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It worked
by Joely Simpson


Fat grabbers
by adria

Fat grabbers does help to reduce fat,however, I didn't notice losing weight at first. What I did notice was losing inches in my waist and hips. My clothes fit and felt better. I did not feel overstuffed in my clothes. I used the capsules anytime I ate anything that had a fat content. I drank lots of water too... I do not eat fast foods. You are wasting time and money eating fast foods, processed foods and trying to use fat grabbers or anything that promises to lose weight..

Take control of your diet. Do not let it control you.

fat grabber or money grabber?
by es

Well, it is safe to say that a product that announces itself as a grabber of fat is a complete and total waste of time (going to the store) and money. This product did nothing at all except make me broke. In fact, I may have ended up gaining more weight than losing .... easy quick fix its are not worth the time.

Didn't Work
by Kayreyn

I've tried this in the past and saw absolutely no results. I found it to be on the pricey side, but wanted it to work and gave it a try. It's a great concept, but the product does not perform as promised.

I saw no results
by Carrie Anne Harrington

I was very excited about trying this product initially. I tried this product for two months and did not see any results. I even tried a lower fat diet and everything and didn't lose any weight at all. It's expensive for a fat blocker, about $100 a month.

The pills were easy to swallow, despite their size, but I didn't care for the after-taste of the pills. I do not think this product lives up to its claim at all. I did exactly what it said and I don't think it really helped block anything, and I used it religiously for two months.

I wouldn't waste my money on this product again.

Big Pills
by Kristy Blume

When I first got these, I was excited! I needed to lose some weight and fat blockers are supposed to be great. Well, when I got the bottle and opened them, I was surprised. The pills were huge. My first thought was horse pills. They were extremely hard to swallow. I almost could not get them down. When I did get them down it was OK. They did not work very good though. I did not lose any weight in 3 months. I did not gain any either.

Excellence in a bottle.
by Mandy

This product was great. It is high quality, and does not make me jittery or extremely tired like other wight loss products. The bottle only lasts for about 10 days, so it would be just under $100 a month which is quite price, but besides that I loved this product!

Blocks fat from being absorbed
by Jenny

Over the years, I had tried several "fat blocking" products on the market, but all were powders that were difficult if not impossible to mix into liquids and some so unpleasant to get down that I usually stopped using them before ever finding out whether some worked or not. The few that did work still caused some unpleasant side effects such as bloating and gas. When I saw this product last summer, I decided to try it, as the change from a powder to a capsule seemed more like something I could stick to and not dread to take.
This product actually liquefies fat you consume in your diet and even binds to fat and keeps the body from being able to absorb it, so that it seems to work in much the same way as the older fat blockers; however, this is much easier to take and the newer more natural ingredients such as lecithen make it much safer to take for longer periods of time, increasing one's chance of actually losing more than a few pounds.
Since it was soon to be bathing suit weather when I started taking it, I had hopes it would work, but not really much confidence. I did not change my diet to lower calories or fat intake, but did do some light aerobics to keep from losing muscle weight or having loose skin, but still ate just the same as usual to make sure the supplement was actually working, and not a simple diet or exercise plan. The only drawback is the capsules are rather large and you need to take 4 before each and every meal, especially those laden with fat such as fast food. The only side effect was minor as it was just an increase in stool production ( number of bowel movements a day ), which I guess wouldn't be a bad thing as my body is merely flushing out the excess fat liquefied by the lecithin, along with the flax and guar gum that it binds to which prevents fat absorption.
I stuck to it for three months and lost a total 11 pounds, which although not a huge loss was still very encouraging, especially since I didn't really change my lifestyle. Now I keep a bottle of Fat Grabbers around and if I gain more than 4 pounds, I go back to it for a month or so and it always seems to take off the little added weight that sneaks up on me. Using it short term for small amounts of weight needed to be lost works well for me, but others with a larger amount to lose may still want to give this product a try as a big jump start to any diet.

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