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Bad bad bad bad
by Bamchickabam

Ive been taking this garbage for two weeks, I have to admit that WITH hardcore workouts I have lost a few pounds, but I'm pretty sure I could do that without taking this crap. I threw the rest of the bottle away this morning because I've had chest pains for the last 2 days and now my arms are tingly. Please read the lawsuits and side-effects first. It can cause liver failure, cardiovascular problems, strokes, jaundice, kidney disease, and seizures, even with good health. Don't take this stuff, you're better off not wasting your money or your health!

by Shannon

I used this product and lost 18 lbs in a month. News flash! it only works if you actually exercise and watch what you eat. I worked my ass off.

Funny posts
by Jay

Funny how people who say it didn't work out for them almost never mentioned whether they exercised or not. It's not a miracle pill. It just HELPS you lose weight. You still have to do the work.

mom, wife, grandmother
by debbie cooper

I would save my money. I took this product to help my didnt do anything for me at all.

What weight loss?
by Kim

I purchased this for 3months. I thought I had a little bit more energy and wasn't as tired. I only lost a couple of pounds in the begining, and I realized I was changing my eating habits and walking. I really wasn't getting the effect I needed from these. My husband used the rest of the product, and he said it was a waste of money.

by anna

I loved this before and took it for over a year when it had the ephedra in it. I tried this new one and it did nothing. I got my money back. I also hear now it has been taken off all the shelves at the stores here. It's making alot of people really sick. Do not buy this .

This Stuff Gives Me The Jitters
by Sierra

I took this for a while and did not like it. It did not do anything that it was supposed to. All that it did is give me the jitters. It was a waste of money and I have now lost 47lbs with just diet and exercise alone...good luck everyone!

only minor weight loss...
by Joel Santo Domingo

I only lost 2 pounds! You'd be better doing the classic diet and excercise.

oh no
by Carol

I stopped taking this stuff pronto last week. Hope my liver survived.

by Stephanie

Well, I've been taking them for a week now and I've lost 7 lbs already and all I've done is eat a little better and take a 20 minute walk every day. It seems to be working pretty well for me so far but I just saw on the news that it causes heart problems, liver damage, seizures, and strokes so I think I'm going to do some more research before I take it again. If anyone else has heard anything like this please write back!

by Pam

Didn't even suppress appetite, without caffiene still made me nervous.

by ...eehh

I lost about 5 pounds with regular diet and excercise and after I tried hydroxycut I only lost another 5 or so. It worked at the begining. I guess if you want to lose more than 5-10 pounds then its not for you.

by theresa

It worked for awhile but seemed to loose a little strength but it didn't last. It is not worth trying or paying for something that doesn't work for the distance.

started this morning....
by by ac

I started taking it this morning....I've been reading and comparing this product with a few others for a while....I just want to loose 5 lbs tone and build muscle... I am very conscious that the pill will not create miracles you have to make it happen.

by jajga

This is only my 5th day of using this pill and i losdt 2 lbs already. Of course you must excercise. I go to the gym and do cardio for atleast 45 mins m-f. and i take 2 caps for breakfest, lunch, and dinner. I feel the energy and its great when im at work or working out. no eating out and no soda TONS of water is the way i do it.

Goodluck with the rest of you. Seems to work just fine for me =]

by BigPetey

Ok, let me start by saying... exercise means more than a half hour in the gym! The pill helps you burn fat, but how can you boost your metabolisum if you dont gain muscle? In my opinion, it worked ok, if you need to get a lean body its good, but, for people over weight you gotta put in some damn work. Its that simple.

by on a mission

I've been on it for a week. I'm 5'6, 130lbs. I'm just trying to loose those extra 10lbs I gained with my pregnancy. I am doing cardio 4-5x week, drinking water and watching calorie intake. I weighed this morning and i weighed who knows for sure if it works. I'm gonna give it some more time and see what happens after the eight weeks is up. I haven't noticed any side effects nor has my energy level seem any different..? Good Luck.


Ok guys... it's not pricey... I bought it for under 30 bucks at wal mart! DON'T PAY 80 BUCKS!

I seems to be working
by Jessi from TX

I was getting real depressed because of my weight. I was 140 and i'm just 5 ft. so it looks like i weigh a lot more. No matter what i did i couldn't just get back to 120. Working out, watching what I eat. It was frustrating. I bought this product 3 days ago based on excellent reviews from my friends. I am very sensitive to caffiene so I decided to use the caffeine free. It's been 3 days and I've lost 8 pounds already!!! I have been doing exactly what the bottle says but haven't even worked out yet and I'm already starting to see results!! I haven't had any side effects except having to use the bathroom a million times a day haha. I would recommend this product to anyone. I already feel thinner and I'm smiling again

all people are different
by aj

I first started using regular hydroxycut about 5 months ago, and it worked awsome. i lost about 30 pounds (along with eating healthy, cuting down on my intake, and working out 4 times a week). Ater that i guess i got greedy and tried hydroxycut hardcore and lost about another 15 pounds. i got halfway thru the bottle then stoped because i thought i was going to have a heart atack. expecially when i worked out. Now i have been using the caffine free stuff for 2 weeks and it seems to be helping. i just want to let everybody kno that dedication is the most important part of weightloss. i went from 295 to 245 in less than 6 months. i notice and everyone else notices!

by ME

pills effect people differently, this product was made to help assist you with your excersize, not do all the work. If you take it properly with plenty of water throughout the day and work out...

you will see a difference, I guess some people are waiting for a pill to magicly make their extra weight disapear.

this is the best product for caffiene sensitive people who need to lose some weight.

It helped me out

Pretty good with working out
by Alex

I've been working out consistently since Jan 2007 and was losing about 1-2 pounds a week. Sometimes just maintaining, depending on what crap I ate on the weekends. Over all, I was maintaining my weight for the most part from eating healthy and working out consistently. It doesn't help the 20 pounds I want to lose though so I decided to try the caffeine free hydroxycut. After 2 weeks of taking this I amazingly lost 6 pounds. So, on top of exercise and eating right, I could definitely see a difference in helping shed the extra pounds i was looking for by using this product. It seems to have doubled what I would have normally lost during those weeks. :)

by matt hernandez

Do not use. Burns fat but you don't lose weight. I have actually gained 3 and a half pounds over night using this product!!! Stick to running and lifting weights accompanied by a healthy diet.

by hony

Today begins my 5th week with this product. I have lost 17 pounds, and have not suffered at all! I feel great and have seen an amazing difference in my body and my energy level.
I wonder if the folks who say this product is useless have taken the pills without following the diet and exercises information, included in the box. Perhaps they are looking for a magic pill.
Before this, I couldn't seem to get the jump start I needed to eat healthier food and give me enough energy to get up and out for some exercise. This is, by far, the best thing I have found and it's not like the products of yesterday that made my heart race, so I feel safer taking it.

Better than regular one
by Rena

I tried regular Hydroxycut for about a week or two but I realized that it made my heart beat so much faster to the point where i can feel it beating in my neck... I don't drink coffee or soda so I guess I'm extra sensitive to caffeine. I stopped taking that and took the caffeine free one. It works like the regular Hydroxycut without the jittery feeling from the caffeine. If you are caffeine sensitive, take this one!

Meh. Just buy some running shoes.
by Megan

For the amount of money I had to pay for these I could have hired my own personal trainer. Okay, maybe not, but in any case these pills are worthless. They don't have ephedrine or caffeine, but they also don't seem to have much of anything else. While not having side effects is good, not having any effect at all isn't. There are much better uses for your money than this garbage.

by Julia Adams

I have not taken this item yet, but my friends say it was a better one for them than the regular hydroxycut. They said it was the best one they have taken besides the hydroxycut hardcore, and I have had a lot of people recommend it for me. Also, I have seen how well it works on my friends, and the dramatic weight loss they have seen within the last couple of months. So I definitely am going to eventually buy this product, after I heard how well it works on everyone.

by heink

I'm a bit torn about this product, I have taken this on a regular basis and have found that it is semi-decent. It is a bit pricey, but it gives energy boost similar to an energy drink without the supposed caffeine. Either way, it's worth a try and will give you a boost in energy. I also liked that it was in pill form.

Worth a try
by Steve

I was originally skeptical of taking this after seeing the doctor peddle it on TV but now after taking it for a month I can honestly say with a little bit of exercise I see a difference. It ended up being worth the money which was great, I'd recommend it.

Lost a few
by SLS

I lost a few pounds on this with regular exercises. It did give me energy there for a good couple of hours to move around more than normal for me. But, after a month of taking this product, my body got used to the product rather quickly and it didn't perform as well as when it did in the beginning. The product is OK for an energy booster, but I guess everyone is different.

by Dave

My wife used this product to help shed some extra weight. I have to be honest with you, I didn't see any improvements. In fact, she might have put on a few pounds. She switched to working out and eating better, which has worked wonders. Just goes to show, there really isn't a quick and easy way to getting back in shape.

Didn't Work at All
by Louis

I tried this out after I read its description. I was very excited to try it out, but the results were terrible. It's good that the product doesn't have caffeine. However, after trying out the whole bottle, I didn't lose any weight at all and I didn't feel much healthier. I'm sorry to say but this product was a disappointment.

Works without stimulants!
by dee

Love this product as it works without increasing your heart rate. I feel that it is safer than its competitors as it is more natural and doesn't have caffeine in it. I actually lost 9 pounds on this product at one point in my life. Recommended for persons with anxiety!

No loss here!
by Lori

Being concerned about caffeine, I tried Caffeine-Free Hydroxycut, and didn't have the results I was expecting. Given the fact of how much I spent on these, I kept using them without any weight loss. I will not recommend these to anyone. I am angry about the money that I spent.

Not Worth It!
by Cady Dailey

I decided to buy Caffeine-Free Hydroxycut because I am a petite person and usually caffeine does a number on me. About an hour after taking the pills, I felt tired and starving...which just made me eat more. I couldn't exercise at all that day, I felt so lousy. Stay away from these pills, they cause more bad than good!

Lost money, NOT weight!
by Yvonne Werda-Woodstock, C.Ht.

The month prior to trying this, I had tried the caffeine version and had daily headaches from the caffeine. I'd only lost 5 lbs on that kind. So, wanting to make sure I didn't blow the chance of giving this product a fair trial, I got this caffeine free version.

1Ft of all, I ended up having even worse headaches the 1st week, not due to this product, but from going through caffeine withdrawals from the other one. OW! I was SICK, too sick to exercise, so was hoping these pills were working extra hard on the inside in the meantime.

After I got well, and up again, I noticed that I didn't even have my NORMAL energy from prior to the month before, so I felt like I was dragging and was sleepy all the time. I had noticed a very small decrease in appetite from the caffeine version, no different than what I did when I used to drink coffee, but with this version, I noticed NO decrease at all. As a matter of fact, I swear it seems I felt HUNGRIER after taking them! At first I thought it was in my head, but it seemed to consistently keep happening. I don't know why.

Other than that, there were no negative side effects from taking these. Unfortunately, when I weighed in after using the whole body, according to instructions there were NO POSITIVE effects either!

A few weeks later, I realized I felt and did better NOT taking them at ALL! So did my bank account!
I didn't lose ANY weight taking these, but I lose a good chunk of money!

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