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Love This stuff
by Michelle

was very upset when epehdra was longer available but this stuff is just as good maybe even better!!!!!!! Love it!!!!!! I have tried everything on market!! Nothin beats this I SWEAR BY IT!! I'm in best shape of my life LOVE THIS STUFF:)

by vin

guys is it effective if i only drink this product before going on a jogging ang gym i dont like taking caffeine at night

Great Product
by Mary

I love this product. I was nervous that it wouldn't work when they reformulated it without the ephedra but it is just as awesome! Really powers me thru my workouts!

by Mary

This is a great product to use to power through your workout. It gives you tons of energy without wierd side effects.

Good product to use in place of ephedra
by Tiffany

My ex is a body builder and he started using this after they pulled ephedra from the market. He was concerned about the effect on his workout, but he reported that it didn't drop off at all. Not only that, our sex life was better. I don't know if that happened for anyone else, though. My only suggestion would be to take it early enough so that it does not effect your nighttime sleep. At times, he could not sleep because he took it too late.

Results Results Results
by Jeremy P

This stuff actually does what they say it does. I've seen it advertised in Men's Fitness magazines for a while and tried it recently out of curiosity. I didn't expect to actually notice more definition in my arms and legs. It was a great confidence boost as well as metabolism boost. The price is nice when compared to it's competitors and I may just buy more soon. The only thing I'm concerned with are any possible long term side-effects. I don't get the jitters and my mental focus has not suffered, so I have to give it two thumbs up, a snap and a twist.

by trahlahlah

This product really does what it says it will! I had more than enough energy to get through the day - and controlling my appetite was easier than I expected. After awhile, though, I stopped using them every day because I could feel my heart pounding a little harder than I wanted it to.

Too much energy!
by Sandy Carabio

I believe this product does provide you with a lot of energy, too much for me to handle though. I had trouble falling asleep at night, and that was with less than the recommended dosage recommended on the bottle. As far as losing weight, it didn't help me with that. I was still just as hungry as before. The extra energy it did provide helped me have quite a bit of endurance for my exercise routine, but I felt like my heart was beating too rapidly, which made me nervous that I'd have a heart attack.

by Becky

My brother took this for almost a year to help control his weight, he then turned my husband on to it to replace another weight loss pill he was taking. He took it for about 3 months. Great for people who are seriously trying to get into shape, definitely need to exercise with these kinds of things.

Decent product
by Jon

In my opinion, this product provides energy and definitely recommended for overcoming sluggishness, but I don't think it did too much in the way of helping me lose weight. I may have lost at most 2-3 pounds, but I wouldn't put all my eggs in this basket. But, it definitely works for helping to keep me awake and going in the gym.

Works okay, but dry mouth
by extrawork

I used to take Ripped Fuel a while ago, before they changed the formula. It definitely worked, but I began to worry about what it was doing to me. After taking it, I would get noticeably warmer on my skin. This was fine when I was in the gym working out, sweating anyway - but afterward I felt very hot on the outside and my mouth would get very dry. I wasn't comfortable with this side effect, so I stopped taking it. Shortly after, I believe GNC changed the formula.

Finally - real energy/no shakes
by Debi

This product is a hit in my opinion. Hubby was taking for working out at the gym, and I tried it for the energy and possible weight loss. The energy was great. A real healthy type energy without the shaky, jaw clenching side effects. I'll continue using!!

Way to get toned
by Robert

I took this for a couple days and noticed immediate results as some soft areas began to wash away with an exercise routine.

Ripped Fuel - Fat Off
by William Duong

I used to be a little overweight before I came to college, which is one of the reasons that I take so many supplements now. It is a really good way to burn fat, and build toned muscle at the same time. One of the reasons why people find that these pills don't work is because they think that popping a few pills will do the trick. You need a good diet, and a very heavy workout schedule along with these pills, to have any significant effect.

Good product but side affects are bad
by Alle G.

I was really excited to use this product. I had heard great things about it and felt the affects of it immediately. The first time I used it, I felt more energy than I had in years! I was able to do 2 high intensity aerobics classes back to back, with no problems. I thought I had found the best product, but unfortunately all that energy came with a price. I started having heart palpitations after taking the pills. I never took more than the recommended dosage, but I should have known that that much energy had to come from somewhere. It scared me and I stopped taking them.

In summary, the product definitely works, but at what cost? I wasn't willing to risk it.

by Jaime

I started taking Ripped Fuel after I had my first son to get the baby weight off of me. They really do work. I had more energy. I was not wanting to eat all day. They did not give me the shakes. For the price, they are a great value.

A classic
by Serge Howard

Ripped fuel has always been a trusty- relatively inexpensive workout staple. It works for a short period of time, and delivers a good punch. One side effect is the occasional stomach pain and headache if you don't have enough in your stomach when you take them.

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by Travis

I have not tried the Extreme yet. Back in high school I used Ripped Fuel and it was great! It gave me a lot of energy and kept my hunger down. I will have to try the Extreme.