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Hot-Rox Extreme

Hardcore fat loss just got a lot harder-core with Hot-Rox Extreme. We've one-upped previous versions of Hot-Rox and once again, blown away the competition by incorporating three new powerful thermogenic ingredients. Two of the compounds you're undoubtedly familiar with: Carbolin 19 and yohimbine HCl. The third is a component of raspberry that has been shown to uniquely stimulate lipolysis in both white and brown adipose tissue (and makes the HOT-ROX capsules smell purdy good, too). There's really not a way to describe the unusual effects from HOT-ROX Extreme and do it justice. All I can say is, if you're impressed with the previous versions of HOT-ROX, you're gonna be shocked by Extreme's ability to melt off body fat and by its incredible feel-good factor. It's like taking a happy pill that makes fat disappear!
Product: Hot-Rox Extreme
Brand: Biotest (More Products)
Size: 110 capsules
Dosage: Take 1-2 capsules twice daily
Retail: $69.95
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