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Hoodia Gordonii is a botanical succulent that resembles a cactus at first glance. It can be found growing in several regions of the world and in the wild is registered as a protected species. Hoodia Gordonii is now being commercially grown and harvested and the best material is touted to grow in South Africa where a limited group of farmers are granted a special permit to grow it by the government for resale to the consumer market.

Using alcohol to concentrate it -- these are the 20:1 or 10:1 extracts. There is other stuff in hoodia, like the fiber and skin, that just takes up room in the capsule. So the hoodia plant is placed in alcohol, which "pulls out" the active ingredients into the alcohol. This mixture is then strained to remove the fiber and skins. The alcohol is removed, leaving the hoodia powder. 20:1 means that 1 pounds of this extract was made by using 20 pounds of the whole plant. It's considered more potent than the powdered whole plant (type a).

There are many claims in the marketplace saying that one type is better than the other. We at HoodiaXtra are not going to make a claim either way because there is no way to prove that either product is better than the other. And there are others making claims that the liquid sublingual method of introducing hoodia into the system is the quickest.

We will say that creating a 20:1 extract is a more expensive process and time consuming process. If you are one that believes that this may be a better product because science and technology were involved, then this may be the product for you, or if you are of the school of thought that science and technology should not be involved, then maybe our original HoodiaXtra 24 non-extract product is for you.
Product: Liquid HoodiaXtra Spray
Brand: HoodiaXtra LLC (More Products)
Size: 1 oz.
Dosage: 6 Sprays
Retail: $39.99
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