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So far, So good!
by Tiffany

I would consider myself healthy and active, but tend to put on a few pounds (generally around 5-10) during the winter months. To get ready for summer weather, I usually start my low-carb diet in the beginning of January.

I ran across these pills while shopping and they claim to help your body get rid of more of the grams of carbs that you take in--sounded good to me!

I am on week two (bottle is almost gone) and I can definitely see a slight increase in weight lost, compared to my normal low-carb diet alone. I have tried many weight loss/carb blockers in the past and they caused me to have jitters and rapid heartbeat-- this product, for me, had no negative side effects and according to the ingredients, are generally rather healthy.

I will definitely be buying another bottle of these when they are gone and I would recommend this to anyone who wants a little extra help with their diet!!

by MIchelle

I have been using this for a week now and it has controled my craving for carbs. I dont crave them near as much as i used to. Also i have been taking this with diet and exercise. I have lost 2Lbs.

Worth the Price
by Trena

I must say that this product has worked great for me. I definitely have no complains. I have been losing weight (15lbs) since starting 2 months ago. I haven't even started my exercise regimine yet. You must know that not ALL carbs are blocked through this. Only starchy carbs like breads rice and pasta. Carbs from sugars do not count. Many people have to keep that in mind when taking this product.

So so at blocking carbs
by Jeremy P

My friend who's the manager at my favorite nutrition supplement store recommended this to me back in 2005 and it's alright. I was skeptical at first but tried the stuff for 2 months and noticed mild results. For the price it costs, it's a definite best buy in my book because you do get what you pay for. If you're a big carb fiend like I am, you might want to try this along with green tea or other supplements. Overall though, I like it and find it to be a very healthy alternative to a lot of other supplements on the market today. I haven't used this stuff since 2006 but it's still a good product.

Good but not Great
by Ben H

I have used this product for about a month now, and use it whenever I eat meals with high carbs and starch. At first, it seemed like the capsules made the food pass through me very quickly. But then my body got used to it and they've worked great ever since! Other than having bowel troubles at first, I would recommend this product to everyone I know who is watching their carbs.

Not bad for blocking carbs
by Robert

This product did an alright job at blocking carbs. The only problem was I noticed that if I ate a meal with a lot of carbs, I would have to run to the bathroom very quickly. I felt that the carbs went right through me and it felt uncomfortable at times.

Didn't Phase my Results at All
by Yvonne Werda-Woodstock, C.Ht.

I tried these when I was actually doing really well on my low carb eating plan. The eating plan itself, without supplementation. had already gone past the cravings, which went away, and I was no longer sleepy either. I felt better. I found it easy not to cheat at that point also, BUT I couldn't help but wonder if I took these 3 x's a day even though I was only eating no more than 20 grams of complex carbs a day, if these would even intercept that little bit of carbs too and perhaps give me even better, quicker results! I tried this through one whole bottle. Although I lost some weight, it was no more than I had been losing, eating that way BEFORE I tried adding this supplement to my plan. I felt they had done nothing for me at all and totally phased them back out again. I remember thinking, "Thank goodness I didnt count on them to CHEAT, because I might have gained, since they seem to be useless." To be fair, I know I didn't use them as they say to, for the cheating type behaviors, but I still am not impressed AT ALL.

by Chris

The pills were large and made of a rubbery material that is hard to swallow. I followed the directions exactly about taking them, but it still kicked me out of ketosis whenever I used them; even with small amounts of higher carb foods like watermelon. I am giving it a middle of the road rating though, because I didn't gain on the scale the next day.

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in the mirror
by Kayla

i have been taking this product with no exercise or change of diet as most siet pills do work for me when i take them, i eventually plan to start weight watchers as well but right now just taking this pill. i been taking it for a week now and so far impresed as im the only one so far that sees where im losing. i dont see it on a scale except for 2 lbs but i do see a difference in the mirror my belly is eliminating after 3 years. i hope this continues to work so i canhave a flat summer figure!!! good luck to all.

My thought..
by Ashley

I havent tryed this yet, but the stories gotten me want to try them out! I havent try any diet pills cause of me not really like taken any kind of suppliments! but I def going to try these, I need that extra help! Thanks for the push.. :)