutter
by Tricia

Product did nothing for me. Gave me a headache and fast heart beat..I didn't lose anymore weight and the cost is high. This kept me awake at night. I wouldn't pay for these again.

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