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Stimerex targets fat in the most stubborn areas - hips, thighs, and buttocks.

Stimerex-ES was developed exclusively by a leading medical and pharmacological team and represents the culmination of research with more than 120,000 women and men throughout the United States.

Stimerex-ES was engineered based on volumes of scientific and clinical data with hundreds of published studies by the most prominent Universities and Medical Journals in the world, including the following: University of Chicago International Journal of Obesity American Journal of Clinical Nutrition New England Journal of Medicine.

This Advanced Lipo-Catabolic System is shown to dramatically burn fat and boost energy.

This advanced fat burner technology is a combination of natural herbs and lipotropics specially patented as a 3-way fat burning system that not only helps you burn away calories and fat, but our unique formula helps to control sugar cravings and regulates your appetite.

Stimerex-ES serves as a fat burner, energy booster, appetite regulator, and natural diuretic.

A unique property of Stimerex-ES lies in its ability to target and burn fat in the most stubborn areas (the hips, thighs and buttocks).
Product: Stimerex-ES
Brand: NutraSource, LLC. (More Products)
Size: 90 Tablets
Dosage: 1 Tablet
Retail: $49.95
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2 Customer Reviews

Exactly what I needed!
by sharon

This is what I have been looking for! It gives me energy to do my work-outs, and the stamina to finish them. It curbs my appeite and makes me feel up beat and not so tired all the time, yet lets me sleep at night. The first week I took it, I lost 8 pounds. Of course I watched what I ate and exercised but I have been doing that for months. I don't know what it is that is in it, but whatever it is....WORKS!

Potent and effective
by Jon

When you look at something that promises using ephedra, you get skeptical. Truthfully, what this product uses is not the true ephedra, but rather, it uses a compound that contains it, but it is not the full ingredient. Definitely, I would have to say this product did deliver on its promise. It's not a magic pill by any means, but it did help me to achieve my goal of losing more than 5 pounds, but I did EXERCISE. For sure, it is one product to give you that energy boost many look for as well.