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If thsi is it I'm not lossing it
by Aphena

I loved ephedrine based products and was hoping this worked as it claimed. It failed to deliver any substantial wright loss or hunger control. It did however make me anxious and jumpy. If weight loss with a thermogenic focus can be proven it wasn't' with this product. Overall incredibly disappointed.

by susan

It definately made me feel wired but it also upset my stomach

dont waste your money
by anna

I liked Xenadrine a long time ago when it had some kick to it. I tried it without the ephedra and it didn't work for me anymore. It did not give me any energy, and I even returned it to GNC for a refund. I was disappointed because I did like it many years ago. Don't waste your money on this one!

Not like it used to be
by sheena

I was a huge fan of Xenadrine when it contained ephedra, but this new formula has never given me results.

First Day

I'm trying this product for the first time, I'll let you know how it is working for me in a week! I weigh in at 174 lbs I went to GNC store here instead of ordering on line cause I didnt want to wait many days to get it. I asked the guy that worked there what was the best diet pill and he walked over to the place they had wt loss pills and gave me xenadrine RFA-X and also using a water pill cause I have a lot of water wt also. Feb 3, 2009 also following a diet of my choice, and excirise too. let you know in a week. SGTS MOM

it works for me
by prettyrican73

I started using xenadrine before the holidays and lost 5 pounds in one week. I didn't have any energy or the will to exercise because I have two small children and that alone wears you out. So I bought Xenadrine EFX instead of my diet pill of chose, Hydroxycut. The store was out of Hydroxycut and I just gave Xenadrine a shot. It really worked for me. At first I didn't feel any difference but a hour later I felt energized and started exercising. I exercised for 30 minutes a day for a week. I ate less because I got fuller faster at meals. So for me it did cut my apetite and did give me energy. The holidays are over and I'm going to start back up with the pills and go from there. Everything doesn't work for everybody. But the fat won't just melt without exercising or eating right. It clearly says with proper exercising and eating right. It's there to help you,not be a miracle pill.

Hit or miss
by Kelli Conover

The first time I tried Xenadrine, was after my son turned one and I needed some help taking off those last few pounds of baby weight. Within 3 months, I had dropped those stubborn 20 pounds and looked and felt better about myself just like all the ads said! After my second child... turned 1 I of course went right back to Xenadrine, only this time, maybe my hormones were still out of wack or something, but I tried for 6 months and only dropped 9 pounds. In my opinion this product lost it's effectiveness after the first use.

maybe it is not for me
by es

My boyfriend and I have both used this product about two years ago and have received different results. I had not lost more than 5 pounds, but I am not convinced it was because of the diet pills but rather the hard work at the gym. My boyfriend over a month period lost about 20 pounds. So does that mean that he was more disciplined than I was? I don't think so. I think I was just as much as he was. I however, do feel that this product generally works best for men. I have had many mail friends that have also used it and have been successful. I just find it to not work for the women the same way.

Yes Xenadrine EFX
by Jeremy

I have used Xenadrine before when it contained the now banned ephedra and had great results. With the new ingredients, I have lost some weight but not as much as I hoped. With Xenadrine, it helped me lose 90 lbs. at one time. I lost so much weight that I had to gain 20 lbs. back so I would not look so skinny. I highly recommend Xenadrine EFX.

Xenadrine EFX
by chad roldan

I took this product for about 2 months with no signs of help in weight loss. I did feel like I got more energy but more of a restless energy. So I quit taking it and started running and saw better results. Anyone that starts doing some form of exercise will lose some kind of weight. Eat a Tic Tac exercise and you will lose weight. Look on the bottle, you still have to exercise.

More Than Excellent
by leo lee

This product is amazing. I've used it for 8 weeks and lost around 14 pounds with out any extra stress or effort. You just have to balance the things. It may not be for everyone but its work great for me. 101% recommended.

energy, but no weight loss
by ed

I used 1 bottle of this, I did get an increase in energy, but I never did see any weight loss. I'm sure this stuff works for a lot of people, I unfortunately wasn't one of them.

Not for Me
by Wendy

I have tried LOTS of different fat burners, this one was no better. Jittery, headaches, just couldn't think straight. I had to stop taking these as the bad outweighed the good. I do think people who are less sensitive to these types of products could have a decent result but it just wasn't for me.

Good product
by Becky

My husband took these for about 6 months when he first started working out. They worked really well for him, then he got to the point where he didn't really need to loose any more weight but gain muscle, so he quit taking them. I would rate this pretty good. It did help him to loose about 20 pounds. You must be consistent with them, and the price is a little high since you have to take so many of them.

Great fat burner
by aileen zhang

Great fat burner, gives you energy and curbs appetite. I have not experienced any headaches, not like I did using Slim Quick- that stuff made my head ache horribly! Xenadrine does not make my head hurt at all. I guess it depends on the person as to whether you will get headaches using this product or not.

Some Energy Boost
by Dustin

I used this product for a full 2 months and did not experience any weight loss. I did give me some extra energy for a couple hours after I would take it. Also, the extra energy is good during the day; just don’t take them at night. I had a few sleepless nights because I took them too late. As for their fat burning claims, I can’t say it did anything for me.

Migraines all day!
by TP

After hearing good reviews about this product, I wanted to give it a try.
I was on this pill for 3 weeks and so no results at all.
The biggest problem about this pill was that it constantly gave me headaches. I was always dizzy and could not think straight.
Second, I had trouble sleeping at night. It was not because I felt energetic but because I just could not go to sleep. I would lie in bed, tired as ever, but unable to fall asleep. I would wake up groggy, grumpy, and with a major migraine.
As for my appetite, I did not see any difference. I ate the same as I normally did and sometimes even more to reduce my migraines.
I would not recommend this product because it was not effective and did not meet its promises. If you buy it, you'll only be buying a bottle of migraines and sleepless nights.
Please save your self the money and energy, and stay away from it!

by Corey

This product is OK in my book. I took it and it did help me out a little bit. Xenadrine is a good company, but EFX is not the best of products. It is inexpensive. I used it for a month and I did lose some "fat weight". I took it the way it told me to, not slacking or anything, so it worked. I would buy this product again just on the basis that it worked and did what it said it was going to do. I recommend this product.

Don't waste your money
by extrawork

I had a good friend that was taking this while we would work out together. He was just a little overweight, but felt he could use all the help he could get. Despite working out, he didn't lose the weight, and claimed that the Xenadrine did nothing for him. Eventually he went on a raw food diet and lost the weight in a snap, but he swore he'd never use the Xenadrine again.


Used the original on a regular basis, it gave me that extra energy that this Xenadrine does not, I would not waste my money on this product.

I fell for it once again
by Betty Shingledecker

Thinking that this would be "as good as" the Xenedrine with the ephedra..well once again I fell for it and wasted my money on this . It doesn't work anything like the original did. I don't get any extra energy taking this. Don't spend the money you will be disappointed if you think it will work like the original.

Another one bites the dust without ephedra
by Tiffany

As was the case with Hydroxycut, Xenadrine has no teeth without the ephedra. It did give me more energy and cut my appetite better than Hydroxycut, but it would not win the Pepsi challenge with it's own original formula. Before, I would get one if they didn't have the other. Now, I wouldn't buy either.

Not for me
by Angel Ennis

Xenadrine EFX to me personally was a waste of money. I took this product along with another friend and we never lost any weight. The main thing it did was make me feel nervous and I experienced a lot of headaches. I do not care for feeling that way. Be sure to read very carefully before taking this product.

It's not so bad!
by Ariel

Wow, I was surprised to read so many negative reviews. I bought this one shortly after the ban on ephedra, and I was pleasantly surprised. I had energy, my appetite was suppressed, and I did NOT feel jittery like I used to on ephedra formulas. With exercise and good food choices, this proved to be an effective means for weight loss for me.

Not as good as before.
by johnny h

The ephedra ban has had a very negative impact on xenadrine products. Without ephedra, xenedrine has become a very tame fat burner, comparable to caffeine, which can be had at a much cheaper price. I would not waste my money on this ever again. If you still have memories of the great effects of the old xenadrine, let them go and move on. . .

Might as well take a placebo
by Alle G.

My roommate took this faithfully until the bottle ran out and even bought a second bottle, but she never saw any results. You would do better to buy Hydroxycut.

Waste of Money
by Tonya

I do not like this product at all. I seen no signs that it worked for weight loss and it left me feeling hiper and jittery. I wanted energy but not jittery energy. It is a waste of money in my opinion.

Give me back ephedra
by Denise

Like many others I used Xenadrine RFA-1 before the federal ban of ephedra for weight loss. I used half a pill every day before a workout, and it gave me enough energy to get through cardio without draining my energy for the day.
Unfortunately, this new formula is nowhere near as effective in providing energy. After two months of testing EFX, I realized that I was getting NO energy boost from the product. EFX works as an appetite suppressant, but there are cheaper and safer methods for suppressing appetite or losing water weight.

Xenadrine EFX
by Samantha Feuss

I used to take Xenadrine RFA-1 until ephedra was banned. I LOVED it! And was very sad to see it go.
So when I saw it back on the market, "new and improved", I didn't hesitate to buy it. I was so disappointed! It still taste terrible, it gave me headaches, but none of the promised energy or weight loss! I was VERY disappointed in the company for marketing this as a weight loss product, while still touting it as a weight loss pill. And the price is not cheap. I think Xenadrine was a tremendous waste of money!

by danielle

This pill was awful. It made me very hyper and jittery for about 2 hours, then made me crash. It gave me dry mouth, dizziness, and nausea. I didn't lose any weight either, so that was the major downside.

Not a Fan!!!!
by Beth

I used to take Xenadrine RFA-1 until ephedra was banned. So once Cytodyne offered it's replacement, I was the first on the market to try it. No Comparison. I really did not feel an increase in energy. I also did not see any results!

Xenadrine... yes
by Michael G.

I have used Xenadrine before when it contained the now banned ephedra and had great results. With the new ingredients, I have lost some weight but not as much as I hoped. With Xenadrine, it helped me lose 90lbs at one time. I lost so much weight that I had to gain 20lbs back so I would not look so skinny. I highly recommend Xenadrine EFX.

Gave me a Headache
by Jaime

I started taking this when it first came out. Every day that I took it, I had a headache. I dry a dry mouth most of the day. I did not like the affects that it had on me. I did have energy and I did loss some weight.

Not worth the money
by Tammy R.

I have tried these 2 different times. I bought the first package and I didn't feel any effects from it. The second time they sent me free samples, so I thought I would give it another chance. I still didn't feel like I was getting any extra energy or any other benefits the products promised.

Doesn't work
by Gerry

I did lose a few pounds on this, but it made my heart race and gave me the jitters.

its alright
by justin

I've tried both xenadrine with ephedrine and without. Honestly, this one doesn't measure up. Yes, its safer but its less effective and it just feels like it doesn't do anything accept give you a big energy boost.

Xenadrine EFX
by Melissa

This is another product I have tried in the last 2 years and felt that I had wasted over 20 dollars on. The product did nothing for me or for weight loss.

Not for ill-tempered
by R. Todd Woodstock

This product works, but people with tempers watch out. I know I have an issue with getting anger from time to time and this only enhanced it. If you are a calm individual this product is perfect to lose weight, because it does work. I just couldn't sacrifice a stable mind for fat-loss.

by EF

Without the ephedrine, Xenadrine is a much safer supplement, but also a less effective supplment. It is basically a glorified caffeine supplement. I would recommend purchasing a simple caffeine supplement and some green tea instead.

by Andrew Smith

Taking the new Xenadrine formula definitely suppresses your appetite and gives you energy. The problem I have with it is that the energy is not sustained. It wears off after a couple of hours and leaves you feeling lethargic and achy. The longer you are on it, the less it does and the worse it leaves you feeling.

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