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Hoodia Supreme

Hoodia is a cactus-like plant from South Africa. Although the plant looks like a cactus, it belongs to a category of plants called succulents. The use of Hoodia is supported by colorful folklore history and recent scientific studies. Hoodia is well known to the San bushmen of South Africa, who learned to eat this plant to reduce hunger sensations from the teachings of their forefathers.

The traditional use of Hoodia involved the eating of whole, fresh plants or perhaps dried plants. Flowers, roots, and spiky skin on the plant were not eaten readily by anyone, including the hardy San bushmen. The natural use of Hoodia involved cutting open the skin, and eating or drinking the flesh and sap of the plant. In fact, several TV correspondents have taken the plant in this traditional form and found it to be very bitter. It is clear that Hoodia cannot be taken in this fresh form by many consumers. Therefore, the Hoodia plant in South Africa has been processed by drying the plant and producing powder or concentrates that can be used in dietary supplements, or perhaps added to food.

The use of Hoodia in a dietary supplement is closer to the traditional use of Hoodia than the isolation of certain extracts of Hoodia (steroidal glycosides). Although recent scientific experiments seem to support that specific fractions or extracts of Hoodia are responsible for its major effects, it is not safe to assume that other ingredients within Hoodia do not contribute to its many effects in humans. The precedent for the safety of taking Hoodia rests with the use of the whole plant, not with the use of extracts such as steroidal glycosides.
Product: Hoodia Supreme
Brand: Nature's Benefit, Inc (More Products)
Size: 60 Capsules
Dosage: 2 Capsules
Retail: $39.99
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4 Customer Reviews

by Reverend Alan

I took the capsules and still had to fight off hunger until finally I had to eat something. I was so hungry I believe I ate more than I would have with out the Hoodia Supreme. They guarentee this is the real Hoodia, but I watched 60 Minutes and no way in hell does this stuff work like it did for 60 Minutes. It is expensive and it does not work.

Ok, but not good alone
by jennifer

Though I found this product helpful, the best way to weight loss is diet and exercise. Hoodia helps to maintain weight and control hunger, but not alone.

Does'nt Cut It
by Silvio Chiba

My father is chubby and plump. He has what you would call a beer belly. So I decided to buy this product for him one day, so that he could lose some of that extra baggage. He has been taking this for a couple of week and has followed all the directions, but nothing has happened. I suspect that nothing will happen two months from now. There is no secret to weight lose. My dad just needs to go to the gym more often and give up the dream of losing weight the easy way.

Hoodie Anti-Hunger Pills
by William Duong

One of the reasons that I rate this so low is because while they were effective, their side effects were not. After taking this pills, I noticed that I could go longer without feeling hunger. When the effects wore off, and I would eat dinner, I was hungrier than I should have been. So I ended up eating much more food than I wanted. I couldn't really tell if I had eaten less food per day, but I did notice that I ate more per meal.

1 Customer Opinions

hoodia supreme
by laura bieschke

I have tried hoodia, and it has always worked great for weight control.