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used this line for years
by brandy

I've used hydroxycut for years, even when it had ephedrine, that was the best, but because some stupid people thought more was better, they recalled ephedra in everything. The original hydroxycut hardcore was awesome, but again, because people had pre existing conditions, causing liver failure, it was recalled. If you dont' follow directions, you can get adverse reactions, also, not al drugs affect everyone the same way. Look how many side effects, and deaths prescriptions have caused. I would recomend this product, just FOLLOW DIRECTIONS.

Work Really Well!!
by Richelle

I have tried losing weight on my own with regular excercise and diet and it never work. I have tried other herbal products that worked well. But i have a busy Schedule work 12hrs, own a business and have dogs to work out also. So i would take hydroxycut and it would help me perform better at work and i would still have energy to work my dogs out. Felt no sickness the first time i tryed this product. It worked wonders i lost 10 pounds in two months. As long as you eat a heathy diet this will work.

Stop using immediatley
by Scott

I started using this product about a month ago and to date I have lost 16 pounds. Great results right, but just wait until you stop cold turkey. It is hard to describe the pain I was in. It has been 3 days, since I quit and I am still paying for it. The first and second day severe headaches ALL DAY, the third day aching all over my body. I am telling you PLEASE DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT AND STOP TAKING NOW!!!!! It is doing more damage than good.

It helped some
by mroyer1459

I tried this product in the winter time , but I believe if I had tried it in the summer I would have had better results. In the winter I do not do as many activities and I think that if I had done more my results would have been way better, but I still lost about 10 pounds in 3 months. I would say that it works.

It works (with diet and exersize)
by Drake

This has helped me lose 50lbs in 8 months! It works. It makes u go to the bathroom like crazy but its well worth it. No pain no gain!

im ready
by showstopper

I just brought this pill... I have tried diet over and over and no results hopefully this hydroxycut hardcore work.. I weight a total of 285 lbs and I'm only 5'2.

by Jamie Corbin

After taking this supplement for approximately 2.5 weeks I experienced a burning sensation throughout my entire body, inside and out. Then I had redness on my entire body, then swelling and small blisters under my eyes and on my arms and neck. I immediately stopped taking this medication and went to see my family physician. She had to put me on two medications and I may have permanent scarring under my eyes.

Side effects were too detrimental.
by Corey

I used Hydroxycut Hardcore for a little over 2 months and was not at all impressed with the results. I started using it with my regular healthy diet and exercise routine only to experience horrible nausea and unrest. While it did give me a boost of energy for my exercising it also made me extremely jittery to the point that it worried my doctor. It finally scared me off for good when my heart rate started to randomly sky rocket, even when I was at rest. And when I finally did quit I had to slowly wean myself off of it because it gave me withdrawal headaches. I wouldn't say it was the worst diet supplement I've taken but it's up there on my list of 'Don't Buy Again'.

Effective but take caution
by Haoran Zhu

Hydroxycut Hardcore has the most advanced formula I have seen to promote fat-burning. I have only used this for 2 weeks but it has already helped me to shed many pounds. Don't over dose on this product, even though the fat burning power is great because as I have experienced, I could hear my heart rapidly beating. My word of caution is to follow the instructions and drink a lot of water to ensure the most effective and safe results.

My favorite supplement
by David

I've tried numerous products for weight loss and none have offered results like Hydroxycut Hardcore. In one month, I've lost 15 pounds without even trying (I exercise daily). Since I've taken Hydroxycut Hardcore, I have noticed a huge boost in energy and as a result, even my mood as well. In fact, drop all your other energy supplements now and just use this!

helps you lose weight!
by Rob

This product is definitely a help. It's not a miracle drug, so you still have to continue your regular exercise program, but this helped me burn more fat during my workout. I mostly do cardio for a few months to lose the fat before hitting the weights to bulk up. Hydroxycut really helped.

Hydroxycut works
by David

Hydroxycut works, period. The question, however: Is it worth the risk? If you take Hydroxycut according to the directions, you'll have to take more and more as you go along. As you take the pills, you lose weight, but bodily changes happen. Your hair and skin will dry up, and you begin to become addicted to it. Any time you try to get off of Hydroxycut, you'll have migraines, nausea, and more. Also, you'll gain all of the weight back. So if you can use these forever, and put up with the body effects, go for it. Otherwise, try something else.

Hardcore is right!
by Annie

After trying many different brands of weight loss pills, Hydroxycut Hardcore definitely lives up to its name! If you like feeling like you're moving at a fast-forward pace, you will love taking 9 pills a day - if you can remember to do so between meals and work. Hydroxycut is a fabulous product and I have seen great results in a short period of time, yet I have to ask, is that really healthy? The pills do not teach you how to eat and portion your meals better, nor does it teach you how to maintain a regular exercise schedule to keep the metabolism high once you stop taking the pills, which should be done after 90 days. I support the product for those who do not abuse the effects/results of its purpose. One must maintain a healthy diet and exercise regularly in order to lose weight and maintain their weight control. Hydroxycut may speed up the process, just don't expect long term results if solely relying on these pills to take the weight off.

Hydroxycut (is) Hardcore
by D Meissner

I have used many fat burning weight loss supplements in the past... however I found the greatest success when taking Hydroxycut. So when I heard about Hardcore, I immediately went down to the local GNC and picked up a bottle. I have been taking it for 3 weeks now and the results have been dramatic. It does everything it says it will do and more. I have lost about 8 lbs. and I feel wonderful. Highly recommended product; it delivers on all levels.

Good product
by Corey

Now this is a good product. I would definitely buy this product again sometime in the future. I took one bottle, which lasted me a month and it worked great. I took it the way I was supposed to, exactly how the directions told me and I lost a lot of fat weight. Sometimes my stomach didn't feel good, like some of the people said in other reviews, but that was my own fault. I didn't eat after I took them, or drink water like I was supposed to, as the directions suggest. This item did live up to its advertised claims, and I would definitely buy this product again in the future.

This is my favorite
by Julia Adams

My finace and I started out with the regular hydroxycut and then when the hydroxycut hardcore came out we definitely rushed to buy it. We used this product for 3 months, and lost a large amount of weight. It is the best product, and today we are going to buy more from GNC. This is our favorite, and I can't wait to go to GNC. It makes me feel more confident about myself and my appearance, and it also makes me feel better about myself, in achieving my weight loss goals.

Decent fat burner
by Mike

Hydroxycut Hardcore pales in comparison to other fat burners but lives up to its expectations. Although it is not the best, I was able to lose 19 pounds in just 3 weeks. Every day I incorporated a good amount of exercise along with a healthy diet. At first the result were sluggish but Hydroxycut gradually kept its promise. If you haven't tried this yet, give it a shot!

best stuff
by Josh

All I want to say is I am pleased with the way the Hydroxycut works. I take one pill at 8 am, and that is about all I can handle. It definitely curbs your appetite, and I had sooo much stamina for my daily workouts. The only thing that probably will keep me from experiencing this at a mega level is that I can only take 1 pill a day. I took 1 pill at 8 am and took another at 1 pm, and I am still up from yesterday. My system is really sensitive, so this stuff will definitely keep you awake. Great for long trips, but awful for every day. I feel fine, as if I have slept 8 hours, but I watched the clock count down. In addition to a diet and exercise, this is a supplement to have, just don't take it too late!

My husband swears by this
by Roxanne Ranelli

I have to say that this product is the best present to buy for that loved one who is determined to body build. My husband mentioned this product a year ago to me when he decided to bulk up. Last Christmas I took the initiative to buy the product and he swears by it to this day. He has increased his muscular level and also has more energy because of this product. Did I mention that he loves the taste as well?

I Wouldn't Buy Again
by Lisa

I used this product not so much for weight loss, but to get energy for my workouts and, hopefully, get more definition by losing any fat. This product really upset my stomach and made me feel very jittery (my hands would shake, etc). Also I felt like my heart was beating too fast. I am a big fan of supplements, but not ones that damage my body like this one. Maybe the effects depend on body weight.

Good fat burner
by SP

I am impressed with the fat-burning components of Hydroxycut Hardcore and started using it. I have used this along with my regular workouts and I got very good results with in short time. In my opinion this is a very good source for every one to lose weight with in short time.

GNC recommended
by Ashley Helander

I've tried this product only because when I went into the GNC store I asked what would really work. They highly recommended this and said that hardly anyone ever brings it back, since they have the money back guarantee. I decided to go for it, although I can find it hard to drink that much water, it really does work. Nausea can occur, because my friend took the exact same amount as I did, although had much less weight to lose and I think it affected her smaller body more than mine. Overall, GREAT product! You can feel it working and for once your diet won't can feel accomplishment with Hydroxycut Hardcore!

Better than Hydroxycut regular
by Mike Huang

Hydroxycut Hardcore allows the users to feel more loss of fat because of it's increased dose of fat-burning components. I have tried this and the regular Hydroxycut and I would say this one gets 5 stars. After a week you can basically see the progress of your diet starting to work. I would recommend this to anyone that needs to lose weight quick and easy.

Not so good for me
by Laura

I tried Hydroxycut Hardcore for only a week before it started to bother my stomach. The first 3 days were okay, I felt energetic. But when I started taking the full doses I felt a lot of nausea. My muscles on my legs were hurting and it just felt strange. I was working each a day, drinking lots and lots of water, and eating nutritiously. It was definitely my body's personal reaction. Good Luck!

Best Weight Loss Product on Market!!
by Beth

I used to use a brand that had ephedra in it before it was banned and was looking for a brand that had similar effects. This is the closest to that. Hydroxycut Hardcore really sped up my metabolism and helped me burn off the fat!!

by JamesN

Hydroxycut is very affordable. But if your not confident enough to buy the hardcore version you can always buy the regular Hydroxycut. I lost my excess weight within weeks of taking this product with my workout regiment. I toned up faster than expected! A very exceptional item compared to the others out there.

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hydroxycut hardcore
by heather

This actually works. Started using after the hydroxycut and this was the one, lost 25 lbs and still losing-awseome!

by Nancy G.

I was about to order this when, thankfully, it was recalled due to causing very serious liver problems that actually killed someone that was using the product.
As of now, I would stay away from any and all of the products by hydroxycut.