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by Doris Knox

I used this product for 3 months and saw very minimal results to which I do not give Cortislim the credit.

by D. Wikler

This product is great if you use it as directed along with a sensible and regular exercise program.

by Sharon Jeanguenat

I can't go any lower than 1 star, or would give this product a 0. I tried it, & it didn't work for me. I never
lost an ounce! I have a bad thyroid, so this may be
why the product didn't work, but I certainly wouldn't recommend it to any one.

by SC

I purchased this product in 2005. I had gained some weight, mostly in the stomach, hips, and thighs due to stress of moving and purchasing my home. I didn't notice any difference in energy at all and I didn't lose any weight in fact I gained weight faster than I have ever before. I am 5'1" and weighed 147lbs when starting this product. First week no change. Second week I gained 5 lbs. At the end of my third and final week taking this product I weighed 173lbs. Even though I ate healthier and went walking everyday I gained 26lbs, and I wish I could say it was muscle. I ended up with more cellulite on my legs than I have ever had, and my stomach continued to get larger. This product is a joke!

Not what they said
by Jeremy P

This stuff should be boycotted and taken off the market. My oldest sister tried it 5 months ago and saw no results! This is false advertisement at it's best and a weight loss scam at it's worst. If anything, this stuff might just make you gain weight cause it's probably just sugar. She took the entire bottle for the suggested amount of time and was sadly disappointed. If I could give this stuff a zero point zero rating I would because they shouldn't get people's hopes up.

Not Good
by Emilia

I bought this a long time ago because I have some issues with my stomach. After having my daughter, my stomach went down and then up. I was watching TV and ordered the product because it says that your weight also has to do with stress. Well I tried it for thirty days and I did not notice a difference in my stomach weight. I also did not have energy at all. It was a waste of my money.

to each his own..
by Shay

I personally did not have a great experience with this product. It was not cheap, even coming from Wal-Mart. It made my heart race, and gave me diarrhea. I also had a hard time drinking enough water to get the after taste out of my mouth. I used it for two weeks. I am extremely athletic, and I was playing around 4 soccer games a week when I was taking this. The side effects did slowly taper, however I did not notice enough of a weight loss to know if it was from the diarrhea or actual weight loss.
A friend on my team took it at the same time *luckily we were able to share a bottle to start with!*, she is much larger than me, and had more fat to lose. She did not have the same side effects, and was actually very successful with this product.
In my experience, it depends on your body size and fat mass, as to how well it works. If you have more fat to lose, and you aren't just trying to lose 10 or less, or trying to tone up, then this product might be just right for you! I will not ever buy it again, however she is still taking it almost 6 months later.

Free Case
by Joseph

My sister-in-law received a free case from her friend of Cortislim. I wonder why it was free, she gave me a few bottles to try and frankly it does not work at all. I guess anything that is free is quite a catch.

Not what I thought
by livsmom04

I had purchased this product after seeing the commercials on TV telling us what kind of results you would get using Cortislim. I started using it and it made my heart start to race after only using it for a week. I stayed with it for over 3 months and still no results and no weight loss. I am very disappointed in this product and will not be using it again.

Did not impress me
by Dina

I first used this product when it first came out to the market. The commercials seemed like a good weight loss product. I took it for a total of 4 months and did not see any difference in weight loss. I followed it with regular exercise and a good diet and still no difference. I spent a lot of money and it did now work. There was nothing really that I liked about the product. I would not buy this product again. It was too pricey an non-effective.

Bad Idea!
by TP

This was the worst diet pill I've ever taken.
I started this product in early November to get a head start on my New Year's Resolution. I am not overweight but my belly has had a pouch for as long as I can remember. I was hoping that this pill will give me the edge to finally lose the midsection bulge.
On the first day of taking this pill, I was constantly in pain. I had really bad cramps and felt sick to my stomach. I didn't each much, sure, but I didn't have the energy to do much either.
At night, I found that I could not sleep. When I was able to fall asleep, it was not for long.
I continued with this pill for a week and a half. I did lose weight (about 3 pounds) but I think it was mostly water weight and the fact that I haven't been able to eat a decent meals in a week and a half.
In the end, my belly fat was still there and I've never felt worse.
I recommend that dieters avoid this pill. After getting off it, you will feel like eating everything you see just in order to regain your strength. Don't waste your money!

by Kristie Wright

I bought this and my husband and I both started taking it at the same time. He lost 4 pounds in two weeks. I didn't lose anything. I did notice a boost in my energy level the first week of taking it. We did finish out the bottle. Will not buy again.

Didn't Do A Thing
by Karen Wagner

I have stubborn belly fat that I can't get rid of. I decided to Ty Cortislim since it was supposed to help get rid of belly fat. After a 2 month trial I did not lose one ounce of belly fat. Don't waste your money on this product. It does not work.

Wish it would have worked
by Alicia Bunner

After two babies, I was sick of my belly fat. I had hoped that this would be my answer. I used it with results, which was very disappointing. Sadly, I would have to say that I would not recommend this product

by brooke

I must say this product did give me a big boost of energy. It got me through my day much better than most products that I have tried in the past. I lost a few pounds with this. I would recommend it to others.

by Denise

I exercise daily, but I have a stubborn bit of weight around my waist that I can't get rid of. I gave these a shot last year, buying into the hype that they might help cut inches off my waist. The good news is that they did actually help me lose an inch with no increase in cardio or reps. The bad news is that I got horrible stomach cramps after about two weeks of use. As soon as I discontinued use, the cramps disappeared, and predictably, my inch reappeared. This leads me to believe that this is nothing more than a water pill with appetite suppressant. You could easily get the same results from dexitrim or other drugstore products for much less, and without the debilitating cramps. The verdict: I wouldn't recommend to anyone I liked.

Mood Lifter
by Shauna

My brother-in-law lost 8 pounds in 2 weeks on Cortislim, but I didn't lose any. I still continue to use the product simply because I feel so much better on it. My moods are lifted and I have more energy in the morning.

Made me want to eat!
by Angel

This was the first time I had ever taken something to help curb my appetitie or fat burner that actually made me more hungry than I was before! I couldn't sleep, I craved sweets all the time.
So this was a HUGE waste of money and a lot of disappoint for me.

Did Not Work for Me
by Joshua

I bought Cortislim hoping that it would help cut the belly fat I had acquired from stress eating. I religiously took the pills for a full month and, unfortunately, saw no results. I did not notice any change in appetite, nor did I lose weight. I lost more weight by just casually walking on a treadmill than I did with Cortislim.

there are better pills out there
by Mary F

I tried this a couple of years ago and it was OK. It helped curb my appetite a little bit, but it did make me a little jittery. Once I found a healthy eating balance, though, the jitters went away. The downside of these for me was that after 2 weeks any effect they had disappeared and they ended up making my stomach hurt and I stopped taking them. In those 2 weeks I ended up losing only a few pounds. These to me, are not worth it.

Speeding with hunger
by Melissa

The only thing I gained from taking this is a bunch of sleepless nights. It speeded me but did not curb my appetite at all. I was very dissapointed because before I bought I researched it and found some really good reviews on this product.

good product
by man

I have been taking them for about 2 weeks so far. The 1st thing I noticed is that my appetite has changed, I don't eat as much. And I am not as stressed as I was before taking them. I haven't had any weight loss, but I also have not gained any. I have not been exercising. But I do believe that there is some inch loss. I take the 2 pills a day, 1 morning (usually before breakfast and no side effects), and 1 before or after lunch. There have been negative reviews, but for me I think with time I am going to see some very good results.

Didn't do anything for me
by alma

I got this product thinking it would help me lose weight and stop the hunger, but it didn't do either. I took them with excitement thinking "this is the product that will work for me." I got a sick feeling and didn't want to do anything for at least an hour, so I didn't even do any exercise. I think that this is a big waste of money. Diet and exercise are the only thing that are going to work- I guess.

worked okay at first, but faded
by Sun

The product put me in a good mood when I first bought it. So, I did not eat a lot for the first couple of days. I am a nervous eater. Then, I noticed a substantial decline in the pill's ability to affect my mood. By the third day, I did not feel a thing. The pills pretty much sat in my drawer, and one day I threw them away.

Not hungry!
by JJ

I took this product wanting to just lose weight, but like with any product you can't take it and expect weight to just fall off after you swallow the pill! I took it and it suppressed my appetite (I am a big eater!). I didn't feel jumpy, I just felt busy. I actually lost about 12 pounds in 2 weeks. I stopped taking it because I started eating better foods and who wants to take pills every day like that?

Make a trusted product
by rosie

When I saw the tv commercial, I bought it right away because I think I can have finally results for my weight problems. What matters for me is fast weight solution but I also want a trusted product that works, in 6, 12 or 20 months, but WORKS!. In this case it not only not works, but make me feel so anxious too....

waste of money
by karen

Did not curb my appetite at all. Made me feel slightly nauseous and sweaty and a little shaky. Unfortunately, the only thing that made me feel better was eating. Don't waste your money.

Cortislim Makes You Jumpy!
by Siggie

I also saw the commercials and tried Cortislim. It made me jumpier than a kangaroo on speed. I would not recommend this product to anyone.

Don't buy this
by Jonel W

I purchased this after seeing lots of commercials for it and it sure didn't work for me, like I thought it would. Save your money or try some thing different.

Cortisol isnt for weight loss.
by Shreyas Patel

Get something else because Cortislim is just going to tire your body out. I thought it would help me, but I couldn't work out when I was using it.

Cortislim not so good.
by Michael G.

I personally did not like this product. I decided to try it after seeing advertisements for it on television and I was greatly disappointed. I had no results after 2 weeks of use. I retained water with this product and had horrible stomach aches. I have tried other weight loss products before with no side effects.

Please don't waste your money
by Jaime

I fell for this one too. I spent too much money and the product did not do anything at all for me. I gave them to a friend and they did not do anything for her either. We both took them just as the label read.

Don't waste your money
by Tammy R.

I bought this after seeing all of the commercials for it and I didn't see any effect on my body, energy or anything. It was like I was taking water pills. Save your money and don't line their pockets.

Didn't work for me
by Jennifer

I had been looking for a product to help me lose weight. I came across Cortislim and tried it. I didn't like the results at all. Nothing was different. I repeat-Nothing at all changed. This product does NOTHING but take your money!

by Stephanie

This is an OK product. It did help control the amount of stress, but I did not see a significant loss of weight like the commercial says. I don't think its worth the sick feeling you get from taking it.

same size
by Sudie

I ordered cortislim a year ago and have not lost weight since I bought it. I think I just wasted my money on a not-so-good product.

Husband tried this and felt cheated
by cjthedog64

My husband fell for all of the advertising for this. He thought it would be an easy boost for him to lose some weight quickly. He couldn't take them for more than a couple of days because of how sick they made him feel. He thought maybe he had come down with a cold, so he stopped using them until he felt better, then tried them again. Same results. We have over half a bottle left and nobody will take them. What a waste of money.

Was hoping this would work...
by Mindy

I went out and bought this product after seeing their ads on TV and in magazines. I ended up only taking this for a few weeks. I found that it did nothing for me. I would feel sick after taking it. Maybe that's what it's supposed to do, so you won't eat. I wasn't impressed with the product.

by carol1560

This product is over advertised and a rip off. This product does not help you loss weight. I think the company tries to use a play on your mind. I wrote them for a refund and they just about laughed in my face. I thank god for Curves for it really helped me. EXERCISE and moderation with food intake is the key

Made me feel sick
by Cynthia Gorham

I bought this and only tried it for a few days because it made me feel somewhat nauseaous. I didn' t like the way it made me feel. As I only tried for a few days, I can't really say if it would have helped me lose weight, but I definitely didn't like the way it made me feel!

Doesn't work.
by Angel C.

I bought this last month in hopes it would help me lose weight from my stomach but it didn't. This product is all talk, no action. I took it like I was supposed to and saw no difference whatsoever. Don't waste your money on these pills. This product promises a lot but delivers nothing. What a rip-off.

Dont believe the hype
by Robyn

I read so much about Cortislim in the newspapers and in magazines and since I really am a person who does suffer from having too much Cortisol in my system, I gave this product a shot. After using the entire bottle and continuing on my regular low fat/low calorie diet, I did not lose more weight than I lost without Cortislim. For me, this product did not work.

Not what I was hoping for
by Amanda Rhoads

I bought this about two months ago hoping for a miracle. I've been really stressed out and gained way to much weight recently. Well, I took the pills as directed but unfortunately after a month I only lost two pounds which really isn't much considering what they promise. I've had better luck with just diet and exercise alone than I have when I combined it with this product.

You Really Don't Need This
by Stacy

These pills promise a lot and don't deliver. Do you really want to lose your belly fat? Then you need to cut your calories and exercise in order to do that. These are pretty pricey too.

Critical of Cortislim
by Yvonne Werda-Woodstock, C.Ht.

A dear E-pal of mine told me how she had tried Cortislim after watching the commercials for it and thinking how it sounded different than the average weight loss pill. Just maybe, this concept made sense and would really work. She explained that she is under a lot of stress and wondered if that may have really contributed to her excess weight, especially in her abdominal area. She said that she used the whole bottle according to instructions and that she didn't lose ANY weight in pounds or inches and that if she had lost only an inch or so off her tummy... even if it hadn't shown on the scale, she would have felt a little better, but this product only helped her lose her money, NOTHING else!
She said later on, she heard about how useless it is all over the news on television and reading material, but too little too late.

Not Too Sure of This Product
by Michele Fair

I bought a couple of bottles of this product last year hoping it would decrease belly fat and help me to lose weight. I took them religiously as prescribed on the bottle, and did not experience any kind of weight loss or any noticeable change. Pretty disappointing :(

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