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by anna

Slimquick works pretty good. It puts you in a good mood and gives lots of energy, but gave me problems going to the restroom too much, and I had to stop using it. It's just sitting in my cupboard.

by teri

i tried this product the berry one has an after taste the lemonade is a little better but i think it works but it takes a little while to do anything..

by karen morris

I tried this product for one month. It worked well, but only short term.not for me.

Not for Me
by Horvsx

I used this as directed till I ran out and I worked out 4 days a week while taking it and eat small portions and lost week the first week and than saw no difference there after.

Working so far...
by courtney

Its the end of my 3rd day. I was oringally 254lbs 5'9" and trying to gdet rid of recent baby fat. Im taking the 7 day cleanse, and the regular slimquick. I have lost 4lbs. I have worked out 2 of the 3 days both cardio and weight lifting. I have also kept myself on a 500 calorie diet. Making sure I eat every 2 hours but all my portions are small and food group fulfilling so i have reached all my daily values. I do find myselfing peeing every 2 hours, and full of energy, no side effects so far, and my complexion is great!

will continue updates!


I have only been taking Slimquick for a week and I have lost 2.1 pounds. I think it is a combination of diet and exercise along with Slimquick. I have more energy and have even been able to do without my afternoon coffee. There is no magic pill you can take to lose weight, you're going to have to work for it.

Rip off
by Cindy

This product is a joke! You will never lose weight with Slimquick. It should be called Rickquick for the company. Please don't waste your time or money on the product.

first time
by eash

I have seen the ad about Slimquick and many other products for weight loss but never thought of trying it.I always had a confidence that i will loose without any help through a pill but it seems it never works for after giving it a lot of thought i have chosen to try Slimquick,i have my fingers crossed to see me drop some weight.

i try to do my excercise regularly but when i dont see any change in my scale i get frustrated .i am good at sticking to a plan all i needed is some help

Hope this works for me.i am 28 years old and 169 lbs

i will write back if i see the difference

by andrearut313

I am on day 2 of taking the slimquick pills. They give me the energy I need. The caffeine makes me fill a little off for a bit but then that feeling goes away. It helps with my mood a lot already. Caffeine and I don't go well together but so far it is ok with taking the first weeks regiment of 2 pills a day. I don't think that I am going to move up to 4 pills a day though. I am going to see if only taking the 2 a day for a while works.

worked before
by xtc

i started taking it after i had my first baby and still couldn't lose the weight after 3 years. i went from a size 8 to 2 in about 3 months then i got pregnant with my second baby. now i'm taking it again hoping it will work a second time

by mckenzie summer

Slimquick is awsome I so totally don't get hungry all day I have to force myself to eat. I lost 15 pounds in 20 days and still losing I'm 5'8 and used to weigh 170 my goal is 130 and I'm almost there.

Don't fall for it!
by Melanie

I wanted to lose a little weight and thought this stuff might help. I've tried doing it on my own but wasn't disciplined enough to stick to a plan. I saw the commercials for SlimQuick and thought I'd try it out. I took it for 8 weeks, worked out religiously and starved every day and lost only about 10 lbs. And I chalk that up to the diet and exercising NOT the pills. It did give me a little energy but it didn't last long. It also did not suppress my appetite. In fact I felt hungrier after I took it than I did before. I bought two bottles and didn't want to waste my money so I stuck to it and pushed myself to lose weight so I guess in an off handed way they helped. This product is crap in my opinion. It's a waste of money! My real rating is negative 90 stars.

It depends on you
by Elise

I just started taking this when I realized my shorts from last year didn't fit. I have a hard time drinking water and excersising. I'm too lazy and I LOVE sugary soda and more importantly CHOCOLATE ICE CREAM. Since I have taken it, the caffiene has supressed my need for a cola "Fix", and I now drink 4 bottles of water a day. I also eat the recommended foods and portion sizes, and conciously keep my fingers out of the work vending machines. I've trained my tastebuds to love what is good for me.

I believe that this is a good product that works like the Nicotene patch. It will work if you want it to, and if you're the right person, and you're willing to stick with a healthy diet - I now can stick to portion sizes withought starving (the water helps!). It does give me the energy I need to work through my day while drinking the water instead of soda, and still go home to play ball with the dog, clean the house and whatever.

Sometimes I think people need to videotape themselves, and take a good look at what they eat and do all day. It won't work for everyone, and people with gene problems probably need MD help, but for those of us who need to chuck 30-50lbs, I realized myself, that I didn't watch anything like I thought I did, and woke up realizing that.

I've lost and gained weight before, am 5'8" medium build. My lowest avg weight was 150, highest 185, currently 175. No kids. I want to be 140, I'm sure I can do it with a little subconcious help.

Didn't work
by Montana

Didn't work for me. I can totally understand why stress is the #1 reason for weight loss problems. I was very strict in my eating and my exercise routine but this didn't help much at all. I think I only lost 2lbs after taking the whole bottle. I was very disappointed, as with most diet products.

Friend took it...
by Tresia Sweet

I have a friend at work that started taking SlimQuick. It's been 2 months and she's lost SEVERAL inches but only 14lbs. The reason for that is muscle weighs more than fat..she looks a whole lot different..She really thinks this stuff works so I bought some and I am gonna try it.

Doesn't Work For Me
by Kim Phan

I bought this product at a time when I couldn't do much exercise and wanted to lose weight. I used this product for 1 month and saw no difference in my weight or appetite. This was supposedly an appetite suppressor, to help women lose weight in specific areas such as the stomach and thigh area, which are usually the "problem" area. I saw no improvement and didn't lose any weight. I don't know if it was slim quick or something else, but my hair felt more coarse after using this for a week. I wouldn't recommend this type of weight loss supplement.

Just another product that claims to work
by Ronald

I personally did not try this product, but my girlfriend who tried it for over 3 months lost only 3 lbs. The commercial make this product sound as if it is the secret for women to lose weight. The product didn't work quick as the product name implies.

Not Great
by Alexandra

What a waste of money. When I saw the commercial I thought it would be a great thing for Woman. I thought I could use it and I would lose all the weight I gained from the holidays. I started taking it as directed and followed the plan. After
one week there were no results, not even one pound lost. I'm very disappointed.

A big disappointment
by Jane Moore

After hitting 43, I thought I would try something that would, like it said, Slim Quick. Well, I used it for 4 weeks with no results at all. I gave it a good shot, despite my stomach aches from taking it. Followed all the instructions, but gained nothing from it but disappointment.

Not Impressed
by Stephanie

I was not very satisfied with this product. It made me feel very sick to my stomach all the time and it just did not work for me. I don't think if you want to lose weight this is not the way to go. I tried this for 6 months and no results what so ever even with diet and exercise.

by Ellisha Rader

When I saw this product I was really hoping it would be effective in burning fat. As it turns out, I was wrong. They did not suppress my appetite, and they did not give me anymore energy.
Like most weight loss pills, these say that they must be accompanied by diet and exercise. Success is likely to be as a result of the diet and exercise program that accompanies the product, and not the product itself.

by Yvonne Werda-Woodstock, C.Ht.

Since I am about to turn 39, and these claim to have additional ingredients I thought might be beneficial to me in other ways as well as perhaps give my fitness goals a boost, I gave them a try. I was slightly encouraged that they sounded a bit different than most of the others on the market, so I wondered if that might just be the missing key for me.

The diet they included had major carbs in pretty much every meal. Since I am a dedicated low carb eater for various reasons, that was out of the question. For those that it would be appropriate for, it seemed a low fat, low calorie diet like that would make a person lose weight WITHOUT any pills. hmmm oh oh, suspicious already.

I felt NO different taking these pills than just drinking plain water. No appetite suppressant, no extra energy, no benefits in mood etc., during p.m. time etc. Nothing except I thought maybe I was urinating a bit more often, come to find out they have about 4 diuretics in them, no wonder. They're being no different than taking water wasn't far off.

My money went down the drain with yet ANOTHER scam product.

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