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waste of money
by Donna L.

I tried this product about a year ago. It made me sick at my stomach and it made me feel weird. It absolutely did nothing for weight- loss. In fact I think I gained weight , even though I was on low carb. I don't know how this pill ever got rated as the top diet-pill. It is the worst diet-pill I have ever tried , and I have tried almost all of them. I would give this a DOUBLE ZERO if I could.

by Donna B.

Lipovarin did not work at all for me. All it did was make me feel sick!! I would never recommend this product.

Consumer Review
by tami

I purchased this product after doing research and learning that it was rated the top fat burner. I thought that this product even while taking half of the suggested dosage, suppressed my appetite and helped me avoid eating too much. I would always feel "full" enough. I also found that I had increased energy throughout the day.

In order to lose weight you need to combine this with diet and exercise.

Useless Product!
by Nancy

It's interesting that the consumer review rated this as the best product. I found it completely useless, even though I took it according to instructions, did more exercise etc. I did not lose 1 lb or any inches after using the product for many weeks. All it did was upset my stomach.

Would NEVER recommend this product to anyone!! Expensive and full of hype, but didn't help at all!

Try It! You Will Love It
by Delores-Wichita, Kansas

Lipovarin is a tremendous product and it has certainly help me lose weight. One important thing to remember is that with EVERY weight loss product you take you need to watch what you eat and do some form of exercise, even if that means walking. I read all of these reviews about how certain weight loss products didn't work yet the reviewers often state that they didn't change their eating habits or move their bodies. Come on that doesn't mean the product didn't work! You have to assist the product or you will get zero results. There is no such thing as a "magic" diet pill. Lipovarin has "helped" me lose 27 pounds and I will continue to lose it. I only have 13 more pounds to go. Great Product!

Lipovarin-Excellent Product!
by Shanika

Very happy with the Lipovarin product. I have lost 31 pounds and it has curbed my appetite tremendously. I am getting married in 2 months so all I can say is thank you, thank you!

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