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by zinaida

very good

by zinaida k

i like this product very much

Wish I could find more!
by Minnie

This product is amazing. Can't seem to find it online though. I had 3 coriander use this and I watched the weight shed off of them. I wasn't super overweight, but I did want to loose some pounds and it worked great!

Where to buy this product?
by Oral Sydney

I heard a lot from about this product from friends but I am not able to find anywhere on the internet. Do you know any specific websites or distributing company?
Please if anybody has any info on this product let me know.

by zinaida

very good

best way to lose weight!
by Nadiya

This is the best weight loss capsules I have ever try. I lost more than 10lb in one month..I lost 30lb in total for 3 month. Can't find then any more...(((((((

first time user
by monica

i just finished taking those pills for a month. Very happy w/results. Although they do make your heart race, and hands get cold and sweaty at first. But it is all worth it. I needed to trim off 7-8 lbs, and I became more than 10lbs lighter.

Surprisingly Great!
by Erica

I'm always a little sceptical about any kind of diet pills, but I decided to take a chance on these and I'm really glad I did. The biggest change for me was that the pills helped suppress my appetite. After years of over eating, I had a really hard time going an hour without eating a snack or meal. Even when I was starting to eat healthier, I had a hard time not eating very often. These pills cut the hunger, literally. On top of that, I found making healthier decisions easier.

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by connie

This product has been recalled by the FDA!