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personal review
by Anonymous

I was desperate to try anything that I heard worked. I heard a ton of great things about this product so I decided to give it a try. I was taking this product and going to the gym and I really started to see a difference. I had lost inches off my waist and thighs. The only thing is once I stopped taking this product, but kept up the exercising all the weight and inches that I lost came right back. This is a product that you have to continuously take to see the results. Its good if you want to lose the weight fast.

by kris

I concur with other reviewers that this product produces nausea and light headedness. I could not get past these symptoms to really determine its effectiveness.

Love it
by DoubleB

This definitely makes your heart rate go up which is an uncomfortable feeling if you're just sitting around the house, but as long as your moving then it's fine. I've gotten used to taking the full dose, but at first I would just take one or two to ease into it which is what they recommend anyways. It's helped me to lose weight and to want to get moving since it does make you feel funny to sit around.

Dietary Aide
by Patty

My husband tried this without any results, and then we heard on the news that there was a recall on it.

hydroxycut review
by Tressy Anne O'Connor

This product is okay. I really could not tell much difference while using it. I exercise everyday and try to eat well and did not see much improvement. I took it for 8 weeks.

by Mary

I tried this when it first came out due to their false advertising. It gave me strange side effects and made me feel just strange. It is now BANNED having caused liver failure and liver problems.

by Pam

This product increased my heart rate so I did not continue to use it. Just made me nervous

Doesn't work
by sheena

I have tried this product and did not notice even a slightly reduced appetite or more energy. The only thing I can say I noticed was getting shaky, and I have tried a lot of products, this was definitely the worst for the shakes. No weight loss noticed.

by Sharon Jeanguenat

I have tried all of the Hydroxycut products except fot the Hardcore one. And, none of them work as they claim. I didn't lose any weight at all, & it sure didn't curb my appetite! I would definitely NOT recommend these. Also, they give you the shakes because they're loaded with caffeine.

by nikki

this is a wonderful product to use if you are tired being big use it it will make you loss wiegh and feel great

Good start
by Karla

I just started to take this recently and have not had any adverse reactions to it. I think it just depends on the person. It suppresses my hunger and I eat less frequently. Hydroxycut is a good addition to any person trying to lost some weight. I don't recommend this product if you are looking for drastic changes though, as my weight loss has been slow.

Double vision caused by hydroxycut?
by ArSn

It is my extreme duty to warn many about this product. I was away from any kind of dietary supplement for years and I wanted to lose some weight in my stomach. There is no doubt that the product gave me some energy that was over the top and it helped dramatically.... but....

was it worth the double vision?

my eyes are still not 100% but after the first couple of weeks on the recommended dosage, my eyes got blurry and after two more days, i had full blown double vision. Doctors at first though I had mulitple sclerosis but all the tests came back fine. after an mri and a spinal tap it came back that I did not have it...

so how did i mysteriously develop double vision after beginning the dosage?

another thing is that when I would take it before a work out, I would take 2 pills, thats it. After taking the product my vision would go full blown double again. This is no coincidence and this product definetly made me feel high off energy. It's almost like a friggin drug. I would not recommend it. Take some appetite suppresants instead. Dont risk the health issues.

God bless

Awesome product
by Chris

I love this product!. When taken according to the instructions on the bottle and used with a healthy diet and exercise it has great results. I noticed a boost in my metabolism and energy within 2 weeks of starting the product. It also helped me to gain more muscle. I am an athletic person who was already in shape and wanted to try something that could give me a little extra help but also wanted something safe. This product does just that. A friend of mine also started taking the product and did not exercise much at all. It worked for her also but the results were not as significant as mine.
I will continue to use this product. It is a little expensive but well worth the money!

Save money and buy a fitness membership
by Q

Is this a placebo?...possibly. My friend used this for a few months and did not see any improvement. For the cost of these pills, it's probably better to invest in a membership to your fitness center and lose weight the traditional way... diet and exercise. Since those are the core ways to lose weight, it's noted on the product that they should be paired with these weight loss methods. I saw at one point, after months of usage, my friend was taking 12 pills a day and that's the dosage that is recommended. I will pop 12 Lay's potato chips in my mouth but I wouldn't pop 12 pills of anything that's plain scary!

A Waste of Money
by Kristie Wright

I took this about 2 weeks. Never lost a pound. It would make me queasy if I took the recommended daily dose. It also made me feel shaky and my heart would race at times. Would not recommend...

This totally works
by Julia Adams

My fiance and I would use this every day before we went to the gym. We would sweat so much, and could feel our fat burning away. We lost A LOT of weight and were sad when we ran out of these pills. We also used Hydroxycut hardcore, which helped us out a lot also. This is my finace's favorite, and he said he was going to GNC today to buy more, since it is his payday and then we're going to the gym. I give this item a 100% for sure.

Not worth it.
by Andrew

I was taking Hydroxycut for a short while. I took it maybe a week and a half. I really did not notice any change in weight and I also felt kinda sick the first 2 days after taking it. If you are trying to lose weight, I suggest you try a different product. But if this does work for you, take the caffiene-free version.

Waste of Money
by Davis

My brother tried Hydroxycut for 3 weeks and stopped. He took it while working out, but have not seen a dramactic change in his weight loss. He stopped using it after three weeks and said it was a waste of money. I wouldn't recommend Hycroxycut to anyone.

A double-edged sword.
by Jana

Hydroxycut works, period. The question, however: Is it worth the risk? If you take Hydroxycut according to the directions, you'll have to take more and more as you go along. As you take the pills, you lose weight, but bodily changes happen. Your hair and skin will dry up, and you begin to become addicted to it. Any time you try to get off of Hydroxycut, you'll have migraines, nausea, and more. Also, you'll gain all of the weight back. So if you can use these forever, and put up with the body effects, go for it. Otherwise, try something else.

by Julie

I took this product after hearing a radio ad for it. It did work some, but I was not overly impressed. I felt shaky and had a very rapid heartbeat. Overall not a good product.

I miss the old Hydroxycut
by Tiffany

I think that the makers of Hydroxycut are skating by on the fact that the old Hydrooxycut with Ephedra worked. I didn't get the energy with this that I did with the original formula. It could be that the original gave me so much that this one simply pales by comparison, but I really expected more. The old formula not only gave energy, but my appetite was noticeably less. I didn't see much of a difference with this product. I used the whole bottle waiting for a change, but it never came.

Helped things along!
by briggsy13

I was working out and eating right for 2 months when I hit a wall with my weight loss. I went to the store to find something to jump start it again, since changing my workouts was not doing it. I started taking hydroxycut and my weight loss picked up again. It increased my energy level and gave me new motivation to work out and eat right. It did help me lose those last pounds that just would not budge before!! If you are stuck, then give this a try!

did not work
by stacy

I tried this because of the before and after pictures I had seen advertised, and I thought it would give me a boost towards losing those extra 10 pounds. Big waste of money- I stopped taking them after a week, because they made me feel very weird and jittery, as if my heart were racing, and I was worried about what it was doing to my body. Did not notice any effect on my appetite either. Will stick to plain old diet and exercise from now on!

Promises in a Bottle
by Judith

Like most weight loss aids, this one promises miracles in a bottle. I found that it was not effective and left me feeling shaky and anxious. I lost one or two pounds, but could not attribute it to this product.

Beware of Hydroxycut
by Leigh Egan

After Hydroxycut had been hyped so much, I finally decided to break down and give it a try. I am one that can be skeptical when it comes to fat burning products because there is always a 50/50 chance one takes when trying the products out. Unfortunately, Hydroxycut did not measure up to what they promised; at least for sure.

After paying an expensive $60.00 for a bottle of 120 capsules, I was thinking that I may have just found the miracle capsules. The first thing that bothered me was the dosage. At first it is suggested that you take 3 capsules once a day, but in order for the product to work, you are eventually supposed to increase the amount to 3 dosages 3 times a day. This meant to me that the capsules were going to go fast. I at that point was hoping that the product would also start working fast, and I again was wrong. After following the directions to a "t", eating well, exercising, and consuming monstrous amounts of water, I found that the only thing this product did was increase my energy just a tad. However, the energy boost eventually wore off as well. I am still waiting to see that fat burning take place that this product promises.

Don't waste your time or money on this one. I have read that it has worked for some, and didn't work for others. But for $60, I would suggest trying something else and not running the risk.

Awake and Moving
by mckanglar

I have so much energy that I don't know what to do with. I sleep fine. I have learned not to take the last dose so late in the afternoon. It has helped a great deal around my tummy area. I have taken breaks for about 2-3 days so I will not get dependent on the product.

Not great
by cooldan

You'll get what you want, but have second thoughts after. I took this and indeed lost weight, but I got some very ill side effects and was sick for a few days. This makes you feel a little weird depending on person to person. I didn't feel very normal when taking it.

by Alle G.

I ate very well and exercised 6 days per week before I started taking this product so I was already in very good shape. This product took it to the next level. I didn't change anything about my eating and exercise and that last bit of stubborn fat seemed to melt right off. I think people have unrealistic expectations of fat burners. They expect to be able to carry on an unhealthy lifestyle and take a magic pill to be in great shape. This is a supplement, not a solution in and of itself.

Lose your water weight
by beckngar

I found that I lost water weight. This doesn't surprise me because if you look at the name HYDROXY-Cut. Hydrogen and Oxygen are water, and then the word cut. It did make me nauseated and sometimes emesis, but it did seem to help lose some weight fast (with dieting and exercising), but that could just be water weight.

Wasn't That Effective
by Ali

I needed to lose about 30 lbs. 5 months before we were to go on Vacation. I had seen commercials and was drawn in after seeing the before and afters. At first I liked being full of energy, then it went into over drive. I was excercising and still felt strung out at night. I couldn't sleep. My results were a bit odd. I seemed to lose weight mainly stomach but I retained A LOT of water. I was definitely not satisfied with this product.

Okay product
by Zheng

The product is average for its cost and what it does. I did see a little result after a period of time. It has plenty of fat burning ingredients.

Not worth it
by Jennifer Bell

The price on these are entirely too high. They really didn't seem to be much different than Dexatrim. I wasn't that hungry, but it made my heart palpitate, and made me a little nauseated. I didn't even finish the bottle. I would not purchase them or even take them again.

by Hayley

I found that this product did help me lose some weight but mostly only in my stomach area. It gave me a lot of energy but not in a good way. I tended to feel like I could not sit still and negatively effected my concentration.

Specific sites.
by Shreyas Patel

I was recommended to use this and I found that it only worked in certain areas of my body. I was looking for it to burn the fat on the sides of my stomach, and thats were it went, however none of the rest of the fat in my body would burn. This just helped after I ran because it added extra fat burners in the area.

Not worth the price
by Robert

These are like other generic diet pills. Same ingredients but nothing special. These pills will make you a little speedy and will make you lose your appetite.

These are still not worth it in my opinion. I am a much bigger fan of taking an ECA stack.

Reasonably good results
by C S R

This product is not a quick fix for weight management however, with proper diet and exercise, it does work. The product allowed me to lose weight consistently over a period of three months. The downside is that it costs a little more than some of the other products out there. My feeling is that it may cost a little more, but I am willing to pay this for something that works for me.

It Made Me Nervous and Jittery
by Traci Anderson

I had heard positive reviews of this product from friends so I decided to give it a try after the birth of my second child. I didn't have much weight to lose but I was hoping to lose it quickly. I was not happy with the product. It made me anxious and jittery which subsequently made me lose my appetite. Therefore, I am not sure if it works or not. I probably would have lost weight using the product, but I couldn't stand the side-effects.

by Annie

I have used this product and it does in fact help you lose weight with the combination of working out, but it is also what you call a "quick fix". At some point while taking the Hydroxycut your weight loss will plateau and you will cease to lose any weight. I was not happy with the product and felt less energy while using it. The price you pay is not worth what you get out of it.

Excellent Weight Loss
by Mike Huang

Hydroxycut is a very good and effective product. I have used these pills for a couple months and have noticed drastic change. I first saw an advertisement in GNC's magazine and since then, I've never doubted it. Go try hydroxycut if you are looking for something with quick effectiveness.

This can work
by Mary C.

My niece took this product and had good results. She also exercised. She did gain some of the weight back, but was able to take it off again easily. She states she would use Hydroxycut again due to the good results she had. She lost about 25 lbs.

Try It!
by Ellisha

I actuall found this product to be somewhat effective. When combined with exercise and a proper diet it will help to lose weight. But as with most products of this type, the weight could probably be lost just with the exercise and diet alone!

decent product but read the label
by Justin

I've been trying this product for a few months and I must say it works really well, but make sure you drink lots of water as it will drain your water weight. Also, its really hard to sleep at night because of the high caffeine load. As long as you use it effectively and as directed this product does work :)

by LT

After gaining 30 pounds from being pregnant, this was one of the weight loss pills I tried. This product gave me a lot of energy, but also made me very nauseous. After two weeks of use, I stopped taking it.

No Good
by Jay

Even when I was sleeping, I was really awake. I would toss and turn and it would feel like I was awake the whole time. I used it for about 1 month and lost 5 lbs, but it was totally not worth the mental stress.

by Albert

This product packs quite a punch. I would recommend that you read the instructions carefully and excercise as well. This product seemed a bit too strong for me as it kept me hyper for most of the day. Hoping that I would tire myself out, this wasn't the case. Since I am currently a college student this really helped me with my schedule but be aware it could possibly mess up your sleeping habits. I did lose about 8 pounds though so this product DOES work. Try and see for yourself but be aware of the consequences and be prepared to throw down some cash.

Husband hated the way this made him feel
by cjthedog64

My husband took this because a friend of his had some to get rid of. (I wonder why?) He started with one capsule and after just a couple of days he thought he had really messed his heart up because of the way he was feeling. He was very jittery and couldn't calm himself down. At one point he almost went to the ER, until I found out more about this side effect. Now he's trying to get rid of the bottle.

Didn't work for me
by nikki

I used this as directed and did not think it was effective at all. It didn't help my appetite and I could not see how it burned more calories, out side of the fact that I felt jittery and that might have burnt a few more calories.

by Jody

I used this product for about two months, and by FAR, it helped me shed some extra pounds much more quickly than anything else I've ever tried. However, you really do need to diet and exercise in addition to taking the product, otherwise you pretty much defeat the purpose. Also, it makes you feel very jittery if you take upwards of the recommended dose - so I took only about half of the dose throughout the time I used it.

Makes Me Shake
by stacy

I did not like this product at all. It gave the shakes in the worst way and made me very jumpy. Needless to say, I would not recommend this product. Its quite expensive, even when its one sale.

Older was better
by Serge Howard

When this came out about 5 years ago it was great, and really gave me some pre-workout energy. Then they took the ephedra away and I tried it. All the multiple formulas they have tried since have only given me headaches. I have tried them all hoping they figured it out. VPX products are the only ones that work efficiently .

Lost a few pounds, but couldn't sleep
by Christie

I wouldn't recommend this product to anyone. While I did lose a few pounds (about 3), I felt like my heart rate was constantly elevated. I felt like I drank 3 red bulls an hour the entire time I was on this. Because it's such an expensive product, I decided that I should finish the bottle. By the end of the bottle, I had only lost 3 pounds, but I had lost HOURS of sleep. I had dark circles from not sleeping, so no one noticed the 3 pound loss.

by lala5

A lot of products are out there that guarantee weight loss and I have found that most of them do not work. This product is quite pricey, but when you compare it to the other products on the market, they are not bad. They have worked for me but it's mostly because I have dieted and exercised.

This really worked for me
by JM

I first started using Hydroxycut in 2002. I lost 40 pounds using this product along with diet and exercise. It is important to follow the directions and take a couple of weeks off and then start back up. It will make you jittery if you do not ease into taking the maximum dose.

Be aware, leads to jitters
by Jaime

I took this stuff when it first came out. When I first started, I thought I liked it. It gave me a lot of energy, but I never lost any weight. Instead, I got headaches every day. My hair felt like it had bugs crawling in it. I had a dry mouth all the time...but I did not want to eat. I had to stopping taking it because I did not like having the jitters all the time.

Too jittery
by Aubre Rice

I hated this product. I felt very very jittery all the time, almost out of control and uncomfortable. I felt as though the only way I could calm the jitters was to eat something to calm my stomach, which went against the point of the product. At one point I actually felt my like my heart was racing and quite using the product out of fear.

worse than morning sickness
by Patty

I used this product this past late winter/early spring to get ready for my summer wedding and it made me sick. I was only able to take it for a few weeks due to how nauseous it made me. I dropped a few pounds but it was so not worth it.

A waste of money
by prashant

I started taking Hydroxycut after a friend recommended it. I must honestly say it was a disaster. The first week was great because I lost 5 lbs. The next week I had severe nausea,vomiting and was very dehydrated. I stopped it immediately. I gained 10lbs recovering! Exercise and diet my friends, is the safest way to lose weight.

Made me sick
by Amanda

This product made me feel very sick. I got terrible headaches and I felt very shaky when I would take it. I figured it was worth it if I was going to lose some weight. Boy, I was wrong. I lost maybe 2 - 3 pounds upon finishing the bottle. The amount of pills I was required to take daily was unheard of. This product is nothing but a huge rip off.

1st Bottle Worked Great, 2nd Made Me Sick
by Angela

I used this about 6yrs ago. Started 6 months before my wedding. The first bottle I purchased that lasted me about a month or so worked great. I was sweating a lot and a little jittery if I did not eat something with it, but I did drop about 15 pounds, with diet changes and exercise.

When I purchased the 2nd bottle and started, it made me sick everytime I took it. Mostly nauseas, but there were a few times when I did actually vomit. I compared the bottles and there was not a formula change so I am not sure why this happened. As soon as I stopped taking it I felt better.

Another Sickie Here
by V Rose

I'm another person that Hydroxycut made extremely nauseous/sick after taking. I wasn't even able to find out if it worked for weight loss due to being sick from it. Spend your money on a month's gym membership, not this stuff!

Had to "Cut this Out"
by Yvonne Werda-Woodstock, C.Ht.

I can't believe someone who should know better fell for trying this because supposedly, a doctor vouched for it on T.V., alleging remarkable results. How embarassing. But I will admit to it, to save others the same fate and loss of money.

I am sensitive to caffeine, so I did get headaches from day one. Silly me, I am even more embarrassed to say, I thought if I could get those kind of results, I was willing to put up with these daily annoying headaches until I reached my goal and then afterward, I would feel fine and look just how I want besides. It's only temporary.

I noticed only a very slight decrease in appetite. It did increase my energy, which did help motivate me to get up and move more easily on my exercise, but practically speaking, that much caffeine no doubt would do that from a MUCH CHEAPER cup of coffee, both in appetite and energy. I'd still get the headaches and the same results, and have a lot more money left.

I lost about 5 pounds that month, a far cry from what everyone else on T.V. lost, to my disappointment. I felt I deserved to lose extra for suffering additional pain in order to get to that point, but life isn't always fair and neither is Hydroxycut.
Shocking to say, I actually tried the caffeine free version the following month just to make sure I had given it a fair enough chance! sighhhh

Some of us learn the hard way... I hope you learn from my mistakes so you don't have to!

Not ripped abs, but a rip-off
by R. Todd Woodstock

I used this a while ago; however, the ingredients are pretty much the same. I couldn't believe how many pills needed to be taken--it's outrageous. Don't waste your money on this. There are way too many products out there that don't require an individual to feed or possibly choke off of a tremendous amount of pills in attempts to get ripped abdominals.

Not For Me
by Kimba Wiggins

I had to stop taking Hydroxycut Caffeine Free because it made me nauseous and ill. Every time I took them, within 10 minutes, I would be running to the bathroom. What works for one person, might not work for someone else. For me, the side effects were the deal-breaker.

by Startnout

When I used it 2 1/2 years ago during the last half of Sr. year of high school I dropped 8-9 inches off my waist. I was a really big guy to start with so that could have been the reason for such huge results. First day I took it I drank like 3 gallons of water (the thermo was a killer), it made me feel like I could run around the block a few times... and I did. It gave me the jitters too (possibly b/c I had not ingested large quantities of caffeine in a couple years (soda)).

I tried it again recently and I didn't feel much of anything at all... except the appetite suppressant qualities which did work. I give it a 3.5 mainly due to the recent trial... I guess the first could have had all the right mechanisms in place (diet/workout program etc.)

Melts Fat like Butter
by Jules

This stuff works! Went from 160 to 130 in 6 freakin' weeks. Well worth the price though it has made me a little more tired than usual this last week.

3 Customer Opinions

hydroxycut- magic fat burner
by umang.savla

wel i used for 2 months and lost 36 kg......wid proper diet and cardio exercise..wel i think hydroxycut roxx

by eddie

works great even though they have recalled it.

by heather

I did not like this product, did not work and I felt dizzy and sick at all times, wouldn't recommend.