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stay at home mom
by heidi

I have been a long term user of stacker products for nearly six years now, there are no long term side effects for using this product, my energy level still increases when i take stackers, my metabolism has stayed high, when used correctly it helps to burn fat content and more. I will continue to use this product

by noel
by stacker 3, works good

i just picked upa bottle about a week ago. taken two pills earlier in the day is fine. it gives you a great boost all day. im 6'0 185 and just taking the pills to get a lil leaner and ripped. make sure u exercise regularly and watch what you eat. i love pizza so i cheat about twice a week but with having strong workouts with weights, cardio & using stacker 3 your all good.

Not So Great
by Sierra

Sooo....I swear I have tried almost every diet/fat burner/metabolism booster out there....and I really didn't like this stuff all too much.
When I took this in combination with my green tea and hoodia pills, it made me throw up. So I tried taking them alone. Taking them alone did not make me sick but did alter my mood...I seemed to get more irritated and snappy and with what I do for work, that was not a good thing. It might work for some, but I personally would say to find something else.

by eddie

I've personally used this item, it is a great source for energy. I recommend it highly!

Waste of money
by Mary

I decided to try these when they were on sale. They made me very jittery, nauseas and left with a headache. Don't bother.

Stacker 3
by beverly

I have been using Stacker 2 product for over a year now, but when a local store quit selling it I had to settle for the Stacker 3. This is not the best product for me and of course everybody is different. Stacker 3 made me hungry. I didn't get jittery, but I wanted to eat every minute! I quit using Stacker 3 and went back to Stacker 2. I would never buy Stacker 3 again!

Stacker 3
by Julia

I always see these commercials on T.V. with the lady whose husband lost a lot of weight and she felt bad because on the commercials she was big, and then she used stacker 3 to lose weight and now she is slimmer. My mom bought it and tried it out. She said it was a horrible product and did not work for her at all. She said it was one of the worst products she ever had and those commercials are probably fake, because the product made her feel so horrible, why even bother to take it. She said she would rather take the Hollywood diet and be on the toilet all day than take stacker 3, and she said she doesn't recommend this product to anyone.

Not worth the money
by Michelle

Stacker 3 makes you think that its a better and improved version than Stacker 1, but I will be honest, I was not impressed.
For the price that you pay, you would expect quality ingredients, but you could make your own equivalent for 1/3 of the price. There is a ton of caffeine in this product, and this can make those sensitive to it shaky and jittery. I was so shaky when I first took the product I couldn't concentrate, and when I was exercising, I thought my heart was going to race right out of me. I would not spend the money on this product again.

Stay Away!!
by Cassandra

Stacker 3 has been one of the worst products I've ever tried. I had taken Stacker once when it first came out, and unsatisfied with the results, quickly discontinued it. When I heard about this new Stacker 3 formula, I decided to give it a try. I took my first pill in the morning and by lunch I couldn't believe what was happening to me: My hands shook so bad I couldn't write. I went from feeling cold, to too hot, to cold, and then hot again. My vision blurred and I was starting to hyperventilate.

All the websites I had used to research Stacker before I purchased said that these side effects usually went away after three days, so I pressed on. The first night, I didn't get to sleep until 4:00am. Up at 6:30am and I dreaded taking the next pill. This went on for a week. The side effects never diminished and I was getting TIRED. I finally gave it up. And the worst thing, not a change on the scale.

Stacker 3 with Chitosan
by carol1560

This stuff is garbage. You are spending 35-39 for a bunch of hyped up nonsense. I bought this and it made me jittery as if I drank 2 pots of coffee. I used the whole month supply. I liked the advertisements and really thought it would work.

what a headache
by Amanda Rhoads

For being ephedrine free it still made me feel as bad as the origional. I was nauseaus and had headaches. It did help with weight loss a little but, unfortunately I couldn't continue to take it. This stuff is definitely not good for your blood pressure.

What's all the hype?
by Brooke

All I hear on the radio is for Stacker 3, so I decided to give it a try. It was a mistake. It made me hyper and very shaky. I felt like I was going to pass out every time that I took it. I didn't lose any weight by taking this drug. I literally felt high when I took this. I would not recommend it to anyone EVER!

Real waste of money
by Betty Shingledecker

I bought this with the hopes of having the "chitosan" help me block the fat that I was eating. It was about $35.00 and did nothign to help me I any way. They boast that it is ephedrine free but for me that didn't impress me at all. Don't waste your hard earned money on this product. It doesn not work!

Another lackluster product without ephedra
by Tiffany

I took this once when it came out (when it was Stacker 2), I wanted to lose 10 pounds rather fast. Quite a few of my friends used it and it worked. But recently one of my friends tried it again and found that like the other big fat burners without the ephedra, it's not going to give you the same results. Perhaps for someone that is new to the fat burner market it might do well. But if you take fat burners as a part of your lifestyle, this will be disappointing.

A Little Extreme, But Not Bad
by Erik

This definitely gives you that extra needed boost every now and then. It does have somewhat of an extreme edge to it; as I have occasionally felt my heart race a little too fast for my comfort. Many may prefer the older Stacker products, but this isn't as bad as many may think.

Too many jitters !
by Angel

As for the energy, yes this product will give you all the energy you want. However, with me the energy was way too much.
I trembled the whole time, as if I was nervous, my heart beat was so rapid - I felt like it was coming out of my chest. I was unable to work or concentrate on one thing because of the jitters. I do not recommend Stacker of any kind to anyone.

This is a joke!!
by johnny h

I felt no effect. I am 6' 220lbs, and did not feel a thing. This stuff is really weak if you have some size and have taken different fat burners. It may be a good choice for beginners who want to ramp up on pill strength over time.

Too Jittery
by beckngar

Yes, this product did give extra energy, but in a bad way. I was so jittery when I took it, I could NOT sit still. After the effects wore off, it felt like a crash. I wanted to fall asleep and sleep for days. During the energy boost, I felt like my heart was palpitating, and I was very lightheaded, but couldn't sit still. This stuff is bad.

No thanks
by Samantha Feuss

Stacker is NOTHING without the ephedra! Sure, you get the energy boost, which for me was WAY TOO MUCH of an energy boost, but none of the original Stacker's weight loss benefits! It gave me headaches, and I was nauseous and dizzy. For me, NO THANKS!

by Stacy

This stuff is terrible. I took this stuff when I was at work. I broke out in a sweat, and I could feel my heart going a million miles an hour. Not the best feeling in the world. I felt very uneasy.

Not for Person w/Anxiety
by dee

If you are a nervous person or have anxiety then I do not recommend this product as it will trigger panic attacks and faster heart rates! If you are a mellow person then maybe it would work for you.

Buyer beware
by jordan

I took these once a day for five days with meals. On the fifth day, I started experiencing serious side effects like dizzyness, numbness in my fingers, and rapid heartbeat. These side effects lasted for almost THREE DAYS after taking it. I felt like I was going to have a stroke or a heart attack. This product is not approved by the FDA, so use it at your own risk!

Energy Addictive
by Christy Ward

I love Stacker's. I gave these three because they are not good for dieting. They are good for a burst of energy. I do not recommend taking the 3 a day allowance. You will not sleep for days. Also, if you have a slow metabolism, they can be very addictive because you will feel so alert. They do not make my heart race now, though they did initially, but my hands are still unsteady when I am on Stacker's and I tend to be a bit clumsy. A little scary? Yes, but the feeling of not wanting to sleep standing up is wonderful.

Not for everyone
by Scot

While these types of products work for most people, they are not meant for everyone. These speed up your heart rate, thus speeding up your metabolism. If you have heart problems, or THINK you might, DO not use these. With that being said, I have found that using these work only with eating a low carb diet. Also drink plenty of liquids, as they tend to dry you out causing cramping.

Be Careful
by Nihility

Stackers definitely does boost your energy, however, do not take it if you are sensitive to caffeine, have heart problems, or anxiety problems. It can be dangerous. It induced a panic attack from speeding my heart up too much and made me very ill. I even had a friend get very sick on these. So use caution, as with any product that boosts energy unnaturally.

Same old diet pill
by Cara Blevins

Diet pills are not the best way to lose weight to begin with but combining Stacker 3 with exercise is good and bad. The good part is that you have a ton of energy (I worked out for more than an hour!) and the bad news is that your heart rate is extremely fast. To make sure it was Stacker and not my heart I tried exercising the same for a week without taking the pill and my chest did not hurt at all. The quality of the product is fair and the difficulty to swallow the pill is moderate (takes more than a gulp of water to get the sucker down) but all in all if you want to try it feel free. Make your own conclusion, but if you are afraid for your heart heed my warning.

I like these
by Jaime

These are great for a morning wake up. They really do provide you with energy. I would not advise anyone to take them late in the afternoon, because when I did, I was up most of the night and felt bad the next day. Overall, they did what they were supposed to do.

by Ellisha

These really scare me. I took some a month back and they made my heart rate speed up so much I really thought I was going to have a hear attack. I did not like the way they made me feel!

Stacker 3.. Bzzzzzz
by Melissa

These have wonderful effects when you need that extra energy boost but if your looking for a quick way to lose weight this is not it. You still have to maintain a decent diet. Overall these are one of the better diet pills. I would suggest not taking them after 4pm if you want to sleep.

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