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This product is amazing!!!!!
by Judy Sigona

This product is so amazing that you will start seeing results in 3 days after starting this product. This is a must have product on my list.

by Amy

Hi, has anyone stopped using the herballife total control after losing weight?

What if I consume it and suddenly stop using it..will I gain my weight back?


I LOVE IT !!!!!!

Sure worked for me
by Marie

My downfall is pastries. I use to buy a couple of doughnuts every time I went grocery shopping and eat both of them on the way home. Total Control has eliminated this craving for me...nothing in the bakery department appeals to me now. Since I've been on the Shapeworks Quickstart Plus Protein program and Total Control, I've lost 27 lbs. and so excited to be in the 130's again.

by Bob

Total Control is a wonderful product. But it is more effective when using with the combination of a healthy eating and proper exercise schedule.

Liquid Crack
by Fat Burner

I just started taking this today and Oh my! My appetite is suppressed a bit but more than anything I feel like I wanna FLY!!! It seems like a product that would enhance energy more than anything. It will probly work better combined with exercise since you can probly run a whole MARATHON!

It works
by nazmul07

My mom is 55 and she is overweight. She tried hard to loose weight with diet and exercise, but after using this total control for last 6 months she lost more than 10 pounds. It worked great for her, along with her exercise. The good part is, it is not that expensive and it has no side effects.

Worked well
by vsb

I have followed a strict diet and workout and didn't get expected results. Then I started using this product along with my regular work out . To my surprise I got impressive results. I lost my extra weight and now I am very comfortable with my shape.

This is for losing weight?
by Jordan

I don't really know what good this was doing for making me lose weight, but it does have the same amount of caffeine as a cup of coffee(84mg). Shapeworks advises taking it three times a day, but I suggest 2 unless you need to pull an all-nighter for some reason. And if that's the case, skip the coffee or you'll never sleep again.

It could work for some
by Annie

With the combination of healthy eating and exercise this product could help on a short term basis. At most what you lose in the first few days of using this product is water weight. It does in the long run aid in weight loss WITH exercise. Note that without a daily exercise regimen and good eating habits this product will not have a dramatic effect in your goal of losing weight. The product did not impress me and I felt that after continued use of the product at some point it seemed to stop helping me lose weight.

50 pounds lighter
by Carol

I lost 50 pounds at about 2 pounds a week with a sensible diet, exercise, and Total Control. I believe Total Control was part of my success and I continue to take to during my weight maintenence program.

by charity

This didn't give drastic super crazy weight loss, but it did work. I was on a diet and I did work out, and this gave me a little extra oompf. I can't say it suppressed my appetite, but it did give me energy, and i did lose some weight. The only thing I wasn't thrilled about was the caffeine content--too much for me and it gave me too much of a boost, upsetting my sleep.

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Love it
by Judy Sigona

I would really recommend this product to all my family and friends that want to lose weight really fast. This product is amazing and it gives you the energy that you want.

by Maria

I just started taking Total Control and I already feel SUPER!!!

by ernestine bridges sexton

this really works good!!

Love it!
by Veronica

I LOVE this stuff. I'm very active and work out almost every day and Total Control gives me the energy to almost double my regular workout. Even on the days I'm not working out, Total Control gives you the energy to get through the day - not to mention curbs snack cravings and helps keep your metabolism up. And no shakiness!